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Wednesday, 26 December 2012

"Sorry for tweeting about the car I bought for my wife- Comedian AY

 Yesterday, the comedian tweeted about buying his wife a 2012 Acura-ZDX as an anniversary/xmas gift. Apparently, it didn't go down well with some people. AY who is used to apologizing(remember Tonto Dikeh?) decided to tender an apology on twitter.


  1. You should know better, in a country where millions are hungry..now that is ONE heck of a show off and you're such a MORON, why don't you tweet when you have sex with your wife?

  2. Millions of people round the globe buy expensive gifts for their wives, and no one hears about it, you bought your wife a 'NECESSITY'which is a car, why don't you buy a page in a national daily or go on the radio to let the world know. FOOL!

  3. Why so much hatred? Its really nobodies business what he tweets. Besides, why are u guys following him on twitter?
    When I buy my jetliner na so una go beef me too abi? Enemies of progress

  4. he is stupid sef.showoff.he better apologize

  5. Go buy ur Jetliner ist ₪ǻ" b4 Ʊ side AY, if Ʊ go shave ur bottom hair take buy m,....@AY,if ur wife dey trakke since we nor knw Ooº°˚ ˚°ºoo , why Ʊ nor tweet since make Ʊ tell us...

  6. Ay pls stop apologising... Do ur mind n lock up... You jus bought a car for ur loving wife,one way or d oda people wud have still known.. Pepu may jus b jealous.. You can neva satisfy every1...

  7. Always apologising,nigerians don't need apology all the time cos dey would endup taking u as a weakling all dey need is iron hand joor! Personally I see notin like show off in what the young man did after all is his twitter account and decides what ever he wants to do with it!

    1. Na wah oooo.emeh fiancee again!Emeh explain o.
      Btw,Ay shouldn't apologize

  8. Dis is jst stupid...stop apologizing abeg,d deed has bin done n people bin people will always talk!End of story

  9. Stupid showoff of a human being at the same time fucking all her friends *kmt*


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