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Sunday, 7 October 2012

Blogger's Diary : The Uniport Mob action,the untold truths,my story

I’m sad. The spade of insecurity in this country is alarming and this has forced citizens to take the law into their own hands. JUNGLE  JUSTICE we call it. I call it MURDER.

I don't want to dwell on the reasons why these four University of Port Harcourt students - Ugonna, Ilyod, Tekana and Chidiaka had  their lives cut short in this barbaric manner. No one has the right over another man's life.These boys were caught for alleged theft and tortured for hours and killed. That is the logline.

Despite various recounts as to what might have happened, multiple sources have claimed they were cult boys who went to claim or attack someone. They didn't meet the person at home and went to the bush to chill and smoke.Then the vigilante were tipped off that robbers were in the area which resulted in them being rounded up.

Another story claimed they were cultists who went to attack a guy and he shouted for help and this drew the attention of the vigilante's in the area."Speaking exclusively,my source who confessed to being part of a group called Mafia;s said“These boys are 200 level students of the University of Portharcourt. They were part of a cult group” THE MAFIA’S”. They are not even hardened enough to kill .What they do is collect dues from defaulting members etc.So on this faithful day, they went to Aluu village to ruffle a particular guy who unknowingly happened to be a rival cult member(Vikins).On getting there, they didn't meet him at home so they decided to chill in the nearby bush.

The word got out that they were around and  a Vikin member ran to the vigilante guys to report that the thieves terrorizing the neighborhood were spotted.Knowing if they were spared,they would retaliate,the Vikin members posing as ordinary students called for teh head of these boys and accused them of orchestrating several robberies in the area.They even arranged for some girls to claim they had been raped"

Many of us have heard of mob actions before,we have seen alleged thieves paraded on TV.There are components which are never absent"The weapons used,the item stolen/the person attacked.Why were all these absent?Why didn't we see any reference in that video made to the fact that these boys were thieves?
Who brought up the story of theft in the first place?A cover up?A frame up?Were the vigilantes used as a tool to perpetrate the heinous crime orchestrated by others? Were these boys set up?

-Why didn't any 1 in that footage say""Stop"?Where were the women of that community.The community head?
-All the voices in that footage called for their heads.One kept ringing in my ear"The yellow one no wan die,die,die,die"".I dint hear a single"NO".
-For a torture session which lasted for hours,why didn't anyone call the police on time?
-Was it a case of jealousy or envy caused by class segregation? A fight of the poor against the rich?

A few people have backed the killings.One said "Na because they be fine boys una dey shout" Another said"All of you condemning this killing don't know what it means to encounter an armed robber".There was an interesting one"Why all the fuss?This is not the first time,mob killings occur in Nigeria"

True!Let me tell you why this has driven deep into the core of my soul and other Nigerians.There are killings which are done in the spur of the moment,and there are premeditated murders,carefully planned and executed.

Mob actions are usually carried out in the spur of the moment.The thief is usually caught red handed in the act.The beating, torture, burning is done in a twinkle of an eye.So fast that even the fastest reacting police squad wont get there on time.
This is different,there was time,they were paraded,taken from one scene to the other, tortured,Yet,no sign alluding to their crime.

Does this mean the people of Aluu are made up of monsters with hearts of steel?Does this mean there is no single human with a conscience in that community?
 Or were their minds infiltrated with such hate against those boys by some 1?Did some1 play on the psychology of the poor and illiterate?
Have they been covered up murders in the past?
Or,were the Aluu people so hurt by their previous experiences with robbery that they just had to maim these youths?

Before you agree with my last point,lets find out,when was the last time that village got attacked by robbers? Had anyone been killed in the process?Was it very recent?
If none of these happened in the space of one week preceding these murders,it is safe to say" The torture carried out on these boys was fueled by some other reason"

The callousness and wanton disregard for human life exhibited by those who did this didn't portray them as novices.They have done this before.It was carried out"Mafia style"Ever watched a mafia movie and see how they execute murders?It is carried out with a passionate intent to inflict pain,hurt and final death.It was a HATE CRIME
I have several theories and none would be as legit as the truth(sadly enough,just the 4 of them know what really happened)
But for the benefit of those who are heartless enough to justify these killings

I have two chilling stories to share with you all.
Sometime back in 1998,I went to the Jos main market with my late dad.Suddenly, a young man ran past us carrying a bundle of lace materials. While we stood raining obscenities at him for pushing people roughly, a Yoruba trader ran out of her shop shouting ”Ole,Ole,Ole.

W e didn't need a soothsayer to know she was referring to the guy who just ran past us. Being a strict disciplinarian my dad was, he followed in hot pursuit along side many other men and women.

