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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Uche Jumbo blasts those who accuse her of having cosmetic surgery

So someone posted these pictures of Uche and a fan alluded to the fact that she might have had surgery"@Zessell: @uchejombo @uchejombo_fan d 3pics cant be all UJ! Except some1 had a plastic surgery on her face! D last 2 r way different! Plz stop changn 

Uche didn't find it funny and tweeted
Dear clueless one stop talking *shit if I want to do surgery my nose and face will be the last thing I will touch because I am wonderfully made by God. Sincerely uche jombo-


  1. Its obvious she has.See how sharp the nose is nah

  2. Hw is it ur bussiness?

  3. Botox.her jaws have been altered

  4. Haters go and jump inside lagoon.Every woman looks beautiful with more money.Dont u see Annie Macaulay?Stop the hate

  5. Why is she defending herself.Guilty as charged dearie

  6. That nose shaaaa

  7. As a makeup artiste, I can say this can be achieved by proper highlighting/countoring. I think it would be fair we see recent pics of her without makeup b4 we judge. #myopinion#

  8. This was not the tweet she replied lol saw the whole drama on twitter @wardorlfbeebee wrote her a dear uche letter to stop bottox (wrong spelling by the person) and nose job that uche is trying too hard not to lose her husband (bb rolling eyes) she ended her letter with urs truly hehehe uche who was trying to ignore all d surGery tweets by tweeting abt her Damage movie dvd coming out forgot all about the business size of her to now write her own letter calling the girl clueless and ending her own letter as sincerely uche jombo R lolll and all her twitter dogs went to attack the girl for not minding her business , I Love the drama but... Pple should mind what they say to another human being on twitter celeb or not for read btw saw her with funke and the rest of them yesterday opening of lagos sport festival I think it was make up cos her nose looked the same to me

  9. okay, maybe it is makeup sha, but her nose doesnt look normal to me

  10. It could be make up but I doubt it- its too perfect. Even with contouring and stuff my nose still does not get that sharply changed. Even m,y little brother saw the difference- in her eyes and nose. If she had surgery on her knows, she should just say instead of hiding, It just makes her look deceptive. Just saying.

    And Although I do not support plastic surgery, hiding it don't help :/

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