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Tuesday, 23 August 2011


Ok, now you got him where you want him to be (attracted to you).What next? The questions.. Should I give in to keep him? Or should I play hard to get? Call me stupid but, getting down in ten years time is no different to men than getting down tonight? Wait!!!Before you start calling me names, here is the scenario. No girl wants to be called a cheap slut? No girl wants to be used and dumped. But why do some of us who play hard to get still get dumped when we give in at the end? That's why you have to know when to stop playing hard to get. A true fact is, the fact that a guy toasts you for 4 years doesn't mean he loves you. He could be doing it for one of several reasons:
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-He sees you as an unhealthy challenge:
OMG, you don't want too be considered an unhealthy challenge by any man) Here is why! Have you ever played a particular game for so long, gosh, boringggggggg! Let's take PS for example; you have been playing PS with someone you just met. He's been winning all along. First, you are not bothered because you know you would catch up, then the game stretches and he's given you a wide goal margin, he is still leading. It's now a challenge, you must meet up, and still you don't. You are getting tired, frustrated, probably bored. But your ego is now bruised for you to back out. You keep going from one stage to the next believing you would win. Two things might happen: you finally win, or you don't. If the former is the case, you kept on playing not because you loved the game as was the case when u started, but because you needed to prove to your friend that you could win. After that victory, what happens, you don't want to play that game any more. It wore you out.

Simple logic playing hard to get for a very long time is plain boring. (At least to the guy). It is therefore appalling when I hear ladies boasting that a guy chased them for 2 -3 -4 -5 even 10 years (lol, is that possible) before they gave in. Damn, they don't know that while this guy was chasing them for years, he had other girlfriends on the side. You had become a challenge to him which he needed to conquer in order to soothe his male ego (they all have big egos).So, when he finally gets you, he realizes there was nothing really special (even if there are a million things special about you) but coz you had over exalted yourself and some how made yourself invincible, when you eventually have sex with him, he is like "so that's it? Like duh!
So when should we as ladies draw the line between playing hard to get and actually being a thorn in the flesh? Let me put it this way; it is so difficult to know when to give in or keep him chasing you.

Yes they do, so it makes it harder for us ladies to know when they are loving it, or not. Ok I love examples. Have you seen a lioness chase a deer before? I bet you haven't paid close attention. The more the deer runs, the more the lioness chases. The more turns and bends the deer takes, the more exciting. Imagine if the deer didn't run? Just stood and watched the lioness, the lioness will say (na wetin sef? You no go run make I chase you?)That's the same scenario with humans, men love the thrill of the chase ONLY WHEN IT IS EXCITING, when you are an active player and when he knows you like him but your just spicing things up .They don't enjoy it when you just sit down like a dummy expecting him to keep chasing you. What does this mean, ring him up once in a blue moon. It would actually blow his mind away. Then, the next time, act like you weren't the same person. You get the hint? Good. That's why I laugh when the same girl who has been playing hard to get starts crying when the guy stops calling or, when he moves on to the next chick.

- All women are blessed with the wonderful gift of intuition. The truth is when something or someone isn't right for us, we know at once. Our spirit tells us this is bad, or this is good. We know a man who is out to play us when we see him; we just ignore our female intuition. We all know when we see a genuine guy. We just don't want those who are true and genuine (that's a topic for another day) But, exploit your female intuition and you wont be led astray.
- Timing doesn't make a difference. A man knows if he wants to keep you or not from the first time he sees you(that's the male hormones speaking, not his heart) men usually know if they would keep you or not the immediate second they finish having sex with you.(YES)That's when the scales fall off their eyes. So if you go to bed with them today, or next 20 years (when u obviously have grey if he wants to dump you, he still will.
- You could keep the chase exciting, fun for him. Sometimes, let him win.(Or feel he is about to win)Its just like gambling, most often, the owners of these casinos actually stage a win for you(oh I'm so dead this is a top secret)if you guys don't hear from me again, know I've been kidnapped by these mafias....ok, no shaking, back to us....These gamblers know that, to keep you spending, they have to make you believe you are capable of winning first. So, you win the first one, what happens next, you want to play more games and win more. Then you stop winning, you see your money being drained. It occurs to you that you should take what's left and bolt. Suddenly, you win again. A normal thinking human being would take the last winnings and take a walk, but we all aren't normal(when we are winning) the greed in us wont let us go so we say, why not double this winnings? That's exactly how the mindset works. If the guy keeps chasing without any sign of getting there (you) he gets pissed AND LOOKS FOR REVENGE (ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU DON CHOP HIN MONEY). So, let him win.

This is my favorite part, why do ladies keep giving a man false hopes when you are never going to say yes? It's disgusting to toy with people's emotions like that. If you aren't interested, say NO, don't eat his MONEY. There is nothing wrong with going out to the cinema and accepting gifts while he woos you. But, know when to stop collecting (long throat).When you rip him off and don't give in, what do you expect? Of course he would keep chasing you for 50 years (even when you are using a walking stick) To get back at you for eating his hard earned cash. Please, ladies though it's so hard to resist the freebies, you cant eat your cake and have it. Say No. and do it politely.
Abstinence is the best prevention against AIDS AND STD'S, but Remember always use a condom.(Make love the right way and stay faithful)
Till you read from me again...lots of love...cia

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  1. Wowww!I'm impressed.many ladies make this mistake.I'm a guy and it turns me off when a lady is unnessecarily playing hard to get.


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