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Thursday, 15 November 2012

Blogger's Diary:Rebound Relationships,my story

So,I didn't plan on writing today(been experiencing writer's block recently). But, got into a huge argument with an acquaintance when I bluntly condemned her new relationship. Before you say,"wetin concern me",i'll tell you why.
 She just met this cool,handsome dude who just got out of a 6 year relationship with his long term girlfriend.I told her the blunt truth"Your relationship wont last". She took offence. Of course she has every right to. She reminded me of who I was before.
 The issue is,unless you are Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt.......

a rebound relationship is a no no.When I end a relationship,the next person I meet within the space of 3 months after the end of my relationship is just a rebound.That person you hang around with just to make you get over your ex.(Chris Brown ,Karrauche, Rihanna ring a bell?)
Some are very lucky and end up loving and even getting married but that happens when your ex was a pain in the butt and you couldn't wait to get out.

So,a few questions are pertinent
-How did they breakup? Had they broken up emotionally long before the physical breakup?
-Does he still talk about his ex"That girl is a bitch",never going back to her"?
-Are they still friends?
-Have they broken up and gotten back together in the past?
-Has he invested so much in the past relationship

If the answers to these questions are in the negative,then you might have a chance of making it work.

Last year,I met this amazing guy and we hit it off pretty quick . When we started chatting,the first thing he said was"I used to have a girlfriend,we just broke up. I'm never going back to her". I ignored the warning signs and felt cool with myself.We started dating and i was gradually taking her place in his world(so I thought).

But I ignored the fact that he would indirectly talk about her most times(he never said anything positive though). He would make references to her annoying traits,and say,they always got back together after a while but this time,he hated her so much and could never go back. I would stupidly join in the insults and say things like"wow,how could she have insulted your mother,or how could she have been so rude to your friends?

I ignored the fact that his friend would refer to how madly inlove he used to be with her. I ignored the fact that,they were shocked he had fallen for another girl so soon.

 I tried to be everything she was not.Then one day,we were at a party,and he just called me out and said"Do you know for the 1st time in my life,I'm forgetting about her?I can sleep without thinking of her and I promise you. I'm in love with you.Its over for good).

 I recall shedding tears.Oh I finally got a young,yahoo rich,handsome boy who loved me.Then our relationship was on cloud 9.He spoilt me silly with gifts,attention,love...

 Then something happened. His ex had apparently moved on. I found out her name and searched for her on facebook. She had posted some pictures with a new guy in a range rover sport.I was overjoyed that that chapter was closed for good.I decided to flaunt it in his face,just in case he thought she would never get over him.

So, I made the mistake or the best thing I could when I said"Dear have you seen the pictures ....posted on facebook? He was like what pics?I said of herself and one guy in a Range sport.
He was stunned.So stunned by the fact that she had moved on to someone richer.So,the silent competition began. He plastered my face allover all networking sites,he declared his love for me allover.
I was feeling like a queen.I was wrong. I was just a bait.The fact that she moved on rekindled his interest in her,as much as he hated her,he couldn't stand the thought of her being happy elsewhere.

She knew him,she knew he was seeing me,To get his attention,she had to feign happiness.So,as he intensified his fake love for me,she intensified her fake love for the other guy. Fast forward to 2 weeks later, as a sure girl i figured it out and called off the relationship(hell yeah,Dump him before he dumps you).
 That placed me ahead . He couldn't believe it.So, he started chasing me and stopped chasing her.She noticed and started chasing him,coming to the house,crying,falling man alive can say no to a woman who's deeply inlove with him.

So,one day,I just took a good look at him,his lifestyle,mine and saw we were headed in two opposite places.It wasn't worth fighting for.

I decided to let him go.I decided to let her win.In the true sense of the word,I didn't let her win.She won.I was just the REBOUND.
They got married this month and I smiled to myself.Maybe I was just an instrument for the both of them to rekindle their love.Maybe I needed to come into the picture for them to realize what they had.
Looking at their pictures made me happy, no one would love him as she does. I'm happy with our relationship.We're now friends

Then my phone rang and this guy who had been asking me out calls.I answered excitedly and decided to go out on a date.
Fast forward to 10 mins later"he said"My ex girlfriend is a bitch. Im never going back to her". I smiled and asked"When did you break up with her again'"? Last week mennnn and im so glad I did coz i found you.

