Miss Petite Nigeria: "It’s truly a bolekaja ambience" Patrick Obahiagbon blasts pastors with private jets

Monday, 26 November 2012

"It’s truly a bolekaja ambience" Patrick Obahiagbon blasts pastors with private jets

The Chief of Staff to Governor Adams Oshiomhole of Edo State  has slammed hard on pastors who own private jets.He likened them to politicians.
In his words
“I cast my vote for Bishop Matthew Hassan Kukah and Pastor Tunde Bakare in their demosthenic vitriol against spiritual megalomaniacs whose modus vivendi has become increasingly byzanthine and repulsively narcissistic. We must all begin to deprecate this razzmatazz and Nestorian braggadocio in the “HOUSE OF GOD”, because when there is no difference between the values of a Pastor and a typical Nigerian Politician,then it’s truly a bolekaja ambience,”



  1. Heheh bolekaja ambiance. Btw, is this how this man dresses? For real? What style is dis again! Hehehehe

  2. Why would anyone vote or appoint a sick politician who can not communicate with the electorates, does this man thinks politics is a joke. He never seems to make any sense, it's senseless when people can not understand you.

  3. Abeg what is this on this man's belly?? Ahn ahn!! Am shocked. What is this biko lool

  4. The truth is always painful to say...God alone knows our mind set...

  5. Is dat high west he's putin onn??

    1. No its leg "west" lol

  6. Wats wif diz man n big big none understandable gramar #eyes rolling#

  7. This man is very right!

  8. chineke help us Lol what is the meaning of bolekaja ambiance biko nu?

  9. Ds man shld b taught English bcos na spangua he dey speak

  10. Lol, it took me time to understand this but atleast one thing is established, he likened the pastors to the Nigerian politicians which means he is aware of the fact that the politicians are corrupt.


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