Miss Petite Nigeria: i might be crazy,not heartless-Terry G denies Hit & Run story

Friday, 30 November 2012

i might be crazy,not heartless-Terry G denies Hit & Run story

According to Terry G,"I was at club Royale with friends having fun.when it was time for me to leave I was escorted by 2 bouncers of d club to my car,yes some guys try 2 mop me while I was leaving which is normal,I got in 2 my car peacefully and drove out after couple of snaps with my fans I never received any call from the police inviting me for a hit and run case and i have no reason to run been Godly or notorious,I am a known face so what sense does it make hitting someone and running.I might act crazy but not heartless""


  1. so who dey lie now?

  2. Hian! they tried to "mop" him. You be water for ground?

  3. Dat police news may b only rumour and not true.some can fabricate lies and post it on social media and shallow minded people will believe it.u dnt need 2 believe anytin u read on internet or blog.


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