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Friday, 7 September 2012


(today,you'll be laid to rest.)As I watched the video of those wicked men who did this to you,it finally hit me,Cynthia Osokogu is no more.
When I heard were missing, I couldn’t believe it. As many other Nigerians, I said you were going to return home. I couldn’t believe anyone would want to snuff the life out of a girl so beautiful, so full of life. So, I blogged with nonchalance, I smiled, ate and laughed. How was I to know you lay still in another world where you now call home?

Like an old video tape,my thoughts were re-winded back to those  days when we were young, living in the beautiful city of Jos, with no worries, no fear, just the sheer beauty, peace and calm of a city now ridden with the blood of the innocent.
We didn’t start out as friends. We weren’t enemies either. You were the rich girl, a LT Colonel’s daughter (back then), born with a silver spoon, the apple of your mother’s eye, the envy of all. I was just the daughter of a teacher/writer renowned for being a strict disciplinarian.

With skin so porcelain, eyes so beautiful, every other beauty was eclipsed by yours , and each time you walked by to your mother’s supermarket ,girls would say things like(she no even fine sef. Na because she yellow. Abi?)And everyone would just nod unconvincingly ,coz deep down; we knew that was a lie. You were truly beautiful.

I would go home and stare in the mirror severally, trying to unsuccessfully convince myself I was the prettiest girl in Faringada(our neighborhood).That deception was put to rest every time I saw you walk home from Command Secondary School, in your uniform so crisp and green, sometimes described as too short by the more conservative people in the neighborhood.(You were a born Fashionista).
So, fate brought us together through your brother Tony, my first..a love which was forbidden by both families. A love which was doomed from day 1(We both know why).

We became friends, you would come to my house every other day and I would take you to see my dad who always seemed to be in the farm. He would give us....

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 a bowl of fresh corn to go home and boil. After a few months, I began to ask myself if you were coming home for me or the corn, because you seemed to always get the timing right(smiles).No, it wasn’t the corn. Your friendship was genuine.

You would reciprocate the gesture by frying irish potatoes for me in your large kitchen, and we would proceed to your room, filled with the latest designer items and makeup kits which your mum made sure you had in abundance and you would say” I can’t wait to be a super model”.

And while every girl in the neighborhood grew fatter with age, you grew slimmer, keeping your eyes on the goal.
You were very determined to be a supermodel, and that showed by the work you put into it. I recall those nights we would sit at home with your mum and she would talk about your wedding day and how we should keep ourselves chaste and avoid bad company. She didn’t condone immorality. You would always hug and peck her, you were her best friend and vice versa.
Seeing both of you made me miss not growing up with a mother.

I recall those days my dad would threaten Tony to let me be, but he couldn’t do the same to you as much as he wanted to. Because, you would enter the house and say “Any corn for me Mr Achanga? This would elicit a smile from him as he would begin to narrate his heroic farming exploits, such as how he chased a big snake and the snake turned around and began to chase him (which I had heard a million times) but had to pretend I was hearing for the first time. You would laugh with tear filled eyes. Those moments meant a lot to me and my late dad as he grew to love you like his own daughter.

So, I traveled to Cameroon for my University Studies and we lost touch. I was so happy to hear you had gained admission into the Nassarawa State University. Everyone was doing well. We were going to meet at the top.
Barely a month after my dad's passing, I was shocked to hear you visited our house in my absence.That was what a true friend would do. There was no corn, no groundnuts just an empty house filled with the faces of heartbroken children. Yet you sat there and consoled them in honor of my dad.

You proceeded to find me on Facebook, a medium which would later cause your untimely death. I was overjoyed .You told me how proud you were of my achievements and I was happy to hear you had done a few modeling jobs and had served the compulsory NYSC.
One thing had changed. We were now grown; life and distance had pulled us apart. We were just face book friends who would occasionally comment on each other’s pictures.

I recall saving this particular picture. There was just something deep about it. I looked deep in your eyes and it seemed distant. So I copied it on my phone.3 weeks ago, I deleted pictures of everyone on my blackberry (to create space).When I got to this particular picture, I enlarged it and stared at it. That was the only picture of a non family member I retained. Now I know why.

I shut my ears to the harsh judgments you’ve received in absentia. We’ve all taken bad decisions in our lives. We’ve all been lured by Facebook friends. The only difference is, you had to pay the price. But do you know how many lives your death has saved? Do you know how many more ladies would have fallen victim to those monsters?
Yes, you didn’t deserve to be an example. But, I know just as heaven rejoices when a soul is saved; you’ll smile knowing those boys have been caught. You’ll smile knowing you have saved many young girls like me who would have made the same mistake.

