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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

22 year old woman finally earns the title :World's biggest lips via 100 silicone injections

22 year old Kristina Rei has spent £4,000 on lip injections in the hopes of resembling her favourite film heroine, Jessica Rabbit.

The nail technician from St. Petersburg, Russia was convinced her thin lips were ugly, so she opted to get a lip job – 100 of them - and aims to make her enormous pout even bigger!
Speaking about her plump pout, Rei said: “I think I look fantastic and it makes me happy. Sometimes strangers shout names at me in the street “like big lips” but I don't care. I want to go more extreme. I want to look like a cartoon character.” 
She added: “I am addicted to it - I love it.” 
Rei has wanted her lips enhanced since she was four years old, and says she was always insecure about her appearance - and childhood teasing didn’t help her confidence. Russian TV adverts that promote cosmetic surgery are common, she said, giving her the idea at a very young age. She got her first injection at 17, and hasn't looked back. Rei can eat, speak and kiss the same way she did before and says she hasn’t suffered any painful after-effects.
She said: “Other than the way I look, my lips haven't had a big impact on my life, so I'm definitely not going to stop now.”
The beauty addict plans to have more injections as she feels her lips are “definitely too small at the moment.”

She said: “My big lips have helped boost my confidence. Even my parents are happy for me. They really don’t care about my appearance. Some of my friends have told me I shouldn’t go any bigger but I’m not satisfied yet.”

Not satisfied yet?wow!serious....

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  1. She needs to stop checking those lips and start cheking her brains...shes got a serious problem.....her parents too.

  2. hahahaha..is this goat serious?i mean,,doesnt she have a mirror?omg

  3. she really has a problem. I cant imagine someone will do this.

  4. ahhhh ahhh ehya this girl is not sane oh and nobody's helping her it's such a pity! they better prescribe drugs for her asap

  5. Whoa... she was beautiful... how could she have done this to herself? how? x/


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