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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

The Art of Sexiness

Last month, a couple of friends and I were debating on how to best describe our individual outlooks.When it came to who could be considered sexy, I wasn’t picked. Why? According to them, I was pretty and homely. The girl a man see’s and thinks of a house and kids not a “bed”. As much as that was a compliment, I thought to myself” I want to be sexy” not just pretty. Men are attracted to sexy. They said” Emeh, you can never be sexy. You smile a lot; you have that shy appearance, look like a daddy’s girl and you don’t have that attitude.

That lead me on my quest to understand the rationale behind the word” sexy.
I’ve tried to get a single definition of a sexy woman but it hasn’t been possible. I went to the extent of carrying out a survey” Rihanna or Beyonce who’s sexier? Shockingly, 98% of men said Rihanna is sexier than Beyonce. According to them, Beyonce tries too hard to prove herself. She is everywhere, all up in your face....
 Initially, I was shocked, Beyonce’s bum could cause a minor earthquake, she dances like a robot, she whines her body like a snake...I kept giving reasons why Beyonce is sexier, but the general reason was, Rihanna has found a comfortable zone. She’s dark, intense and crazy. She doesn’t try to prove that she’s the sexiest woman in the world.

Unlike a woman who is generally considered beautiful, pretty or gorgeous, a sexy woman more often than not isn’t even beautiful. She isn’t out there in your face. She could be sexy because of the way she giggles or how intense her eyes are, or because she’s confident in her skin. It can’t not be fined tuned to a particular attitude or behavior. Some women think sexiness is all about pouting the lips, wearing skimpy outfits, splashing on layers or makeup, or worse still openly flirting with men. Sexiness is skin deep.

I was with this very intelligent man (lol)) when the issue cropped up. He made a very important point” Being sexy is not about being beautiful or an attitude or makeup. As a matter of fact, most men would consider a natural lady as sexy. To him, you don’t have to try too hard; it’s either there or not”. Well, he ended the conversation with” But, I think you’re very sexy” (don’t hate) and he meant it! 

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  1. Emeh,give me your address, i want to send an engagement ring to you.Pleaseeeee

  2. Well, you are not sexy. The reason I've not made any proposal. But now that a sexy guy say so, I'll have to look you up again and see what has changed.LOL

  3. Lol @ beyonce's bum could cause a minor earthquake.damn ur good.take 5.but wait,can u upload d pic of that sexy and intelligent guy?lol

  4. Beyonce dey do like winch wey need deliverance.rihanna has the"bring it on attitude".I'm team riri.

  5. Emeh as your intelligent and sexy friend(abi husband)lol said,a natural woman Is def sexier.I love my girlfriend of four years allover when she's out of the shower,no makeup or heels that moment,not even riri could onvince me that my girl isn't the sexiest woman alive.I dey feel that guy..

  6. in my own opinion bein sexy is when a you can make a prowling think about sex wit one look. Emeh, I know you and all the time you spent in Ajao estate you were always sexy so it's eithe those guys that said you're not are blind or don't know the definition of sexy. Am a Christian counsellor on sex so I know sexy so well and how it apply to people. Final words... Sexy is in the heart that steers the eyes of the beholder.

  7. I love this !first time here and I've gone through all your posts!you're unique!keep it up.btw,you are sexy.a beautiful and intelligent woman is def sexy

  8. Emeh you rock.So intelligent and funny.Is that guy your...hmmnn...?

  9. We go hate oh emeh,you sexy die but my mama sexy pass

  10. Wow!most of the comments here are downright hilarious.but that's what I'm about.thanks SHIKENA(its finished)@ralph,lovely and inspiring blog u've got.adding to my list.@Paddy,no urself na..nice one.@ife,victor ur girl is very lucky to have u,segun,dotun and all the anonymous rock!ur comments inspire me to write and blog more.merci beacoup

  11. I find you sexy sha. To me, bn sexy is an attitude. It's true that you come across as a 'daddy's girl', Lol. Being natural and confident is classy and sexy in my books. Never dated a fake arse before. It's just not worth it. Mind you, the sight of a natural and innocent looking fine babe stirs gentlemen's thoughts more these days. I'm one of such men. Experience has taught me that they are never 'innocent in love'. Lol.


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