"Yea you found your single lonely ass" I said and walked out.
Na me you wan use do rebound abi?Thunder fire you(excuse my language)


  1. As much as I dont want to laugh.ur writeup is hilarious esp the part about the last guy you had a date with lool. You are brilliant and you just have a light hearted way of pushing your points across.
    Rebound relationships are common and dangerous.Been a victim myself but unlike you,im still mad.So let me borrow your line"Thunder fire him"heheheheheheh

  2. Awww ur just too real I swear. I hope you now have a real relationship.Ur too beautiful,intelligent to be single.Nice writeup dearie *hugs*

  3. be careful not to judge a rebound by a timeline dat they broke up.pointing out dat rebound doesn't necessarily have to have a timeline, i had a rebound 18months after my bf and i broke up

  4. I agree rebound relationships are a waste of time.Unless you just want to play around. Your story made me smile.Stay blessed


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  5. Emem! I enjoy everybit of ur write ups! Pls dont stop and God bless u.(Raydixxy)

  6. I'm wondering If the same applies to guys.
    I mean, most guys wouldn't mind being rebounds, they prefer short-term relationships (except the ones looking to settle down)

  7. This is a wonderful write up. Infact I need to bookmark this article to reference some peeps to. Its 90% true, I mean the rebound thing, but it isn't a reason for us not to try. But when one sees the signs, just as u did, call it quits quickly. I don't even understand why I should be in a relationship and be talking about my ex, its totally wrong.
    And as per your friend, let her be, you'd be amazed, they wud totally beat Romeo and Juliet, then again, it could go sour. What's important is that its 50/50 thing. She might win or lose. She shud just watch out for the signs, and box him out if necessary.
    @misspetite Beautiful article!

  8. Nice story, the part you said "no man alive can say no to a woman who is deeply in love with him" that will only happen if he's in love with her too..

  9. rebounds .....argh

  10. One word"THUMBS UP"

  11. Dis is such a beautiful it, lmao about d last date tho nd u r such a gud writer, u should write more often

  12. I could relate to this. I do not read long articles but you are an exception. ur a comedian too.Keep it up

  13. EMEH....... My sure girl!!!!!!
    Ure just tooooo gifted! A bunch of talent! Big ups girl.
    Love u

  14. Its sop relatable!

  15. (Y)...

    Lol... Very true... Nice 1...

  16. Very true, but a times rebounds work. Am in a relationship where we both used each other for rebounds and it's working out better than ever, we mite jes be walking down the isle soon. Eme am proud of you always, nice article,Nd vert funny

  17. God bless you for this article.I just read all i need to know and it opened my eyes to the fact that,im in one.The guy im with just brokeup with his gf 3 weeks ago and has displayed all the signs.
    Thank God im not yet inlove with him.


  19. Wow! I'm very sure I know who this story is about. M and w...Looool. Almost got involved wit him too. But he said, he loves her to death, then I back off. Happy they finally got married.

  20. 'Thunder fire you'..Lol,funny stuff..


  21. Mark from Boulder windshield, Last year I broke up with my girlfriend due to many misunderstandings and I remember very well how hard I had to fight to get her back. She changed her number, changed her job so that I don’t visit her office and none of her friends would give me any information about her. The only thing I could do was to go where she stayed but that was way too risky looking at the fact that her parents were very strict and she had three elder brothers and none of them would tolerate a guy who has hurt her sister. I still took my chances, so i looked for a way to get her back then a freind recommended me to contact that he will help me and as my freind said prophetharry helped me to bring back my girlfriend just in 3 days Now I have her back and this is the biggest joy of my life

    1. Loooll better hold am tight oo.Miss Petite *o bad gan* in tonto dikeh's voice

  22. wow.nice one miss P.but girls be WARNED.i know u girls would want to show PDA as in 'public displays of affection' with a new guy just to get their old guy jealous and come running dosnt work in all casses.the guy may detaste u for that and neva take you back.DUNDIES be warned.

    1. Abeg tell them ex tried it,that pushed me futher into d arms of my fiancee..
      Really nice writeup tho..cracked meup

  23. To the anonymous fella above me, u r damn right. That PDA can be a turn off sometimes

  24. Petite ur ashawo don get level oo so u now blog wow back in the days everybody knew you as a boyfriend snatcher,am happy you don change else na AIDS for kill u abortionist....from tina I knw u wud remember me kola's ex,rem the fair girl u fought wit cos of an iphone? ASHAWO!

    1. I guess it's not really my business here but @Anonymous 23:41, please if you have personal 'beefs' to settle with Emeh, it's only reasonable you do so outside this platform. All these insults and name-calling are highly vulgar and inappropriate, especially to other readers; that's why I made it my business to place a remark. Thank you!

    2. it shows how vulgar and ras u can be, this is not a platform for personal beef and hating, take ur hate elsewhere. she's better than you hundred times over, go hug transformer!!!

    3. The person she dey beef has moved on and left her behind. We know Miss petite. who are you oooo. Ode oshi

  25. Thanks to each and everyone who dropped a comment.Coz of you,I'm inspired to write more and blog more and do better.I see each and every single one of u...both those who know this story and those who don't.decided to let my friend be coz I guess I can't judge her via my own experience
    @Anon 23:41 I was tempted to delete ur comment but that wld make me hypocritical right?Comments like urs are the perks that go with blogging heheheh(google d meaning of perks coz u obviously have no idea)lol an Iphone back in d days?lmao...get a life dear.Whoever u are,u still rock

    1. Miss Petite ur sooooo funny..pls try comedy abeg see as u finish d girl(perks)ouch
      Ur really great.Keep it up .The sky is ur starting point#teambeautyandbrains#

    2. Rebound is an excuse 2 taste d waters all dis people...dat boi had Emeh under his tOok him a while 2 draw up a scam plan 2 get to her.... But dats d fun in lyfe....make me sef draw up ma own plan but she's so wise now....hmmmmm....Emeh...u d best..! Keep it up!

