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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Meet Rita Ora: The girl set to replace Rihanna

Its no news that the relationship between Rihanna and her boss JayZ has been strained in recent times. Reports have it that her excessive partying, lewd remarks and her recent collaboration with Chris Brown has further soured the relationship between Riri and a man she once termed her God father.
Reports have it that, Jayz vehemently told Rihanna that she should avoid Chris Brown at all costs in order to avoid a backlash from the public.
   Rihanna , paid no heed to this and went ahead to record a remix of her song "birthday cake" with Chris brown.
Being the shrewd business man he is, JayZ went ahead and signed new act Rita Ora to take over from Rihanna when she is dropped. Industry insiders say, he is yet to drop Riri because she makes so much money for him(she earned more money than Beyonce in the past year). Some have also tagged Rita a cheap imitation of Riri considering the way she dresses, her looks and even the name.

 So Jay, whats with the R?


  1. hmmn @cheap imitation..i think she's d classier version of riri

  2. she cant be rihanna.Rihanna is in her own lane..Rihanna is a natural bad girl,Rita looks forced

  3. ...Yea Rocafella and Rocawear too. Nice one.
    You're doing a pretty good job Emeh Achanga.
    Keep it up.

    Coming from a friend. :D

  4. how is she copyinh Riri if she wore in 2011 and RiRi wore it in 2012...duhhhh!!!

    1. actually rita wore it in 2011 and riri wore it in 2012 ???????!!!!!!!!

  5. Rita is fuckin hot

  6. Rita SHOULD replace RiRi. Rita looks WAY more classy and is just as pretty as Rihanna. Rihanna is just old news and hard-headed.

  7. Rihanna is the best ! I dont care what anyone says ! Rihanna is a natural bad girl and she does her own thing and has a high level of confidence and i respect that ! Rita looks as if she is trying to hard but they are voth beautiful . Amen, have a blessed day !

  8. I don't compare Rita & Rihanna bc Rita can sing. She's a vocalist with a soulful voice. Rihanna's voice is adequate for the type of songs she does but she can't sing as good as Rita.

  9. Rihanna is an OG she is way better. Rita totally copies her style! Riri>>>>>>>>>>>

  10. Rita is sexy as helll!!!!!! Rihanna just wants a man who will constantly beat her. #TeamRita!!!! :)

  11. Rita should replace Rihanna because Rita is a better singer than Rihanna. #Team Rita!!! :)


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