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Thursday, 28 June 2012

Its a wrap!Goldie finally lets go of Prezzo

 In what sounds like a fable considering her near obsession with him,Goldie has finally had it with Prezzo as she took time out to vent her anger over a relationship which has apparently caused her more pain than joy.

In a chat with Big Brother, she made it clear that she was moving on when asked about the status of her relationship with Prezzo, she said,“I have forgiven him but I have also forgotten him.There is no point thinking about him"

She continued by lambasting Prezzo for constantly reminding her of the things he has done in the past, whenver they have a conflict "If the day that you are not too happy you are going to count how many times you have bought me perfume, then why do you bother doing it?
She also said she couldnt keep taking Prezzo's atttitude of calling people ugly names, including her "No I don’t take that because I don’t give it. For me it’s a wrap.”

Now, that's my diva......


  1. lol divusss

  2. She is a big disgrace as far as am concerned!

  3. make una free her oo..she is in lofff


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