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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Aluu4 Nollywood Movie in the making

Someone sent this to me and it's from the set of an ongoing movie produced by Simony productions on the unfortunate Aluu4 murders.
I'm usually not judgmental but if this is true,its sad.The perpetrators of the dastardly act haven't yet been brought to book.the wounds are still fresh..the parents still mourning so whats the basis?

Besides,whats with the red.?Na Isakaba?Its a nah for me


  1. rubbish people.Stupidity at its highest.

  2. dont even want to imagine this.Next pls

  3. Painful.As u said its just too early for this.Why exploit a situation.besides this is not a movie to be acted home video style.It is a serious issue that needs to be well researched

  4. smh at Nollywood

  5. This is total rubbish, whoever is doing this should grow up and have a rethink. First and foremost not all all of the boys have been buried, the families and friends are still mourning and even the arrested culprits have not been brought 2 book so why rush 2 put it in a baseless film? If at all it will be made a film, it should be done properly in a way that all will learn from it and this has 2 be after the suspects have been dealth with by the law so that there is a true background 4 the story. Pls those hungry set of producers, directors and entire film crew should go get a life and let the boys rest in their early graves peacefully 4 now.

  6. Morons! Exploiting every situation. Why don't they do A movie on Nigerian corrupt politicians. Another episode of SHAMELESS��

  7. God punish them for exploiting this sad situation.Simony my ass.they have done no investigations on d killings..acting rubbish

  8. Sad sad sad and pathetic

  9. Na really Isakaba.I don tire


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