I have no words for your 3 brothers, father and adoring mother. No words can’t console them at this heart wrenching time. The Lord who took you away would console them.

While we wait for justice to be served,please greet my father in heaven. Though he’ll be sad to see you left so soon, I know he’ll keep you company with his funny heroic farming exploits. May the angels guide you on this journey we all must pass through and until we meet again,  Adeiu my dear friend.

Emeh Achanga


  1. i've got no words.just tears.may her beautiful soul rest in peace.

  2. Wow!This is sad.I dont know her but i cant stop the tears from flowing.
    What a beautifully written piece in her honor.Wow!

  3. Its so so sad..*crying*. May her soul Rest in the bossom of the almighty.
    May the wicked suffer..

  4. With tears streamin down my face I say RIP Cynthia.. I pray ur beautiful soul finds peace in d Lords bossom....

  5. sad. what a waste of life! RIP cynthia. indeed it could have been anyone. God help us!

  6. Eme dis is really a beautiful piece,it brings back old memories. But with dose memories comes pain n reality! Dat cynthia is no more. She became d sacrificial lamb,4 a lot 2 learn from and be saved. May she RIP!

  7. May her gentle soul rest in peace. . . So saddening

  8. Just imagining how you feel when writing all this,i was touched to the marrow but in all God knows the best...May her soul rest in peace

  9. i wish our love dead ones could come alive, after many years just to say cynthia.

  10. Sobs,sobs, jst totally dawned on me after reading dis piece..RIP in cynthia.. Even if its so hard to let go,u ll 4ever be in our hrt !! Sniff,sniff... :(

  11. With teary eye I say,beautifu piece Eme. Am so so short of words.I know without doubt that Cynthia is resting right now. Rest in peace beautiful,heaven needs u. Sleep on! Greet my mum n dad in heaven.Adieu!!

  12. Awwww! Dis piece is a mixture of pain & memories to remember..i wish she had a 2nd chance to live!

  13. D casualties are not only dose who are dead....dey are well out of it...the casualties are not only dose who are wounded..tHough dey await death by instalment....cynthia tells us not 2 b casualties....let her death be our savior...I see her as some1 brave...she fought dose who wanted 2 rape her...a lot of girls don't have d courage 2 fight back....buh she had d@ courage...Don't stand @ her grave and weep...cus she is not dere...requiem aeternam...heaven awaits u...

  14. RIP...

    May the Lord allow all to bear the loss...

  15. Wow! So apt...U brought so much life into this... brouhaha...made us understand or get a better picture of the late Cynthia who was so full of life! Poor girl she had to end like this! Gone so soon!RIP

  16. *sigh*
    RIP Cynthia....... RIP

  17. Mehn, I got no words to say*teary eyes*...beautiful piece n wonderful memories..I have really learnt from it..too sad she had to pay d price but not glad d animals were caught. RIP Cynthia.

  18. RIP Cynthia. Emeh , The Sky is your Limit. Welldone.

  19. Oh my God,i cant just hold the tears......beautiful piece and well written.duo i dont know her but i am greieving so hard knowing that this can happen to anyone.i know for sure that she is resting in God blossom.such a pretty damsel......God bless you Eme for this tribute....

  20. I wish I could personally reply all comments.Thanks for all the lovely comments in memory of Cynthia.
    I am glad we are all learning from this.
    I appreciate you ALL.

  21. Dear Cynthia, so I won't see you this Xmas in Agbor as usual...
    So lost for words and it feels like I ve been in a trance since d news of your death broke because everything still feels like a movie. Rest in the bossom of the lord dear friend...God know y
    Nice piece Emeh

  22. Cynthia ..... continue to rest in the bossom of your creator.

  23. Very lovely piece Emeh, I knew Cynthia and her family back in Ilorin when she was still a little girl, the memory I have of her is that of the little girl who looked like a doll. She added me last year on face book and we chatted a few times. That she died this way, it's something I still can't get over. RIP Cynthia.

  24. *teary eyes*its so sad that it happened to her.they(family)usually cometo Agbor for christmas,its so sad that she wont be coming anymore.RIP cynthia.May God give the family the fortitude to bear the loss

  25. I am short of words,I know she is smiling @ u right now 4 dis wanderful letter.RIP cynthia.

  26. wow, #speechless# may her soul rest in the bosom of the Lord. amen.

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