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Saturday, 27 October 2012

MUST WACTH :(Video)Another Community carries out jungle justice

When the 4 unfortunate Uniport students were lynched and murdered for a crime they didn't commit,Nigerians came together with one voice to condemn this barbaric act.Many lent their voices in their own ways to put a stop to jungle justice.

Top notch comedian, BOVI is the latest to lend his voice to this cause via a touching re-enaction of an act of Jungle Justice.In his words.....
"We owe it to ourselves and society as individuals, groups and/or organisations to preach against the growing trend of jungle/mob justice. If we fold our arms and watch, thats akin to throwing stones into a market. one day, it might hit one of our own. this is a non-profit initiative. please spread the message- "Bovi



  1. oh this just flashed my mind to that video of the uniport boys being lynched.If only some1 said STOP!
    Nice one from Bovi ,im happy a few of our celebs are doing constructive things

  2. Nice message.I love this blog .quality content.Keep it up

  3. Thanks to people like Bovi,MI,and of course my fav blogger Miss Petite,those innocent boys wont just die in vain.This message should be aired on TV and radios round the country.

  4. Wonderful messae,video was so real and on point!! Thanks Bovi

  5. Impressed !!!!!!!!


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