We hadn't gone far when we saw a mob gathered around a young man, beating him with sticks and chains..Something was wrong; he wasn't the man who ran out of the store with those laces. We saw the Yoruba trader screaming at the top of her voice”. No be am,no be am tif my cloth”. The noise of the blood thirsty citizens drowned out her voice as we watched a man bring a tire and throw around this young man’s neck.
Then I looked up, and spotted the man who ran with those items in the crowd. Watching, waiting. Our eyes met and I nudged at my dad and when he looked in the direction of my face, he saw him too. This time, the man was disappearing into the crowd.

A match was brought and I heard this innocent man say with his last strength””Why me father? Why me? My dad tried to push forward to tell them you have the wrong man, but the stares he was given were enough to say” back away old man, or you join him”.
This story doesn't mean all victims of Mob actions are innocent, what it means is even when the primitive urge in man, frustrations and lack of trust in our legal stems push us to the edge, something could go terribly wrong.

The second story goes thus
“Sometime in 1999, my dad took a trip from Onithsa to Benue State boarding a popular transit bus. (name withheld). They had gotten to the outskirts of Onithsa when robbers struck. The robbers who were dangerously armed gave them one simple instruction” Place our money on the floor. All of it because  we’ll search. While other robbers (a mix of male and female) were offloading all the passenger’s bags into their own van, three were collecting the money seat by seat. They also searched them down to their pants.
Then something happened. There was a young woman in her 20’s who was dressed in all black. She had a baby in her arms. She was seated next to another older woman. When the robbers struck, this young lad quickly split her money into 2.She hid part in her baby’s pampers and dropped the last on the floor.
The older woman, my dad and a few others saw her do this. When they got to her, they told her to drop the baby and stand for a search. She did that and the found nothing on her looked at her baby and asked her to sit down.

After the robbery the thieves were leaving.suddenly,the woman seated next to the nursing mother screamed""THIS WOMAN HER HID MONEY IN HER BABY'S PAMPERS".It was like a scene from a movie as the robber turned and walked towards the lady who was shaking.They took her baby lifted it up and the head of the gang tore the pampers,removed the money and said"as you small so,you don sabi tif abi".In a split second,he shot the baby pointblank in the head and flung the baby in the bush.  Ordered the driver to kick start the bus and leave.

My dad said,there was absolute silence,shock,no 1 uttered a word as the bereaved mother went blank.(she was in shock) didn't cry, didn't talk, didn't move)
They drove for hours till they got to river Benue.  The driver stopped the bus and came down with his assistant.Opened the door and asked the woman(who reported)to step out.She started crying,wondering what they wanted to do.Upon denial,the forcefully pulled her out and threw her into the river.The driver turned to them and said"Any body wan follow am"?
No 1 coughed as they shut the door,drove to the park and dispersed.

Now,look at these two scenarios and be the judge..Did they have the right to kill her?NO.Did she deserve to die?Be the judge
But,these boys didn't deserve this.Even if they were cultists.Young men join groups for various reasons,per pressure,wannabe,security.(not justifying though).
Each and everyone who participated must be brought to book publicly.


  1. I have never commented on a blog before.But your writeup sent chills down my spine.I can't say futher but God will judge.
    You are a fantastic journalist


  2. Emeh..... I'm really speechless now... May the souls of those boys RIP!!!
    Emeh ure the BEST writer EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I don't know where to start commending this writer.I guess the comments above me said all I want to say.
    It is shocking to see how those men killed them.As you said,they have done this before.
    I just followed you and have joined the movement

  4. Man's inhumanity to man.

  5. Politicians steal billions,those Aluu ppl will only mumble
    They 'alleged'and the key word is 'alleged' that those boys stole,they failed to display the items stolen....this makes the whole lot of them murderers
    Where there no elderly women in that community? Even the women present,don't they know the pains of childbirth yet they support the killing of another's child.
    One thing I know,those perpetrators just brought a curse to themselves and their children to the 10th generation and God will judge them in this life or the next

  6. Yes so many unanswered questions.why didn't women cry and plead?How can they watch boys who could be their sons murdered.Why the hate against these boys and no sign of any ammunition or loot!Something is very wrong here and I buy the idea that they might have been setup coz this mata pass me.
    May that devilish Aluu pay for what they have done.nice article

  7. My God am so sick now.since I watch d video am so so sick.why why why...nobdy in dat crowd care 2 call d police.dat most b an evil village.may their soul rest in peace

  8. Emeh brilliant write up. Am still very Sad! My sister and I have both been in terrible state since we watched the video. My 16 yrs old niece saw the video on my laptop as I left it on to go do something(am upset she saw it) I walked into the room and saw her in tears, she said imagine if God Judge us for every single sin we committed. That has been on my mind all day. I remember the story of the alduterer in the bible and when everyone tried to stone her Jesus said "he without a sin cast the first stone".
    I agree that there is more behind the story than what we know. Thank u Emeh Joining the movement right away.
    May the Lord comfort their families. Hope we get Justice as this would send a straight message that no one, even Vigilante are not above the law. Under no circumstance should an ordinary citizen take laws into their own hands.

