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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Charly Boy is not my son"Justice Oputa

In a interesting interview granted by the controversial Charly Boy's dad,Retired Justice Oputa.He gives a deeper insight into his son's life and also declared that "Charly Boy is not his son"
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Were you at any point against Charles’ Choice of Career?
Every father wants a son to succeed him. I practiced as a lawyer; I had and still have a very big library at home. You will want somebody to take over from you. When we couldn’t get him to do law, we let him do what he wanted to do if that was goin to make him happy. Today, he is happy, and we are all happy with him… Take husband and wife for instance, they are two different human beings, and they can’t live together until they are willing to accommodate one another. They may be certain things I do that my wife doesn’t like, they may be certain things she does, I don’t like, so also your child. At first, we were only concerned about what we wanted him to become, but not really concerned about what he wanted to become. I think every parent should look at both angles.

What do you think about your son Charlyboy today?
Point of correction, Charlyboy is not my Son. I think Charlyboy is a character. I don’t have any child as Charlyboy, I have Charles Oputa.  I don’t allow Charlyboy into my house, but I have a caring son called Charles. Maybe, you will need to rephrase your question again

What do you think of Charles today, what kind of child is he?

He has his own will, he has been doing what he likes, he has been happy with what he is doing and that is the aim of life. If you are satisfied, contented with the day to day existence, then you are considered a happy man. You may be very rich and happy but not satisfied, but if you are in an atmosphere you like and you have a wife who agrees with you like Charles, then you are lucky. My son is very understanding, loving and shows so much concern and respect for me and her mother. That’s all we need from him at this age.

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