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Saturday, 30 June 2012

Tom cruise& Katie Holmes:Why Kate stands to get only $15million from Tom

Saddened to hear that one of my favorite Hollywood couple is getting divorced.Not only was their public displays of affection legendary, their first encounter sounds like a scene from a Hollywood movie.
 A rather plain & unknown Katie Holmes goes for a movie audtion(Mission Impossible 3) in which Tom Cruise was playing the lead role.The moment she walks in, he falls in love instantly,they jet out to Italy for their first date,she gets pregnant. They get married.She didnt get the role.It aint a Nollywood movie.
Then cracks begin to show.He changes her from a catholic girl to a scientology.He becomes controlling.She files for divorce after 5 years of marriage.

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Gidi Girls set to storm naija

Gidi Girls is a reality show in the works featuring beautiful, strong, hardworking young women in Lagos. There's a movie producer, dancer, fashion designer, actress and video vixen in the line up...spearheaded by Linda Ikeji's younger sister, Laura Ikeji (3rd from right in blue). 

Friday, 29 June 2012

Couple lens:Kim&Kanye visit the Laser salon

Love them or hate them, you cant deny Kim Kardashian & Kanye have got an amazing chemistry.She recently revealed that she stays beautiful by constant laser treatments and getting in the gym.

In her interview with Oprah, the beauty admitted that beauty doesnt come cheap as she works hard to look good for herself and Kanye.So it wasnt much of a suprise when she dragged him along to witness what she described as a painful procedure.

These days Kim is noticably wearing less makup..but i loveeeeeeeeeeeee the shoes ....hmmn

Its all about the legs:Ciara is vision as she flashes muscular thighs

The beautiful singer is a vision in a blue mini gown. Ciara who is considered  a little bit muscular by some has no qualms flashing her thighs.Wow!!! Yay or nay?

Hurray! Get Trendy with Segi's Blog sale

A year has gone by since the inception of the brand; SEGI's: an african fashion and accessory label! As part of the activities to celebrate one year, we will be having a blog sale on Sunday, 1st of July, 2012 at 2pm!

Items for sale include ankara/aso-oke/kente bags, belts, tops, skirts, foot wear and many more will be given away at discounted prices with bags starting as low as 2,000 naira only on that day! With 500 naira, you can get an item!!! The items for sale are going to be displayed in an editorial manner for African fashion and accessory lovers to shop!
All you have to do is look through the photos and pick the SEGI's item you love and send the item number as instructed and it's yours!

Remember, prices of these items would only be that low on the blog sale day so you don't want to miss it!
Follow SEGI's on twitter: @segisonline
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Cameroonian football star Eto risks jail term as he is accussed of tax evasion in spain

A Spanish public prosecutor has accused Cameroon striker Samuel Eto'o of conspiring to evade 3.5 million euros in taxes owed on income from his image rights when he was playing for Barcelona between 2006-2009.

The former Barca and Inter Milan player, now with Russian Premier League club Anzhi Makhachkala, is accused of four tax offences, each punishable with up to five years in prison and a fine of as much as 21 million euros.

The case presented by the prosecutor on June 15 at a Barcelona court, and which was seen by Reuters on Thursday, asks a judge to open proceedings against the player before the statute of limitations on one of the alleged offences expires on Saturday.

Spain recently launched a drive against tax evasion as it struggles to meet tough European deficit reduction targets that have meant budget cuts for hospitals and schools.

Eto'o allegedly created two companies, one in Hungary and another in Spain, and used them to channel income obtained from ceding his image rights to Barca and sportswear maker Puma, the prosecutor said.
The Hungarian company paid one of the lowest corporate tax rates in Europe - 10 percent to 19 percent - while the Spanish company paid a reduced corporate tax rate of 30 percent to 35 percent, instead of the 45 percent income tax rate, the charge said.
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"DJ Tee stabbed me himself" victim responds

I guess his tweet is self explanatory.....

