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Thursday, 22 September 2011

Blogger's Diary - Hurray!!!!!!!

I cant believe its just been a month since I began my journey as a blogger.I began this journey due to the pain of losing the only man I ever loved 2 months ago(my father RIP).Many people thought it was just a temporary obsession but, with visitors like you, I have grown stronger.

Its been one month of juicy gossip, gist's, and real life experiences shared with lovely readers.I promise to do better as time rolls by..
I want to thank all my teeming readers, fans and followers around the globe(yes, I'm internationally known).My gratitude goes out to my mentor and inspiration LINDA IKEJI.I stumbled on her blog way back in 2004, though I failed a course back then coz of my addiction to her blog, (lol)I haven't regretted it ever since.To my boss,for not firing me even after he discovered my on-line secret.Ajapa comes first sir!To Joe my very intelligent friend,thanks for believing in me, encouraging me and wiping my tears(lol)I also thank all other bloggers who have visited and dropped a comment.
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To all my face book and twitter friends who have made it a duty to visit my blog and give me words of encouragement,my anonymous posters and admirers,my close friends and co-workers.My lil puppets (4 siblings)who have supported me.I'm nothing without your love.To Christy(Young Ceo/Face of MPN), I lourve(not love)you.Brain I hold you dear.To those 14 lovely people, who decided to be members of this new blog, thank you.Please, if I didn't mention your name, forgive me.There's more celebrations ahead of us.
..To all the celebs who have been involved in one form of scandal or the other, thank it coming for without you, there'll be no gossip..

I encourage my readers to follow this blog,and please do encourage me.I'm on twitter @misspetitenaija and my facebook page is misspetitenigeria.

Practising for my (Orange Prize for Fiction award) speech.....Yes I believe .........

I luv(not love) you


  1. Omg!what a sweet lady!may God continue blessing your've got a very lovely blog

  2. Lol!lol!lol!funny gift.I'm an anonymous reader and I promise to be here always.lovely

  3. Your welcome miss Achanga.your dad is def proud of you.your blessed!

  4. Your welcome miss Achanga.your dad is def proud of you.your blessed!

  5. My sweetrat Ʊ r my inspiration too..through Ʊ i've discovered that all dreams can be achieved..we've been in this journey together from ϑ days of trekking τ̲̅ȍ 'star de demain' lool.. but hard work sure pays off..GO Girl..Ʊ make daddy proud..keep up ϑ dream..legooo..3 gbosa for Ʊ

  6. Ur doing a really good job on here blog. I stumbled on it recently, and I'm glad I did. It's always good to see hardworking Nigerian ladies doing well for themselves. So sorry to hear about your dad.

  7. thank you dear! your blog is very , very on point! lol. keep it up dear.xoxo

  8. hahahahha.this girl funny.wand ur very sexy too(lol).there's nothing better than someone who shows appreciation.keep it up

  9. Your good.So proud of you Emeh.Keep it up.

  10. Your good.So proud of you Emeh.Keep it up.

  11. Lovely

  12. congrats emeh..sorry for your loss

  13. awwwwwwwwwww..thank you all sooo muchhhhhhhhhhhhh..blowing kisses

  14. i can't believe dis blog is just one month,wow i don't know where to start but the good news is dat hard work and dedication always pays.and i ve seen it in u.u rock,daddy is so proud of u.ur write ups are so sweet and interesting.happy birthday to miss petite nigeria blog.


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