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Friday, 27 July 2012

Is Mikel Obi signed to ROC NATION?

I was just surfing the internet when i caught sight of this picture of Nigerian born Chelsea star, John Mikel Obi.Many things struck me about this pic.Yes, he's handsome,everywoman's fantasy(until he was spotted with Shan George) just kidding oo lol.
Well, what struck me was the Roc sign which he flashed.....
You know all the rumours surrounding the sign.While some say its an Illuminati sign, others claim its just a sign which represents Jayz's record label,ROC Nation.
I was just wondering why Mikel had to flash the sign.Is he now signed to ROC nation,or trying to catch their attention?Or is he part of the ...........(mouth sealed)
Hahahaha this is what idelness can the way, I love Mikel Obi ,Jayz and Beyonce...maybe Kanye too(one love)


  1. hahahahahahahahahrotfl..he is signed to Dbanj

  2. Hello Tobenna,nice reading ur comments

  3. Ya I guess he's kinda jobleSs*str8 face*

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