Rev.Chris Okotie has'nt given up on marriage

If recent reports are anything to go by, despite two failed marriages,the popular man of God has'nt given up on finding his everlasting partner .
 According to a source who was on the set of a gospel program which is yet to be aired, Rev. Okotie revealed his plans to remarry and even quoted the book of Genesis that it is not good for a man to live alone .
 He also mantained that the plans of God upon his life must be established.

No one expected him to remain single na....hope he does find his missing rib

DJ Tee denies stabbing Tolani: His own side of the story.

Despite reports to the contrary, DJ Tee has vehemently denied stabbing the 19 year old upcoming rapper.He took to his twitter page this morning to refute the claims

‘He [Tolani] was an extra on shoot I did today, its long story anyway he smashed a bottle against hard metal above our head. The bottle shattered and cut me and him….broken pieces that was shattered around us. The stabbing thingy was not true… was shattered broken pieces anyway. It’s all good’, @DJTee explains as he tweeted at bloggers Twitter handles.

Keeping my fingers crossed...

Angolan beauty in stunning photoshoot for Maxim Magazine

The 25 year old Lelia Lopes who won Miss Universe 2011 is stunning in this photoshoot for Maxim Magazine.
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Thursday, 28 June 2012

Its a wrap!Goldie finally lets go of Prezzo

 In what sounds like a fable considering her near obsession with him,Goldie has finally had it with Prezzo as she took time out to vent her anger over a relationship which has apparently caused her more pain than joy.

In a chat with Big Brother, she made it clear that she was moving on when asked about the status of her relationship with Prezzo, she said,“I have forgiven him but I have also forgotten him.There is no point thinking about him"

She continued by lambasting Prezzo for constantly reminding her of the things he has done in the past, whenver they have a conflict "If the day that you are not too happy you are going to count how many times you have bought me perfume, then why do you bother doing it?
She also said she couldnt keep taking Prezzo's atttitude of calling people ugly names, including her "No I don’t take that because I don’t give it. For me it’s a wrap.”

Now, that's my diva......

Couple of the day:Samuel Eto'o Fils & Georgette

If we are to judge a perfect couple via pictures, I give it to Cameroonian Samuel Eto'o(31) and his georgeous Ivorian wife Georgette. The only African player to have won the coveted  African footballer of the year four times, 3 in a row, he married Georgetta in July 2007.
With a weekly earning of  €423,000 and a transfer fee of €28m (£24m) to Russian club Anzhi ,he is one of the world's highest paid players and has no problems catering to the needs of his wife who lives in Paris with their two daughters, Siens & Lynn.

I'm seeing things....loll

 hunn(In Rick Ross's voice)

Prezzo puts Goldie on Blast" This Chick is a Wierdo"

As if all the Drama between Goldie and Prezzo isnt enough, Prezzo blasted his supposed lover Goldie when BBA played one of her tracks.In his words,"This chick is a wierdo.I just got caughtup in the mix". He then requested that big brother play real music.
Later on, while hanging out with the guys in the house, he bashed her by saying"Im not even eating the food she cooks from now on.I can make eggs. Im done. 
Goldie, i love you but....i just hope this is all acting sha...

Drake & Chris Brown offered $1M to fight in a boxing ring

According to New York Daily News, Chris Brown and Drake have been offered $1million a piece to continue their feud in the boxing ring..Sparring singers Chris Brown and Drake have been offered $1 million apiece to continue their bottle-flinging fracas in a boxing ring. Celebrity Boxing promoter Damon  Fieldman said billionaire soda bottling heir Alki David has offered to write the hefty checks and give another $1 million to charity if the rival R&B stars agree to put up their dukes.

“Obviously they have a grudge. It’s just three 1-minute rounds. No one will get seriously hurt,” Feldman told the Daily News.

Feldman said he’d like Rihanna to participate in the proposed punch-fest, never mind that Brown was convicted of beating her bloody in 2009.
“I would love to have Rihanna as the ring girl,” Feldman told The News Monday.

