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Friday, 28 September 2012

Why Men Cheat:Agree?

I was discussing with some friends of mine yesterday. One of my friends was complaining bitterly about her boyfriend who is a chronic cheat. Trust me to say” Please, you deserve better, let him go,he isn’t worth your time ,blab la bla.
This beautiful lady had apparently been eavesdropping on our conversation. She walked over to our table and sat down without taking an excuse.

She smiled and said” Lady, don’t let them deceive you to leave your man."(Obviously refering to me)There aren’t men out there. All men are taken or married so all you got to do is snatch one and hope you are first place in his life.

I opened my mouth to say” Excuse me biacth..get the hell out of this table(fear no let me talk that one).I just coughed.

She stared at me and continued You know why men cheat? We all sat up waiting to hear the biggest secret of all time.What we have been trying to uncover for centuries.Her answer shocked us
“All men are dogs, you have to determine if yours is a bush dog or home dog” .If he is a bush dog, and then you’re on your own. If he is a home dog, all you have to do is train him and he’ll be loyal.
Don’t ask me the difference between a bush and home dog coz she didn’t stay long enough to answer.

On that shocking note,she walked away as her companion had already purchased the take away food they came for.He was sporting a wedding band.hmm

Anyway ,after several deliberations,it didn't take much for my friend to decide her man was errm a jungle dog. lol.

So,please ladies is she right or wrong for men to be likened to dogs.This is not the first time i'll be hearing that phrase.
Guys no vex ooo.But is this the reason u guys cheat.lol


  1. Hahahahahhahahahhahahahaha I don die.Mine is a zoo cat.All men cheat jor

  2. We cheat because women are either nagging,unsexy,stubborn,dirty,lack manners.If a lady is non of these,I'm so faithful.
    That lady is not serious,that's why she's with a married man

  3. Mmmnn she dey craze.but she has a point,men of these days act like dogs chasing everything in skirt.lol

  4. Most men cheat or lust after women except they are Pastor(even some pastors are human so they can cheat), but I have seen a lot of the so called married men so many of them infact these days married men cheat more than the single or dating guys. I heard and pls don't quote me O that they cheat because a lot of young girls lust after them for security, less drama, money etc.

  5. Ms Bee.Thank you for being honest.Ladies are the cause of their own problems.u chase after these married men without shame and turn around to say men are cheats.Smh
    I'm a faithful man.

  6. Men are cheats!!! No matter how neat,loyal,sexy ₰ hardworking a lady seem to be,they can't take their eyes of another lady outside

  7. Una get time sha.As for me,I cheat on my boyfriend big time.Ofcourse he thinks I'm a saint.Who wan carry last?
    U cheat,I Cheat.simple

  8. Ashawo.Na ur p***sy go hear am.Be comparing urself with a man.

  9. Rotfl funny comments,(pours popcorn).
    Men are bush dogs.All of them

  10. There is nutting like new pu**y!!!

  11. I think dey r all dogs & its rily HARD to pls &satisfy dem it takes only GOD even juju fades

  12. Emeh, wat about d oju kokoro single gels who kip chasing dese men! I knw guys who told deir female chasers about deir sig oda but dese gels still did nt mind n even chased harder!

  13. Both men n women have the tendency to cheat. It is only the fear of God n personal decision that can make someone a faithful partner.

    Visit http://ashirigbakaute.blogspot.com/ for more ashiri. th m

  14. warreva.u cheat i cheat.God no go vex.rubish.*rolling eye*

  15. The fact is all men cheat! Pastor or otherwise! We can't keep bothering ourselves bout that. We should just get d one that will buy us diamonds and all after. Hehe.

  16. Interestinggggggggggggggg comments.lol
    So all men cheat abi?hmmmn I guess I'll just go with Anon 18:53..if he cheats,it should be worth it.Diamonds aint a bad idea.
    Candice,I feel u jare.Lol happyhausabunny.good point
    @anon 14:43
    na wah oo.would answer u later.
    Y dear msbee,ur comments rock as usual
    All my readers..much Love

  17. Men cheat cos their women make them. Consider a woman who yawns while the husband is making love to her with her legs up his shoulder, or a man who comes home after a hard days work, tired and starving for good homecooked meal only to be fed tasteless fries from a retail shop.Or worse, a woman who is so deep and wide you wonder if the Missisipi went through her. That is what some of us married men have to live with. So if the oppurtunity presents itself, wouldn't you?

  18. Men cheat because they want to have little of everything even if dere wife is an angel dat seat near God in heaven,It now the duty of the Lady to make Him d Home dog.i agree with the lady jare

  19. u guys are so yesterday, d women have taken over in d cheating game. men are amateurs now, we only pretend not to know becos of our stupid egos. men cheat men cheat wait a minute who d hell are they cheating wit other men? excuse me.

  20. Oooooowwwwwwwwwwanonm @ Anon19:35,ur wife is all that?Divorce menn.Why stay.
    Women,don't let urselves go after childbirth,wear sexy lingerie and be neat.Eventhough men cheat,atleast make him come back home to your arms.hian

  21. Men cheat I know,but my man doesn't cheat. Mama says if you find you will see,so I don't bother finding,so as long as I'm concern my man doesn't,stop finding . I love him scatter

  22. D lady who gv dat advice simply told U her opinion & i dnt wanna argue wit dat since she has freedom of xpression. I wonder if her Dad was a bush or home dog. Those who wish 2 sing wil always find a song - swedish proverb. i e People who wish to find a cheatin partner wil alwys find one.

  23. I cant b mad at that lady, i feel sorry for her above anything. She's a good example of women who have either given up on men coz of being hurt too many times, or were simply taught from childhood to take advantage of men. Her views are not the norm. I'd advice you ladies not to take her advice. You might have been hurt so many times your heart is now patched all over...that doesnt mean there are no good men around, or that you were not meant to find them. God created the union between a man and a woman to be a beautiful thing. If he did not think so , He wouldnt have likened marriage to be like HIs union with the church (and you know how much he loves us).
    There is a good man for you. If you've bn hurt, just calm down, dust urself off and look again in the mirror. HE was the one who missed out, not you. You're worth much more than a cheat or a liar and you were created for much more.
    Word of caution: Sometimes while u're looking in the distance, what u seek might be right infront of you!!

  24. men cheat because they are not greedy. if u accept one man one woman, what will the remaining women do. pls lets not be greedy men. let us make sure each woman has a man to feel n this can only b possible by cheating. infact, call it community response n not cheating.

  25. if u fit find who put water inside coconut den u go knw d reason y men cheat.that is 2 say it is natural,men r polygamous in nature

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