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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Did Rihanna exaggerate the power of Beyonce's photo?

Despite unconfirmed reports in the past that Jayz had a brief fling with Rihanna , Rihanna has made it clear that Beyonce is her Idol and has even turned to the superstar for advice.
Rihanna only buttressed this when she recently tweeted a picture of Beyonce and wrote"This pic could single handedly destroy the self esteem of any nation"

I love Beyonce but I dont see what would destroy the self esteem of a nation oo.Riri can exaggerate. 
But, even if she's right,that nation isn't Nigeria oo. Nigerian girls are not smiling.


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  2. Destroy kini?make them shift with their fake bleached body abeg

  3. who runs the world??? #bigdickrocks

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  7. Abegi destroy which nations self esteem? Maybe puerto rico and Rihanna's nation cus she looks like one of them. She sure don't look like a black goddess with all the bleached blonde hair, got a nose very pointy looking. And yes shot me but Beyonce didn't used to look so fair, she played the whole strong black woman in her days with destiny's child because it was mostly black people buying her music. But when she decided to go solo, she started her whole am Creole thing and her mum even refuse to acknowlede she had black race in her. This people know how to play their whole am mixed when it suits them.
    Personally she does not represent me in anyway as a beautiful strong black woman. She has succum to the pressure in the industry of to sell u must be fair skinned, blonde and have a pointed nose. I adore our strong black women who have made it without having to alter any part of who they are to satisfy some group of people, and this women are some of the most successful women in the world not the music or holywood industry ie, Ophra winfrey, Michelle Obama, even young Gabriel douglas, this are people who I believe can affect ur self esteem if u aint working hard enough. Not some barbie looking woman. Beyonce is as fake as u get. Kelly realised it and ran, but it was too late when she did. Kelly stood by her when others walked but trust me they aint bestie right now. All those meeting up for lunch is fake. Hmm enough said

    1. Right on Miss Bee day. Good to know am not the only one not swayed by her charms...

      SEE MA BLOG...http://ashirigbakaute.blogspot.com/

  8. hnmmm miss bee day.u don talk the one way dey your belle.take am easy oh.i guess riri was just using literary words to describe the pic.

  9. big p boy.nawa for you ooo.i guess you badely need attention.well,y;ve gotten it from me.get a life.asswhole

  10. Illuminati chicks!

  11. It's well with you o.The one who wants to show his big penis to the world. God'll have mercy on you and your plan will not work.Amen


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