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Saturday, 27 October 2012

"I can bring Mohits back to life,doubt me?"Kelly Handsome challenges DonJazzy

Remember sometime last year,Kelly Handsome decided to take on the whole industry.Everyone from M1,Kenny,MI,Terry G and Mohits were not spared.
Notable among all the insults meted out on them would be the one he tweeted about Donjazzy and said"Holding a walking stick don't make you a don..."

It seems Kelly Handsome has had a change of heart and has sought forgiveness from all adversaries or maybe trying to get back into the industry considering he's been off the scene for a while.

He decided to go on a tweeting spree.Read after the cut

I can bring Mohits back to life. RT It you doubt me brother. 

 No disrespect intended Nwanne, just trying 2 know what you want 2 carry out. U know I'm a gud project manager. 

 I know you won't respond but I also want the whole world to know that we've been friends all along. Tired of pretending.

I'm glad I was able 2 make peace with everyone just like the bible instructed us. Why is everyone ashamed 2 tell people that we've made up?

Well,Donjazzy didn't respond.

He also tweeted his ex boss Keny Ogunbe
 Boss I really don't know what is going on but I don't care. Like father like son, retweet If you want me back BOSS.

Do you think he can bring them back to life?I miss them o.


  1. dude wanna trend.How about bringing his dead career back to life first?smh

  2. go sleep Kelly.Emeh,how you get these gists amazes me.Always fresh and I must state,alot of bloggers copy from u.Keep setting the pace. Im loyal madam

  3. hehehehehehehehehe @tweet to baba keke.he want record deal after hunger wire am

  4. na jazz u wan use bring them back to life?se Kelly begging Don babaJ for reply. lol

  5. Dead Kelly ugly..go rivive yourself then see if you have talent at all. If I was these guys I would ignore him. Look for a way out of his coffin.

  6. Prodigal for EVER. No body want you Kelly. Take a hike!

  7. rotfl from begging Donjazzy to Keke ogunbe?Have some class guy.U are off the industry and not even tacky tattoos will save you

  8. At all nothing as silly as does ugly tattoos can cover Kelly's lack of talent, take a hike the game has stepped up since the last time ur lazy ass visited, imagine you singing near davido loving all of you.

  9. choi they have finished kelly ransome on this site o

  10. *sadface* kelly no be so oh, I just imagine what u wonna sing by dis time wizkid ur kid bro don badge all d awards finish *holdslaff* #okbye


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