  9. Seriously this is so so pathetic, many gist came up, thieves, cultist and whatsoever, but the point is, the people of Aluu should have just reported to the police after they were beaten, and as for ur story Emeh, burning thieves in Nigeria is no news, it should be looked into. And for the woman that was trown into the River!!!! It just makes me speechless cos she was EVIL

  10. This the best blog so far! The way u analysd d case is jst on point! U gave points .. U made comparisims dat r so meaniful nd correspondn! Pls whoevr u r! Kip it up! U wld go far... Ds bettr of d popular bloggers or wateva! So vry true! Miss L

  11. Eme darl
    Am still cring since Friday as a mother you begin to put yourself in their parent shoes and feel the pain and hurt they will be going through. The same question I asked. Dies it mean no one could call the right authority before things went out of hand? Whatever have grievous their crime was, no one has the right to take away anyone's life.... May justice prevail .... And keep up the good work!!!!

  12. I'm really sorry I said " good for them" and that was because of the 1st story I.e they stole phone and laptop and I felt they burnt them on the spot just as they do in warri,didn't know they stripped,hit them with sticks,throw blocks and all,that is killed them slowly,I saw the video but couldn't watch it to the end,but with all sincerity I use to pity thieves but not anymore,after what I went through, my wedding finger aint straight yet,I can't control it myself,I still have fear all over me,wen its evening and I'm walking home from skool,wen I see a guy walking behind me,jokes apart I run away,bcos that incidence is still fresh in my memory,I find it really difficult to go out wen its past 7pm,I have still not gotten over it and its 10months already. Though I'm sorry about my first comment. Please accept my apology.

  13. So many unanswered quetions my dear Emeh,haba. I am not a mother yet but I feel the pains of their mothers especially. I have fine younger brothers of about their age in school. God, may evil never ever come near any of my loved ones. I could die of heart ache if this happen to any of my brothers.It shall not happen in Jesus Name, Amen. There is no justification for this wickedness.

  14. this is a act of murder.i cant still believe that the tekena i saw few days ago is dead.i feel pains down within me.

  15. Call mi wateva bt I dnt feel a bit sorry 4 dt woman thrown in d river. She is as good as dt person dt shot d baby in d head. She caused d death of an innocent child...D rest ddnt deserve 2 die doh..may dia souls RIP..nice write up by d way *kudos*

  16. Emeh,..ur blog better pass Linda Ikeji own..period!!! are so frigg'n intelligent!..keep it up sweedy..xoxo

  17. Nice blog! As am writing this response I can't contain the tears coming dwn my eyes. I knew there was a twist concerning the storyline. It wasn't adding up. I have listened to ppl saying, "na good for them, dem deserve to die." You accused the boys for murder, n u commit the same crime they were accused of....ppl r laughin n cheering for blood. Are thes ppl vampires? What would they have done of those young men was their brother(s), son, nephew, etc. Why is Nigeria gettin worst by the day? Ppl watched the life of these boys taken away from them without pity. I said before n am sayin again, Let God revenge for the death of those young boys. I cant imagine the state of the mothers of those boys. Am not a mother yet, but I know how it feels to have ur child taken away frm you. Miss Petite keep this up.

  18. Emeh. It's been a while that I read from one so full of wisdom and intelligence. You are so analytical and deep. God bless you girl. You are good. For the woman that was thrown into River Benue, hmmmm, I wondered what the mother of the dead baby was doing all through the ride to the river, she ought to have torn that woman into shreds. She was a very patient woman. You know what, I assume that a good percentage of folks irrespective of color are taught from birth to be vicious, they are raised to be self centered and callous. They are brought up to destroy whoever stands in their way. ( boo ba opa, boo ba, obu lese). Nobody wants to see the next person prosper. Case in point: check out how they tear each other apart on other people's blogs through comments and opinion. All for stories that do not in any way concern them. It's pathetic. This is why a whole community will gang up to spill the blood of young boys on their soil. They came together to kill youth their children's age just for silly reasons. Like you said, whatever happened to the women in that community. Canibals, barbarians. I pray that this case, like all others won't be swept under the carpet.

