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Saturday, 24 November 2012

Battle of the twins:Which set is hotter?

Twins are adorable but,scantily dressed twins?I don't know about that.So i decided to pair these beautiful twins for you all to judge who rocks the naked look best.

 Contrary to popular opinion the sexy ladies above are not twins but best friends Esther and Cynthia.They are professional dancers.If you take a close look at most music videos,you'll see them.
 The ladies below are Lilian & Vivian Nwaneho.They were the two ladies dancing with Wizkid' in"Dance for me"Video


  1. The vivian twins are HOT!!!,the other ones are SCARY

  2. The ones up above are best frnds not twin sisters! Cynthia and 4gotten d oda one's name... The nwaneho's mehn... Dey aint trying 2 hard

    1. thanks Belle.Correction effected(smiles)

  3. okay so i know the nwanebo twins went to secondary school with them, so i dont think, i know they look better joor!

  4. I'll definitely go for the Nwanehos, although they're showing a lot of skin, they doinG it the classy way.

  5. Aren't Lillian and Vivian the ones in that Wizkid dance for me video? x

  6. Demmy uv seen wat she wrote,yet u stil decided to ask a dumb ques

  7. am i caught up in a time warp or somthing, it must be dejavu

  8. Mercy says; Immoral dressing should not be encouraged please.

  9. Mercy says; Indecent way of dressing should not be encouraged.
    Thats my own opinion.


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