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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

JIM IYKE:I practice Taekwondo.

Next time you think of taking this superstar by surprise bear it in mind that he is into marshal arts(just kidding).I came across this recent interesting interview on Jim Iyke  and decided to share(Cal it interesting because it projects Jim as the fashion lover and Icon he is.)Its a change from the usual controversial Jim.
He's also got expensive taste(hmmn)Read excerpts after the cut

Glam: You were nominated Nigerian Sexiest Man in 2008, Did that turn you into a sex symbol, and how do you deal with the Ladies?
Jim: Lol! Sexiest man huh? I think people take that kind of stuff seriously. I think it’s hilarious! My sisters were on my case for ages! I grew up around women. I’m the only guy amongst six funny gifted young women. We had humble, small town upbringing. We consider stuff like that out of our depth and frankly hilarious(lol)

Glam: How do you keep in shape?
Jim: I practice taekwondo. I have been for ages. I run long distances as much as I can. I’m quite mindful of what I consume and elements I allow in my space! They all play a huge role in the big picture. I epitomize the wine in the cellar theory. Keep it in the right condition and it will mature while it taste better and increases in worth and longevity

Glam: What projects are you working on right now?
Jim: We’re in the throes of opening another branch of our boutique Untamed Closet in The Gambia and Lagos in addition to Abuja. We ve started shoot in on my reality Show Jim Iyke Unscripted and we have a couple of movies we produced last year we ill be releasing early next year. I’m also looking forward to organizing a few charity events to raise funds for orphanages back home. Finally I’m excited about our new Line of bespoken suits from my clothing line Untamed Men coming before the middle of January. We enjoyed remarkable success with our previous engagement in that sphere.

Glam: Who is your favorite international actress or Actor?
Jim: I think Morgan Freeman, Al Pacino and Robert Deniro sits with the all-time greats of our generation?

Glam: What’s next for Jim?
Jim: If I knew, that will make it boring wouldn’t it. I just know it’s going to be awesome. I live by a philosophy; “Work smart, pray hard, love deeply and give it all you got.” More often than not the end result will be rewarding.

Glam: You are a fashionable man, what pieces of clothes are ‘your must have(s)’?
Jim: A black blazer, a black pair of shoes, good fitted pair of jeans, a good functional watch, a good fitted shirt (white or blue). You can dump me in the amazon jungle and I’ll still come out on point!

Glam: Who is your favorite Designer?

Jim: Tom Ford is exceptional. I like pieces that afford me liberty and access of high and middle circles while maintaining my individuality and flair. It’s what we hope to reflect in our clothing line -brand.

Culled from :GlamDivas.com


  1. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  2. Tom ford.Fashionable man

  3. He dresses wel.As u said Emeh,this is an interesting interview,not the same old questions.


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