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Sunday, 30 September 2012

Blogger's Diary - Do you Love Me?

Not you (lol)I mean, I cant recall the last time I asked someone that question.Now, don't get any funny ideas as to my relationship status.

If I was in a relationship it would be inevitable to ask right?Well, sadly enough,I would never bring myself to ask such a question.I wont forget the day Dan(name withheld)asked me this dreaded question.

When I tried to evade it, he dropped a bigger bomb."I know you love me,just say it.You don't have to be ashamed of your feelings"I mean, i was shocked to my bones.I wanted to scream"A few dates and laughing at your dry jokes doesn't mean I love you"I would never love you"instead of telling him how I felt, i just smiled and said,

"Of course I Luv(not love)you".If my feelings at that moment was anything to go by, I would say, I was utterly disgusted that I had been put under such pressure.After trying unsuccessfully to make him realize I didn't love him, I just cut off.(sad but that was the only way out)

Most people argue that ladies are most guilty of this annoying question."Do you love me"?well, I kind of buy into that because I have seen a lot of us make that dreadful mistake,especially when they date a guy for a few weeks or months without hearing those abused cherished words.What do you expect him to say?
"No, I dont love you.I'm just using you as a fling? Well, its sad that we enter relationships which we know wasnt built on a foundation of love and mutual respect and miraculously want that person to say the magic words.I cant overstress the stupidity of that question, but I know there's nothing more magical than an unrehearsed "I love you.


  1. Love? Foundation of Love and mutual respect? There is no love or its foundation when it is not from God or based on God's word. Mutual respect? When you have slept with him? Forget it.

  2. Yes! Emeh, i love you

  3. Wow!this writeup is on point.some people ask stupid questions

  4. @anon 12:52 I agree with you,but the blogger is talking about human love.we have to be realistic here.keep it up Emeh!

  5. Thanks @ all.HOmemade,lovely blog.@anon 13:02..(show urself na)lol@anon 12:52 I oncur.

  6. Miss Achanga.wetin you dey do for naija?come join me for carlifonia make we chop money.u get sense

  7. Heheheheheh@anon 17:00 na so dem dey toast woman for carlifonia?u go kill me wit laf

  8. wow miss Achanga, you're making me to luv (not Love) u more and more.
    I really always enjoy reading your blog.
    Thanks for writing and keep it up.
    It's also my opinion that women always urge to know, always asking, Do you love me dear?, honey, do you love me?
    why can't they just play their part and if the love is present, they will get to hear the 'i love you', they desperately want their 'guys' to say.
    And those weak guys who make men look weak, please be man enough to wait for to tell you that she loves you. don't ask her, please don' make me and the other men look weak.
    Loving someone isn't merely saying I love you, its far more than that (i won't talk more about this here because it's another story,) and those who are conscious of this fact always have the upper hand in the relationship.
    I remember when I was younger and got 'dished' by my first girlfriend, because i had never told her 'i love you'. And I even thought at that time, that maybe i didn't love her, because i found it difficult to say 'i love you' to her.
    Well guess what Vi... i really did love you. i felt it but couldn't say it.
    It's unbelievable that the love that i felt for you prevented me from telling you that 'i love you', and i only got to realise this many years later. There are words that aren't easy to come out of the mouth. now i know i few...
    Ladies (and the weak gentlemen who are at it), those who easily tell you that they love you (especially during certain intimate moments...), most of the time don't love you, and this is a proven fact.
    You can love someone and never say it, but actions are louder than words...your actions will always portray your inner thoughts...
    Better to observe than listen...this is my own advice.
    Sorry Emeh, for taking up so much space, I'll stop here.
    I like what you're doing, keep it up. You didn't just pass through also passed through you.
    Greetings from Cameroon...

  9. Wow!@ Dickson..I'm so enthralled by your writeup and experience.esp"Ladies (and the weak gentlemen who are at it), those who easily tell you that they love you (especially during certain intimate moments...), most of the time don't love you, and this is a proven fact".I guess its very diffiult to say those words when one is not sure of one's feelings.these days the pressure to say "I love u"is too much and most pple say it bc they want to please the other.

    Lol@I'm making u to luv(not love)me.hahahahahaha.thanks for ur encouragment.

  10. For that question tobe asked, it already premises a subtle fact of coerced love.

    If the love is there, the question would never be thot of, not to mention being mouthed (oops, asked).

  11. Nice1 emeh..I love intelligent girls

  12. Hmmmm.......a lot have been said by Emeh and dickson......lessons learnt.......(Weak men) Rather dan ask dat question with ur mouth let the emotions ask for u and give u feed bck..... "Do u luv me"......

    Emeh I also hope say one day u no write ma story 4 here ooo

  13. I rarely ever say d word, wouldn't say it cos its what someone wants to hear or flinch on hearing it cos they think it will go a long way in convincing one...-its over-used n over-rated

  14. Nicely written ! i love it!


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