  19. As F̶̲̥̅̊αr as A̶̲̥̅♏ concern those guys ar innocent ♍ÿ̲̣̣̣̥ spirit told M̶̲̥̅ƺ d 1st day i​ saw their pictures in d net.their waz master minded by their enemies.♍ÿ̲̣̣̣̥ prayer I̶̲̥̅̊s̶̲̥̅̊ dt 4 d fact God I̶̲̥̅̊s̶̲̥̅̊ nt dead God d ppl involved must pay 4 dis act.& d ppl of Aluu ar cursed 4 life d nlood of those innocent boys ar on their head.


    Lord knows i have a younger brother back in Jos and i cant get the thought out of my head that with the way things are going,it could be him or anyone in such a situation.
    I can't vouch for these boys or anyone but common sense tells me that they didn't steal or rob because till this moment,no photo evidence of what they stole.Despite the hordes of heartless people filming and taking pictures none deemed it fit to take the picture of the stuff they stole so Nigerians can see?

    If they attacked some1 and beat or cut him up,where is the guy?Why didn't some1 take a photo.
    I wont sleep until those killers(especially that one with the club is caught.That man who was seen allover the pictures wearing a cream shirt.That man shouldn't be walking free.)
    These boys no doubt could have been trying to be naughty,cultist or whatever,let that person or people they have beaten,maimed or killed come out and say"These boys killed my bro/sis or raped me"

    How could a whole community watch 4 people die like that.After the first,second,3rd died,the 4th Ugonna was still holding on to his life,didnt it dawn on them that they should spare him?I have seen his pictures,holidays in the Uk,etc.talked to his friends,he was a rich boy,,he wounldt go and steal in a Godforsaken community for a few thousands.Yes,to beat some one.maybe but not steal.Check out his twitter handle and read his tweets @tipsy_tipsy .

    A particular woman said"That one na akporoka,he no wan die"Gosh!That is probably a mother
    So,after that murder what did they think,they went back home and slept?They even ate and laughed?
    God whoever set those boys up did it well.Every single person in that community needs a complete phycatric evaluation coz they are SICK

  21. It is now very clear that no place else is safe except in CHRIST JESUS. One can b @the wrong place @the wrong time. Before leaving the house pray...pray like never before, pray for ur loved ones too n put God much evil in the world today....very sad stories.

    Pls visit this site to know more about your relationship with our Lord Jesus.

    1. O shut up...where do you think those people were on Sunday morning...nonsense.

    2. Lol .Tel him or her.

    3. If u like don't pray, even if u r born again, u must learn the principles of the kingdom of God. If it can happen to these young men, it can happen to anybody too. Telling me to shut up does not cut it.
      If u hv received Jesus n still live worldly n talk trash like u just did here...then u r spiritually blind, u need to study the Scriptures n learn the principles of God's kingdom.
      In case u don't know, GOD'S PEOPLE DO PERISH FOR LACK OF KNOWLEDGE ...Hosea says GOD'S PEOPLE, not SATAN's PEOPLE.
      so if you like, watch n pray or be there attacking pple that preach the u sabi. ..but choose life n live, it's better.

      Visit to learn more abt Jesus.

  22. I'm glad someone finally sees this the way I do.
    Its a shame a lot of people can comfortably say "they deserve what they got" when they don't even know the absolute truth. It frightens me even cos this only shows that there'l b a repeat of this wickedness as people see this horribly inhumane act as the right thing to do.
    How any1 can condone the brutal murder of 4 young men is what baffles me.
    And I still can't imagine how they think they can right the wrong done 2 dat community by murdering those young men in that manner.
    Anytym I shut my eyes,I hear d heavy thud of the stick hitting their heads hard. I forced myself 2 see that video so I'll try 2 understand d wickedness of humans but for the life of me,I still can't.
    And while they were at it,they 4got the ripple effect it'l cause.
    D word around is that the "MAFIANS" plan a retaliation on the people of the community and it'l b bloody.
    That's a full scale murdering spree set in motion just cos some evil heartless fools who obviously kill for d knack of it decided 2 b foolish. Smh.
    The heat is on,I pray this doesn't turn in2 som'in else. Lord av mercy.
    4 those askin what took d police so long,the statement they let out is that they were alerted quite late and locating the scene was a problem. Questionable ryt?

  23. Sad. U guys ve 2 see hw my mum ve been crying ever since she saw the video,hw can people around see such n could nt do anytin n was buying filming,y did't they stop d killing? Pls Aluu is a town n there are various community in Aluu,it's a community that did that killing nt d whole Aluu community. Pls d Government should some investigation in that community,according 2 my mum people die anyhow in that community curse she is 4rm Aluu,but nt based in Aluu n nt 4rm that cummunity. So when u curse,curse d Community in ?.May there souls rest in perfect peace Amen.

