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Friday, 31 August 2012

Nike Oshinowo's reason for not going to church raises eyebrows

That Nike Oshinowo is beautiful is no news,but her recent statement that she doesn't go to church because she causes distractions is a little controversial .Maybe it was just an innocent statement,maybe people are reading deeper meanings to it than already is.

“Anytime I enter a church people are always quick to notice me and some may not even concentrate on the service anymore as I always become the center of attraction in such cases. And this also distracts me. Therefore I have preferred to stay at home and worship God, rather than to keep causing unnecessary distractions in church.”

Hmmmn isn't this a little too confident?#justasking#


  1. hmmmmm.... is that how u are? which church do u actually attend nike ashawoo or whatever

  2. She suld tell dat 2 the birds,wats she feeling like sef,infact miss emeleke lebongnu fine pass her.luk @ her, dem dey luk her say her body na gold abi silver?rubishhhhhhhhhhhhhh foooool na him she be.

  3. What is she feeling like? when we have great celeb who have done great things, that are even workers. Maybe she dey possess and the prayers dey affect her. Make i hear word jor

  4. Is she kidding ??? Abeg she shuld go and slp and luk 4 something bera 2 say.wat the hell is she feeling like.infAct make she no eVen commot 4rm her house,stupid woman.

  5. NIKE home wrecker pls shut your filty dirty mouth, attention seeker, remeber back in the 90s when you use to pose the dog called gucci back in VI and how much you craze attention. Pls grow up!!!

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