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Friday, 27 July 2012

Battle of Chris Brown's lovers:Rihanna Vs Karauche

Barely hours after Rihanna was spotted on the streets of Cannes wearing a swimming bra and a white fishnet skirt, Chris Brown's girlfriend Karrauche also hit the streets sporting a fish net top..hmmn. Who's copying who?
These two ladies have a lot in common.
They are both below 25 years 
They sport tattoos
They both love the same man(Chris brown)
They have secret twitter battles(Karrauche often mi-micks Rihanna and vice versa)
They love skimpy outfits
Chris brown cant seem to decide on whom he wants to settle down with
They have the same skin tone. 
Were spotted in Cannes looking hmmmn..So who would you say rocked the streets of Cannes?


  1. Karrauche rocked it weLla,and rihana luks spupid i swear.

  2. karrauche looks like a human being

  3. Rihanna rocked it better!!!!


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