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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Wow!Dbanj's Oliver Twist featured in USA Malibu Rum Commercial

I have a confession,don't take it personal.The confession is,I am in awe of how long this song has kept on going without any signs of slowing down or getting off the charts.

Dbanj' hit song"Oliver Twist is featured in the Malibu Rum commercial which is now airing inthe USA.A few weeks back,they played the track on the popular TV series,Eastenders.It was also played during the Olympics.
Watch video
The koko of the matter is,I'm guessing this would be one of Dbanj's greatest/most successful hits ever.
This song is a sure money spinner.But,is DonJazzy also cashing in on the Oliver Twist fame?#justasking#


  1. 'Oliver twist' could pass for one of Africa's most internationally played songs. The beats rock (thanks to don baba j). About Don Baba J cashing in on the fame/money, I think they might have discussed it before going their separate ways; cos it would be unfair if d'banj keeps on raking in cash for himself alone from a song made by his former producer

  2. MAJOR BINTIN LAYE30 August 2012 at 23:15

    D'banj is about breaking into the US, IDJA (Dbanj's coinage) better tag along or else is gonna regret it when this BOMB gets the Grammy.

  3. Watch video link aint opening,why?

  4. are you sure its not your system?You can check it on youtube then(Oliver twist featured in Malibu rum advert)

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