  24. This is the most rational account of this whole issue.That community should be wiped off since they believe in jungle justice.
    Nice blog for real

  25. no evil can go unpunished

  26. Emeh,did Punch just steal some parts of your article without giving credit?
    read here
    Told you many people copy your stories.You are that good.Thumbs up
    As for these monstrous village,the Mafia's would clear them.i bet you

  27. How do you feel being called a Nigerian abroad when you are associated with people capable of such humanity? If anyone is found trying to lynch in Lagos or any part of Yorubaland from henceforth, he will be dealt with.

  28. i couldnt watch d video ,idont even want to but when i saw the pix the first thing that i said was even if they were thieves must they be killed this way? this is just barbaric honestly.God help us.


  29. I had a close shave with something like this but i thank God that I am alive to tell my story as only God knows what would have happened to my parents if I had been killed.

    Sometime in December of 2005,I left my place of residence I shared with some friends to go to Oluyole to buy peppersoup and pomo at a restaurant to take back home for dinner as we were too tired to cook.I stopped a bike and told him how much would it cost me to take me to the Oregun and back.We agreed on a fee and i told him i would pay for every delay if its crowded and that he should not bother about time wasting.We got to the restaurant and i got in to place my order and gave them my bowls.

    I went back and asked the okada rider if he wanted anything to drink as we wait for my order to be ready and he said no that he is ok.I didnt see any sign that this guy had a motive in mind to rob me as he must have sensed that I have some money with me.

    Minutes passed and I came out with my order and couldnt find the okada rider and it was only later that it dawned on me that he live around the area.I came out asked the sales girl if he saw where the guy went to or maybe he went to smoke as some do but she said she didnt see him leave and I was worried as he didnt come ask me to pay him as he couldnt wait any longer but he just left and so i thought to myself oh well.I could have even paid him well as i didn teven wait more than 15 mins.

    I stopped another bike and was heading home and was discussing with him about my incident with the guy that brought me there and how he left without being paid when out of nowhere i saw a bike riding so fast close to me with another guy shouting for me to stop and because it was later i told my okada not to stop as it was not a safe area and should keep riding until we got to alausa b/stop where it is much safer with the crowd.Meanwhile this guy kept shouting and i told him we would stop only at the next b/stop as I sensed he must have gone around to bring the other guy so they could rob be of anything i may have with me.

    Finally,we got to Alausa and as soon as i opened my mouth to ask the guy why he left without asking me to pay him,the next guy with him slapped me twice unexpectedly and was saying all sorts of things in the crowd and i quickly afraid that people might think i did something bad join him to beat me,I shouted out loud that why did he leave to get somebody when i could have paid him and my okada man stepped in and supported me and said they shouldnt try to do more.Then they left and i paid him and they quickly left fast and i asked people around if they knew him but some said he stays on one street.I was ready to come back in full force when i have calmed myself to make sure the guy got arrested after i get home and could locate him easily.

    I later came back with a friend and went round and couldnt find the guy as i made sure i remembered his face and to this day i would never forget that face.Later on I realized I was lucky that this okada guy must have definitely robbed other victims with his partner if they could figure out their victim had money.I am alive because the mobs there didnt join in as it takes less than a second for crowds to gather around a scene.No one asked any question until i kept raising my voice and my bowl with peppersoup and pomo as a proof that the guy wanted to rob me and so people got calm.

    I feel that justice must be done to bring all those in the brutal murder of the 4 young men and even on lookers who could have called the police with proof of their crime.It could happen to anyone close to us.

    Thank You once again Emeh.I would check on your blog more often for updates and I want you to know that you are a good writer.Sorry for the long story.

  30. All i can say is that am so proud of you Emeh, and may God continue to inspire you. May the boys R I P.

  31. Wow, its a crazy society we live in, One has to be careful and be on the Alert 24/7. If this can happen in nigeria at this present age and time with all the civilization and education then anything can happen. What a public show of the decay in our country.

  32. That's the difference between Yorubaland and the rest of Nigeria. Yorubas are not looking to kill people.

  33. In 2007, my older brother almost got killed by a mob. The ex-boyfriend of my brother's girlfriend was angry over their breakup, and since my brother is huge, he couldnt fight him. so one day he saw my brother in the market. Suddenly he jumped on him, screaming "tifman oh, tifman oh". Immediately a group of people joined in. Within minutes there was a bloodthirsty mob already beating my questions asked. Luckily for by brother, it was in the quarter we had grown up in. So someone recognized him and stopped them, saying he knew my brother and he was not a thief. By that time the other boy had long gone.
    I have never panicked like i did that day.In jungle justice, people act first and reason later. It's as if they hav this pent-up bitterness and have finally found a scapegoat to release the bitterness on. Most of the time innocents get killed in mob justice.
    Emeh,ur first story really gave me the chills.
    God help us!!

