Miss Petite Nigeria: Wow:Tonto Dikeh & Terry G record hit track

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Wow:Tonto Dikeh & Terry G record hit track

Free madness hehehehe.I imagine what these two would sound like when it comes out.Trust it to blow your speakers.
The two stars are collaborating on a new single and Tonto'sis so excited and loving it.From the look of things ,no slowing down on music o..

Checkout their crazy tweets.lol

n POKO() We CRAZICALLY FIT*Our Waizt,Dancin Timeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee** #POKO#
Recording a hit sound at the moment with ....Ya'll Gonna LUV. This one..GBES!! 


#Singin# Itz Poko baby n TerryG on d Beat ahhhhhhhh*** #POKO#
No lie.we all know we are waiting for this one..Poko baby


  1. Hahahahahahhahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahaha

  2. Madness indeed.This gal is crazy to think she's now a musician.

  3. Lmao i love poko baby.She no send.im waiting for this one

  4. Do.nt know why there is so much hype and detractors on poko ,i love the "hi" track. Haters shed clear from road jooor

  5. Yes emeh..I'm waiting for it..u forgot to add..I'm deleting it as soon as I listen.rubbish..she thinks music is now a joke

  6. Emeh,you're d only 1 waitn 4 it. Btw, is Terry G not 1td by d popo?


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