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Monday, 3 December 2012

Rob Kardashian blasts ex Rita Ora:claims she cheated on him with 20 men

The saying Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned should be changed to Hell hath no fury like a man dumped. lol
Rob Kardashian showed how heartbroken he was when he took to twitter to rubbish his exgirlfriend Rita Ora.
He tweeted his disgust which has made her a trending twitter sensation"Ritawhora"
Though he doesn't mention her,everyone knows she's the subject of his angry tweets which he has since deleted.
He was set to join the singer for her birthday bash on the 26th of Nov but didn't because they reportedly split the night before.


  1. Ehhehehheheh I can't shout oo.stupid boy.mtcheww

  2. Lol @ 20 men. If that's true, then Tiger woods might just have found a female replacement in Rita ora

  3. Rob bf u call some1else a whore,remember u have queen kim whore as a sis

  4. This Robbinson of a dude should go and sleep, him no know wetin him sis dey do?

  5. Rob just wan showcase his anger cos he bin truely luv dis shikala. Gals baaad die, i no blame guys wey dey bcome Gay over nyt

  6. Rob is hurt cos he truly love Rita.Rob pele.And as for all the people pointing out Robs sista,his sisters ve never cheated dey stick to one man at a time n wen dey re nt happy wit the man dey breakup with him,secondly wat happened to Kim can happen to any1 am talkin abt d sex tape.And lastly even if Robs sistas re prostitute does that mean he deserved to be cheated on?common guys this life na per head.

    1. Kim cheated on Reggie Bush(her then bf) with Kanye west that was what caused their breakup and that was why Amber Rose broke-up with Kanye. She also cheated on the guy she married with kanye ok? That been said, what do you expect from a guy in the midst of 6ladies he will definitely start acting like one. Takeheart Robbie lol

  7. Kim didn't prostitute, d tape was wid her bf(ex) so wah re u guyz saying? If u dnt knw wah to say stfu, stop abusing he's sissy's most of ya'l talking re even worse than rita, lol @20men, Rob sha, sowie boy

  8. @anonymous 16:04 shattap there, kim didn't cheat on reggie or kris, u berra ve facts b4 u speak, and kanye n kim started dating after she divorced kris, get ur facts right

  9. @Anon 19:39 kim dint prostitute,abeg which grammer be dah


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