  34. All i can say is "hmmmmm".
    May God have mercy on us.

  35. My Heart Is so Heavy and I am so so speechless… long shall we continue to experience untold pains and grief, all because of a defective system/society.
    may their souls rest in peace

  36. This is pure wickedness to humanity. The youths of that community that participated in the killing of those innocent boys should be tried n sentenced for Life

  37. Such ungodliness & barbarism, spurring men to throw reason & caution to d winds! As good a writer as u are Emeh, I wish could rival ur prolific following! It's a great cause u've set going, & I wish more power to ur elbow. On d UNIPORT 4, I must say: If men cast reason to d dogs, where then does morality stand in d throes of judgement? May God have mercy on us(Nigerians) in this times & hours of need! A thick cloud of judgement hovers above d heads of murderers & perpetrators of evil. D people of Aluu need to repent in dust & ashes, making amends & restitution for their sins. God is merciful to forgive! My heart goes out to all affected by this gruesome, murderous killings. I can't imagine d pains of their families! Moreso, this should sound a note of caution to cultists to renounce evil & gangsterism. These practices lead to untoward paths! Nice work Emeh. Keep it up.

  38. Its like the movies!!! I still can't believe those boys are gone. Like they literally saw their deaths and cudnt do a damn tin bout it. I can't stop puking. My stomach still hurts. To think there's not a single person in that crowd that cud stop them, like have a rethink and try to talk sense to those vampires. This is like the continuation of one video I saw, where they stripped the girl and literally abused her verbally,and physically. It is the climax!!! I pray this whole tin won't turn to another blood bath.may their souls rest in peace. I mourn, the whole school mourn...

  39. D evil d@ men do even surprises d devil.All I can say is that no 1 has d power 2 take life,I just pray d@ justice shall prevail.

  40. Thank you for this piece. I hope more people will learn a lesson or two from this. WE MUST RESPECT AND PROTECT LIFE!

    I am so sad and won't do a post on this story on my blog until we get a better understanding of the whole matter.

    I saw the video and only one thing came to my mind. WE LIVE IN A WICKED WORLD WHERE MAN IS UNKIND TO MANKIND! Not a single person tried to stop or control the beating and torture..... regardless of what those guy did, they don't deserve to die like that. Many of us are even worse than they were, YET WE BREATHE! May God have mercy of our souls.AMEN.

  41. They claimed the guyz are armrobbers but no one came out to complain about any attack on them.I couldn't watch the video cos it was horrifying but saw the pics and can't get it off my mind.this people are evil,how can they engage In such barbaric act.this are christians and we complain of BH n co. May God forgive us all.Jazmin.

  42. Emeh God will continue 2 bless ur drms...I weep 4 dis country's backwardness....I pray God will never let any of us become victim's of advice 2 d youths,avoid bad friends and heed 2 d words of elders...pls!Am still pained...may dier souls rest in peace

  43. U asked so many questions that we will never have answers to.. D dead can't speak so d exact story might never come to light.. Nonetheless I must say that those boys just got mudered.. Lord knows that I don't want to have anything to do with anybody from ALUU cos they r heartless.. Like u said was there no mother who felt her heart shattered?

  44. Serzly dis is rili commendable! 9ce work

  45. Am a student of uniport & am stl in shock at man's brutality 2 fellow man. I am rly short of words and i can only repeat d words of Jesus;"let him who is without sin be d 1st 2cast d stone". May God have mercy on all dose who carried out dat evil act and may He save us 4rm d evil in ds world.

  46. When the devil takes over the humanmind he leave no room to think straight.
    The curse wld forever be on them and their generation to come. I'm sick looking at the picture, I can't even see the vidoe to the end..
    Watever those boys did as long as they didn't kill a human being like dat, nobody have the rite to dat..
    I'm happy knwoning the police will raid dat place, cos nija police like free show of power..

  47. As Africans, we claim that we hold life as sacred(hypocrites). This just shows that we Africans have missed out on the basic human values. We claim that African culture is better than that of the west(a big lie). We may say that d west don't have good moral values (e.g. Indecent dressing, excessive sexual freedom e.t.c) but this kind of barbaric act cannot be imagined in the modern day western world. We go after our fellow man with matchete, slaughtering them like goats just because they don't belong to our religion or tribe( I witnessed this in kaduna). We take laws into our hands when we lay our hands on people we claim to be criminals even b4 they are handed over to the law enforcement agencies. This is a shame to we Africans and we have shown to the world that we are indeed primitive and barbaric. Thank God thatwe were lucky to be colonized by the whites, if not, these barbaric acts would have been worse.
    This video will for sure circulate around the whole world and this will go a long way in "rebranding" the Nation.
    The government should make an example of the perpetrators of this act so to discourage the repetition of such.