Meanwhile, the club where the fight took place has been stripped of its liquor license miss road 

Banky W interviews Govenor Fashola

 Banky W is not only one of the best voices we have in the game,but also neutral when it comes to taking sides in politics.
That stance was put aside when he hosted an interview for a documentary with the Governor of Lagos State, Babatunde Raji Fashola(SAN). This documentary which is about promoting democracy in Nigeria through the youths, is sponsored by the International Republican Institute(IRI) & US Agency for International Development(USAID) .

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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Omotola spotted with a $7,000(1 million naira) Hermes Birkin bag

There are bags and there are BAGS. Our very own delectable Nollywood star actress, Omotola was recently spotted with a black Hermes Birkin BAG.

The Hermes bag is one of the most coveted items of A list celebrities around the world. Apart from the fact that it doesn't come cheap(the cheapest being $ 7,000), you have to wait in line to own one. Victoria Beckham is said to have the largest collection of Hermes bags(100) and also has the most expensive Hermes bag valued at1.5 million euros.(only 4 were created)

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Ego leaves Question Mark Records:Changes name to Safari

The first lady of Question Mark records, Ego Omalicha has left the record label.It is said to be a mutual desicion between herself and the label as there were regular conflicts on her image, brand and style of music.
She has dropped the name Ego, and is now officially known as Safarie.

Girls are not smiling ooo

Its not over for Majek Fashek: signs 15 million naira recording deal

Good times are here for Majek Fashek as he has signed a 15 million naira deal with A PLUS record label. The Nigerian based label is planning to revive the career of the raggae superstar whose fame has dwindled over the years due to incessant drug use.
 According to reports, the two year deal would have Majek travelling round the world for international gigs.His international tour begins in July and he is expected to visit countries such as Italy, Span and a lot more.

He's such an icon .

I was not slapped"Davido lashes back

Contrary to reports hitting the media that fast rising millionaire musicain and producer was slapped by a policeman, it appears this 19 year old"Dami Duro" crooner isnt finding it funny as he took to his twitter page to dispel the rumour.
‘I am safe and at home … Stop the lies! Unlike some of y’all der r some pple out that care …OMO BABA OLOWO :GENESIS OUT  SOON’, he tweeted.

Omo baba olowo, hmmnn..there is no smoke with fire..but we'll take your word for it

Controversial queen, Cossy Ojiakor tweets racy pic

 The buxom ex actress famous for controversies than acting did little to quench the controversies when she tweeted a picture wearing nothing but a thong which she refered to as her"swimming trunk"
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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Jennifer Lopez hits the beach with Boy toy and kids

What Jlo wants, she gets.This is the scenario as she has made her boytoy Casper a part of her kids lives(Max and Emme both 4 years old). The whole family was out on the beach and the kids seemed so natural around him.

Natural Beauty

The importance of preserving our natural beauty cannot be over emphasized, especially in an age where, patronage of cosmetics are at an all time high.Billions of dollars is spent yearly in the beauty industry, yet,we apparently have no permanent solutions to those pimples, black heads, stretch marks,rough skin  bla bla bla..and what baffles me is, there seems to be an unending market for these products(I am guilty too)sad face..If you must use beauty products,be on the look out for those which contain natural ingredients such as:

-Shea Butter
-Cocoa Butter

Rather than going through the trouble of searching for beauty products with harsh chemicals such as mecury,why not use some home made beauty recipes instead? me, they work!!!!

Monday, 25 June 2012

Show me some1 crazier! Rihanna is a vision of crazy/sexy as she performs..

Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the craziest of them all? RIHANNA.She sets the pace, others follow..
 I rest my case....

Is this legal?11 year old Willow Smith flaunts tongue piercing

The Smiths have made it clear that they allow their children make their own choices ranging from fashion to lifestyle.But critics have condemened this laxity of Will and Jada towards Willow smith whose fashion choices have not only shocked parents but moralists at large.Her choice of outfits, hair styles and even color havent been widely applauded
The recent piercing of her tongue has been met with mixed reactions.
I know a child shouldnt be put on a leash but, a tongue piercing at 11?
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Spotted:Dbanj and Rita Ora at the BBC Hackney weekend pre-show

Rita Ora is the new act signed by Jayz.Dbanj also performed his hit track, Oliver twist at the show.