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Friday, 28 December 2012

Annie.M. Idibia & Genevieve Nnaji stun at Chris Brown's concert

Nothing is better than a lady who knows how to dress appropriately for an event or occasion. I love the way Annie & Genevieve dressed to the concert..Not too serious or glamourous & not too casual..Loving their hairdo too
Thumbs up ladies..........


  1. cool ladies.Both black and beauriful

  2. Why is genevieve fair? She has joined the bleaching cats abi

  3. Big mouth..... Well done,,,,mstewwwwwwwwwwww

  4. Annie's look is not all dat n Genny is now fair!

  5. Annie looks really good.Money is speaking.Genevieve adorable as usual.their looks are both classy and beautiful with d hair pushed back

  6. Genevieve still sexy as ever.

  7. Emeh and hw is annie lukin gud. She luks like an orile big gal to me. Her legs. Gosh! Her head! Notin awesome yea

    1. It's cause Emeh knows Annie, she's always sweet in her comments about her. Annie luks very basic in dis pic...she needs a stylist, she can afford 1, she should get one.

  8. They are both gorgeous.not overdressed because Chris brown dey naija

  9. Annie isn't too cool nd truely, y is Genevieve this fair?

  10. Genevieve is overhyped.nothing spectacular .I fine pass her. As for Annie,she's adding weight but prettier.

  11. Is it just me, or is annie getting fat

  12. Genevive looks stunning...I bet annie is wearing a bum and hip pad which doesn't sit well on her as its obvious in d leggings...nothing sweet about it#myopinion#

  13. annie is great... more news and gist here at

  14. @gistyinka,visited ur blog yst,not found!what happened?

  15. Annie's tights are kinda too big. Her legs look funny and those shoes look so cheap. She looks like an orile mama that she is.. Can she buy some good shoes? And emeh never in your life put Annie and genevieve together. They are not in the same league. Carriage, dressing everything.. Genevieve is a big girl.

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