  48. A sad tale of woe
    Its not news anymore to anyone on the passing on - or should I say, painful exit- of 4 bright young men.
    The country has a long way to go, I have personally analysed this brutality and have summed up its cause to some of the most negligent pitfalls of our 'leaders'
    1. Illiteracy and uncivilization: there's a fine line between illiteracy and un civilization but being educated takes you a step farther from babarism as displayed in this case.
    2. Joblessness: none of these people if educated and gainfully employed would have the time or the mind to perpetrate such brutality.
    3. Lack of a reliable security system: we all know how promptly and swiftly securities respond to situations in developed countries so I won't even overflog this point.
    I could add and add to these points, but in the end, the solution lies in the government addressing the major issues pointed out above. More than needing desperate prayers, we need to take action for a change.
    My their souls RIP! Amen

  49. Well thank U̶̲̥̅̊ so much F☺я̲̅ U̶̲̥̅̊я writer up..all A̶̲̥̅♏‎​​ to say is D̶̲̥̅̊A̶̲̅τ̲̅ its only dis dead dudes and d youths D̶̲̥̅̊A̶̲̅τ̲̅ knws d real truth abt d hole issues...ii don't support evil..but to those who support evil..they will wear it like garment..thanks...may their soul rest in peace..Young money

  50. The people of that community are from the stone age. Since the whole gruesome act happened, its becoming evident by the minute that these boys were inoccent. I pray for the parents, relatives, friends of these boys and that the Almighty take control during this trying period of their lives. Anybody that is involved in this will not know peace for the rest of his/her days

  51. The best I have read ever! So sad!!!

  52. Bless you for this.and I hope their souls would R.I.P.Because I don't see why humans would be that wicked as to brutaly inflict so much pain on fellow humans!That community should be tought a valuable lesson!,and the actual killers?....

  53. We are slowly becomin a ugandan society of the 70s ruld by evillord idiamin.watchin that video sent chillz all ovr my whole household.can't beliv ЂƠ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡w peopl wuld kill in such gruesome way.dnt knw wot we hav police stations for anymore.dis boyz were killd in the most despicable manner any1n can imagine.even adolf hitler,idiamin etc had bettr deaths all dose who did this shuld all be punished nd those who shouted for them to die all aluu community shuld b tot a lersson.before this goes out of hand plzz government of nigeria.we have satanic citizens dat need to be removed

  54. Sad!

  55. I really don't know how to describe the way I feel about the killing of these boys. I mean it is not enough to condemn the act in the media, and write all sorts of articles about it, when what should be done was for the govenment to take evasive action on the people of ALUU. Sometime in the past, something similar happened (though not this grave) in UDI, the government reacted to to situation in a manner that got the whole world asking questions,I mean if we fail to learn from history, then history should go ahead and continue to repeat itself! Enough of all this talk and questions; if there were no women in that village, or if there was no one there to ask them to stop, the government should just go ahead and give them the same treament it gave to UDI, shikena! Because after all dis talking, questioning, and condmnation the matter will die a natural death. So please me I stand on AN EYE for AN EYE, it is a divine duty to KILL A KILLER!

  56. Very Nice write up, keep it up!

  57. First of all I most recognise this writer for a beautiful work and the careful analysis attempted by this writer. Nigeria indeed needs true citizens like you who puts themselves at the disposal of their country. Then, I would like for the person who recorded this footage to be held for questioning I do believe that video was to alarm Nigerian on the evil of the world but rather a show off. Also its incases like this that we check the sanity of the person next us because a whole community saw what happened, we also check the truism and serve as nigerians. This story show a lot not just in d community but nigeria and d world at large but what can we do.

  58. EME,it STILL does not add up. There are sumtins even u failed to observe.. If those boys were sent by their own frat to collect money from a defaulter in the community.. It is safe to assume that their own frat must have been in on this whole execution or that frat is highly dumb and idiotic or we are just clawing in the dark, tryna pick out faces from shadows.

    One of confra mottos is to always know ur enemies. To the question of the defaulter who was owing money, who is being said to be a member of a rival cult... Pls tell me... How wud a cult member borrow money from HIS RIVAL??? It is NOT DONE! So dat theory is disproved already.

    Sadly, the truth died wit those boys.. But even then... If the truth was not in their favor... They cud still lie to save their own asses. HOWEVER,I MAINTAIN THAT THEY STILL DID NOT DESERVE SUCH AN EXECUTION REGARDLESS!!!! IT WAS SATANIC!!!!

    One thing that cannot be ruled out... If it was a cult thing... U can be rest assured that there WILL be reprisal attacks. That wud be ur clear indication to prove the cult theory.

