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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

"Where are our first ladies""?DonJazzy poses a very important question

You know, with all the cases of Cancer victims springing out recently.Questions have been asked as to why no government official or women society groups are involved or concerned in raising money for these victims.
Whatever happened to all the NGO's women society groups who host all sort of fundraising awareness campaigns?
So,when DonJazzy posted this on his twitter timeline,I felt it is a question worth pondering upon.

Yes!Where are they?


  1. Emeh my dear, all those people gather all their big big friends @ Eko hotel, hilton in london and all the expensive places to fill their pocket.
    My friend and I once decided to run in the flora women's race and we decided we were going to donate our funds to any credible Nigerian charity. My friend did some research online and to our disappointment most of the once we found had 'beware Scam' or they have either shut down only after few months or their site had been shut down. Sad! But truth is there are too many selfish people in our land and all they seem to care about is how to exploit the vulnerable amongst us to make themselves or their pocket better.
    To think for the past few months, there has been over 3 or more people looking for donations for health care and not one charity organisation has stood up to help. The lives and health of Nigerians depend on her citizen's donation. Its a shame, big shame. Leave the government now, we know say those ones don craze finish but all the advocate for women, charity organisations and etc where r they???!!!
    Good people of Nigeria pls continue to donate what ever u can to save our young people from untimely death, cause they don't really care abt us.

    1. You are on point.All are just scams.To think none of them has shown their faces during these two cancer cases.
      Al those women doing walks against cancer.mtcheww
      nice post

  2. Bring-in media and you wil see them all,cause the camera wil first take their picture with those children wearing their T Shirt and all that.........

  3. Stupid women and they say men are the cause of our problems when they cant help themselves.one fund raising dinner or another.Rubbish.
    As Donphiloman said,if they see camera they will pose and claim to be philanthropic

  4. abegi,tell them o.scammers.may God replenish the pockects of those who donate.kisses emeh

  5. I openly agree with the above comments@miss bee..u are right dearie.Most are scams and avenues to make money.All the women organizations,first ladies have taken a back seat now.Thank God for kindhearted Nigerians/celebrities who have taken it upon themselves to fight for the lives of these cancer vÍctims
    @donphiloman if they see media coverage,trust them to be there.It's sad.
    God protect and help us.

  6. I am not suprised, people will do anything for money...ndi ori.

    Pls check out my blog. http://ashirigbakaute.blogspot.com/

  7. Nigeria is a failed state. #BIGDICKROCKS

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  9. Always the same thing every diffent day,in Nigeria! What a shame.

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  11. Our first ladies r naso rock eating Gucci rice and fighting each other over land.

  12. Yea.even COWLSO- Committe of wives of Lagos sate officials, am not sure they organize the event anymore


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