  26. Continue to make me proud girl. Keep your heads high. The Sky is your starting point.#EmehRocks.

  27. I love you Emeh :*

  28. Me i was in a 6-year relationship that ended sour. then my friend of 15-years who's recently separated introduced me to a his friend who he said he wanted me to meet a year ago but cos i was in a relationship he didnt bother and now there's no point cos the guy has gone for his introduction. Peeps i met the guy and it was love at first sight. We bonded, clicked whatever you call it and before i knew it he said he wanted to break up his engagement. I felt so bad and told him i wouldn't be able to leave with myself . We had amazing sex once and we looked so good together. Anyways i cut off from him cos my conscience kept pricking me and i i figured it was probably rebound for me. Meanwhile somewhere in the middle of all these, my friend of 15-years dropped the bombshell that was in love with me. I was shocked and told him i would not be able to transit from friend to lover but guess what peeps, i found myself liking him i don't even know why. He was really caring and loving. Then one night we had a long chat and i decided to give the relationship a go. But i was scared cos i still secretly had feelings for the other guy but i knew it wasn't healthy so i kept shutting it out. That same night the guy i shut out showed up cos he was missing me and guess what, we started kissing but thankfully, i stopped us before we went to far. And i walked him out of my apartment. Sad part about it was my new bf and friend of 15 years saw us kiss but i didn't know. He then sends me a message saying he saw us. I was so sad cos after that kiss with the guy, i realized the feelings for my friend were more genuine and i was making the right decision to be with him. I apologized and begged and he says he has forgiven me but he we have been having issues emotionally. I know he's hurt and i feel so bad. I dont know what to do anymore. His feelings keep going back and forth. I'm actually willing to wait for him to heal completely. But i'm scared he wont. Please help... (also since the incidence, i've been avoiding having sex with my friend/new bf don't know if that would help) I'm 27 and i know i'm not a child but we all make mistakes and foolish ones too but i honestly dont know how to handle this cos i'm genuinely in love with my friend now.

    1. my dear, just break up with him. chances are he may or may not forgive you. The higher chance is he wont forgive, even if he does, he wont forget. and if you ever wrong him, he'll remember this and may taunt you for it. and he may never trust you with men in the future.

      Just break up with him, if he wants you, let him come back and woo you all over and you start afresh on a clean slate. if he doesn't forgive and love you enuf to comeback then let it be, jst move on. you'll be saving yourself some future heartache.

      meanwhile, beware of those giving u their blackberry PINS for the relationship advice that they cannot give you on this blog. #cynthiaosukogu on my mind.

  29. Please let v ur pin...or u cld add me on advice n setting relationships straight is my priority.

  30. Go girl,miss change media n my only powdered love.

  31. Hmmmm!! My first comment on this blog, so ur blogname first on the bloggers award(dats where I go every year 2 get new blogs#blogaddict), I came, I liked d color and I saved d bookmark. I want to appreciate U and 2 say keep d good works! Love dis blog

  32. Emeleke dear,u r da bomb, I'm so much in love with ur blog cos ur write ups r always on point.I hate comparison in relationship.Once a guy starts talkn abt his ex even when d talk sounds so negative abt her,pls take a walk cos "he surely misses her fucking bad ass".And @Anon 23:41,u shuld have left ur comment later nw,u jst interrupted better comments wey persn dey read "hater oshi".Make i help Emeh dash u her last words.TFY!!! (thunder fire you).

  33. @anon 23.41, u r indeed a cursed and frustrated person! u see ur comment is the only different 1 on dis page since? i jez feel like tweaking dt scary big face of urs(i already imagined ur face).people like u look like the devil himself trying to bring down successful people.@ miss petite, dnt mind crazy side attractions o,go ahead and make it big. love u much.

  34. Haha emem you are indeed funny!

  35. All the relationships i'v had in like 3years are all rebounds and they never last.. I keep making up with my ex to break up n make up again. Its been back and foth all the way. This is 5years and counting. Im not young, but i know i cant end up with him cos he has a horrible temper and attitude.

  36. Emeh I love your blog and your face but please do something about your eyes Gosh they are too dirty/local for my liking pls maybe u cud use eye drop to make it a bit white,abi u dey smoke igboo ni?? But honestly you are pretty just dt red/yellow eyes make me puke pls do something about it

    1. Heheheheheheheheheeeee funny pig

  37. Great write up ! Very true indeed. Keep it up

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