    Also... The man and women who alerted d vigilante group should be found. They are the key to finding the rest involved in these boys' murdered. I am surprised that the police didnt investigate them FIRST!!! They may not provide the truth BUT they could steer us in the right direction.

    I did find it odd that the boys did not speak up, beg for their lives or put up a resistance, almost like their minds had been conditioned that this might happen if things went bad ... And as confra boys.. They must go down like MEN... (A friend of mine who used to be in a cult, told me that they tell them dis when dey go for operations) OR maybe the poor lads had just resigned themselves to their fate... Knowing they couldn't convince the crowd that they had been set up...but Even at that.. the innocent man in ur first story of the lace materials cried out till the match was lit and the smoke bellowed in the air from his lifeless body... Hmmmmm... Eme... I am forced to wonder why they picked HIM.. Of all the people in the market place .. Why HIM??? Did he look suspicious? Was he Probably in a fight wit another trader??? I am just thinking aloud here.. Not trying to justify such barbaric behaviours and the arrant bastardization of what we once called 'justice'.I am only saying.... Bad things don't just HAPPEN... We r either a victim out of bad choices or a victim out of not deciding to choose in the first place.

    It is thus safe to safe that no one is safe!!! Not the rich man in his suit or the beggar on the street. Na God hand we ALL dey and may He judge us all in his infinite wisdom.

    R.I.P young lads... God has u now. I pray u now find peace young ones :( :(

    1. I'm so happy with the responses here.that shows we all share the pain of these late young men and also agree that they weren't thieves to say the least.

      I wish I could personally reply each comment but I can't.I thank you all from the deepest part of my heart.

      I want to address Evelyn's comment as regards the cult theory"my source confessed to being a member of the mafia cult and knows these boys,I'm not saying his account is 100percent true but I'm saying there are some elements of truth in it"

      Out of all the socalled"real stories"circulating,more than 3 have attested to the fact that they went to collect money owed.Now,whether they were sent by the cult heads or not is not proven but it could have as well been that they went to collect money owed them"personally".
      My theory about being set up stems from the simple rationale that,"what would a wicked person who doesn't want to pay up a debt do"? Two things,either he doesn't pay or finds a way to shut u up"
      So,if this other guy,Vikin or not intended to double cross them,all he had to do was take adantage of the community"s hatred towards thieves or the rich,and scream "theives"all he had to do was use that word".
      Regarding my ist story,I wrote this article on the spur of d moment,didn't edit or anything that's why u may notice some grammatical/spelling errors here and there.I downloaded it raw,from my heart to my laptop..without thinking of d consequences coz all I felt was pain.

      In my haste,I didn't write d full story of d man beaten for d lace theft(when the theif bent the corner,a man just came out from a store holding lace materials too,and the theif inorder to divert attention,yelled ole and pointed in his direction and bolted..when d crowd turned to see d trader shouting ole too,they just grabbed d man without thinking or asking,they saw laces in his hands and d woman was shouting ole tif my lace,before d woman cld recollect and match d face,the crowd had taken over d situation)

      I can't give reasons why the boys didn't beg,did u really watch d video and hear ugonna(d last to die)say,I just paid my fees? Did u take a critical look at the pics and see them raise their hands to speak?
      There was a point where they would have resigned to fate and God.what's d use arguing with babarians.?
      I'm glad u condemn the killing but I hope my attempts at clarification isn't futile?

  59. I dnt hav much to say b cos I dnt no where to start from but I believe GOD will judge those killers.A. MEN.

  60. Omg! This is just blank horror!!!! I can only say, let God be the judge! May the souls of the young men rest in peace!!!! I am too shocked! Such story early morning, na wa o! And the story with the shot baby too... Dont know what to say!

  61. in anything,let us give thanks and praise to The Lord for if they were not what people thought they were,The Lord Himself is gonna judge.all we have to do is to pray for their souls.the whole nigerian army needs to storm this community!all die be die!

  62. mhh ehh bebe its "SPATE OF...." not sade you are RREEAALLYY cude(get it CUDE?)

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  64. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  65. well well well, we are not a judges to judge anyone in life but i want to make this clear, as human being we have to be extremely careful with the kinds of company we keep and the place we go to and pray that we are not at the wrong place at the wrong time. that's one and to the woman that made the robbers to kill the innocent child, they should have left her but i assure you she will live with that guilt for the rest of her life but since the man has done his own justices that does'nt make him a better person instead it means he can also kill when occassion arises. the most important thing is to pray to God that may we not victim of evil doers. Amen

  66. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  67. I would support ur sayin no one deserves to be killed, but sayin dey r not hardened enof to kill? r u in dier heads? do u kno dey smoke nd it interfers with dier thinkin? Who knws hw many pple deyv killed? Buh it stil dsnt justify deyr being killed lyk animals.


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