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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Beyonce is not Pregnant Again!!!!

Yawn!!!Well, for those who thought the Beyonce pregnancy issue had been laid to rest,well, Media Takeout is definitely on the issue as they released pics which indicate she is wearing a prosthetic breast to give the illusion of a larger breast.I really don'et know what to say again.But would just let you decide on your own.

according to their report

Yesterday Beyonce was out promoting her new dvd. She looked amazing as usual. But she accidentally let what appears to be a PROSTHETIC slip out.
Now we can't say for CERTAIN that's a prosthetic, but it sure as HECK looks like one. Which makes us ask the question - Gee we wonder why a PREGNANT WOMAN - who is supposed to have a BIGGER BUST would need prosthetic? We also wonder what OTHER prosthetics the chick has on ".....


  1. Like seriously- Beyonce whatever. All this fakeness being discovered is pretty annoying. Can she come out with the truth already so the whole world can know the real gist?

  2. you can obviously tell that you guys edited the "prosthetic" on her chest. she had a freaking baby. get over it.

  3. Ever heard of a bra?


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