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Saturday, 24 September 2011

My First Love

Last night,when half the world was asleep, I lay on my bed, and thought about my life from start to finish. I do that when I need to examine my choices and see how far I’ve come and the mistakes I’ve made.
Well, my mind dwelt on my first love and I wondered how time flies. It’s been purported that your first love is your true love and that they can never be two true loves. What do we call a first love? The first person who you fell  in love with while  in your teens ,and barely able to make decisions for yourself?

I was 15 when I fell in love with Biodun way back in the once serene city,jos.was in ss3 and so was he, in another school just next to mine. The problem was, Biodun was carried away by another girl who spoilt him silly with gifts, so Biodun had to shuttle between both of us  who where so eager to have his love. Biodun never tried to be amorous with me. He claimed he loved me too much to defile me. It was so innocent without all the cons and pros of modern dating.
When he graduated and went back to Ibadan, he wrote a letter to me, telling me how much he loved me and promising to come back for me. I cried my eyes out for months, and had that letter under my pillow for two years. Until my beloved dad tore it up(thank God)

Then, I waited and waited but never saw or heard from him. I would always dream of the day he would come back and marry me. I imagined different scenarios. Bumping into him in Lagos, meeting him in the university and hearing him say the words “I love you”.
Then I started to heal, from thinking about him daily to weekly, then monthly…till I totally forgot months on end that I knew someone like that.

7 years later, Biodun got in contact with me on face book,telling me how much he loved me ,and yearns to see me.. But it’s been a year and I haven’t been able to see him even though he is now within my reach. I see clearly now and know there’s no possibility of being together. I’m now a grown woman able to make choices for myself.
My first love was just a stepping stone into the real world of love and relationships. Sometimes, your first love never comes till you’re old and grey; some never find it at all. And some do find it in their first love experience. As for me, I think I’m still waiting to be blown away by my “first love”.maybe not..


  1. I'm ur true love emeh!

  2. I would say reading through ur blog daily is refreshing.ur inspiring


  4. True or first love....does that still exist?

  5. Mennnnnnnn...this is tite.but..the thing about first loves is that,u hardly endup with them..nice blog

  6. My first love was a dumb goat..wish I never met her

  7. @varsity press,that's the sad reality of life.
    @miss tee,well,I'm keeping the faith..u never know,it just might exist.thanks emma and anonymous posters.

  8. Emeh i loveeeeeee ur blog, think ur stories are a bit refreshing and everyone can relate to it. can u be the guest blogger on my blog pls*insert bb all my teeth showing smiley*

  9. Lol..grinning*with humility,most definitely.would be there in a jiffy.just tell me what u want and I'll be @ your service maam!

  10. let me give u some free will, but i wont something on relationships sha(that one no be free will again na)oya do as you pls.if you need to reach me thats a good medium na.

    Write am soon, m excited to read it

  11. Interesting post. I'm a believer! I think you have a first love experience (like you said -"The first person who you fell in love with while in your teens ,and barely able to make decisions for yourself?"), but then I believe you'll still have a REAL love experience. Some people are fortunate and their first and REAL love experience are one and the same. Others (like you and I) they're separate and different. But special nonetheless. It will happen.

    So keep hope alive!! (Lol) xx

  12. honestly babe.i truly miss my first love cos he s d one who has loved me d most thus far..i was 21 yrs in my 2nd yr in d uni.i broke up with him for certain reasons which was understandable..he came across my friend in S,A and told her how much he loves me and still tells my friends he comes in contact with and even his..but i made d right decision in quitting d relationship

  13. Lol @ms buki..keeping the hope alive oo..@Ify, i totally understand,as you said sometimes,walking away is the best thing.


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