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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Is MAYD being driven into Extinction ?

From the look of things, Square Records means business as they have officially taken down MayD's videos from their Youtube account.The only song with a trace of MayD is the "Chop my money"remix featuring Akon(I guess they would delete his part if they can).lol
Reports have it that,they have also asked all Radio/TV Stations to stop playing the songs"SoundTrack & Ille Ijo".

MayD was supposed to be performing alongside them at the Africa Unplugged London but he was left back in Lagos.
The issue is,since MayD was signed to Square Records,all songs recorded during that period belong to Square Records not MayD,unless they signed an agreement to counter that.(Which is not possible).
In some cases,an artist is even prohibited from using the name they are known with while with the label.
Whatever the situation its apparent we wont be seeing MayD perform any of his famous tracks again, the brand MayD is being deleted into extinction.So,save,download,dance to MayD's tracks while you
Just incase he wins the RnB song of the year @ the Headies,who keeps the award?


  1. Nt fair o, I tik I luv may d more dan psquare he is more hyped , all dis record labels sef mohits now square records I jst hop dey r nt being tribalistic?

  2. This is bad .Why take off his songs and videos?No intellectual property laws in this country

  3. he should take legal action against square records. formerly big penis guy #BIGDICKROCKS

    1. omg!Wtf!What grossness.Fake ass goat

  4. Seriously I have tried to ignore u this silly big stick guy, like open ur porno sight and stop posting this unpleasant pics of yours everywhere. Teenagers might be on this blog. Show some morals u bloody desperado!!!!

  5. I wonder what happened between him and the Okoye's that they will be willing to show people how mean they can be. It's unlike them.
    Someone should start talking so pple dont form bad impression about them.....

    SEE MA BLOG...

  6. Hmmmn this is bad .He should sue them.its very selfish of them to start deleting his songs.Is he eating the songs on youtube?

  7. Forget MayD,this blog is the isshh no copycopy stories,so original

    Back to MayD,why isnt he talking?He dey fear ni

  8. thats too bad.wish him all the best sha.and thanks @miss bee for talking some sense into big p warreva.

  9. Pls can someone tell me what caused all this.........meanwhile i love may D and i think he just started to shine, abi p square they jealous?????????????


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