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Saturday, 29 December 2012

The Dirt: How Iyanya kept calling Yvonne Nelson's name

Yay! Yes o, Miss Petite is back with "The Dirt". As you know,its all about digging deep and reading meanings into actions our celebrities take.I might get it right or wrong(Actually I haven't gotten it wrong "yet".lol)

This time,it has to do with Iyanya. Ok, I was at the calabar festival and its been one interesting journey.
  Last night, Iyanya and Wande coal headlined a concert. Iyanya who came with an entourage was looking all handsome and cool.He took to the stage, sang 2 songs and then...suddenly, he couldn't seem to get the name Yvonne Nelson out of his head.

 Yes, his lyrics read"Yvonne Nelson,I have your medicine"..But, he just kept repeating her name over and over again."Yvonne Nelson, Yvonne Nelson aiiiii Yvonne Nelson..i have your..."....and mind you, it wasn't during the performance of "ur waist".....At a point in time, he jokingly asked the stunned crowd how many of them  tweeted  their grievances on the issue.....

I guess it dawned on him that a Miss petite spy was lurking around, waiting for him to make a statement on it...hhehhehehehe coz he suddenly stopped and asked that we give peace a chance

This statement had the crowd laughing and well many wondered if he's back with her or just trying to get her attention.Which ever it is..with the way he kept calling her's clear that's one waist lady he cant forget in a hurry.

In other news, he had a great performance, gave out 300 dollars to 3 ladies who danced with him onstage and sprayed 1000naira notes into the crowd, his shirt and face cap were gone too. He was about to throw his very expensive necklace but his sharp bodyguard came to the rescue and took it off his neck.(e pain me

Then the three ladies who had gotten 100 dollars each were spotted by my petite lenses, running after his moving Range Sport.(Like seriously ladies..u just got 100 dollars already, go

On this wonderful note, i'm signing out.Remember, its still the dirt ....


  1. lol Emeh is back in her elements. Originality is the word.salut

  2. Lmao,I was there and I think he was drunk.Miss Petite, were u the one I saw rushing to pick one of the 1000naira notes?lol

  3. L̃̾Õ☺Õ̾Ô=D:D=));)ÕÔ☺ÔÕ̾L̃̾ @rushin to pick d 1k note.... Write up is funny and nice ... Love u babes :*

  4. Lmao....guess he wants her back! Y did the bodyguards stop him na? All na planned thing! He didnt want 2 throw it jare!

  5. Funny writeup.Make Tonto Dikeh forget,Ghanaian girls rule.No man can forget us for any Nigerian bitch.

  6. Ghana rat.stfu there.

  7. Hahahahahahahahah some ladies are cheap sha@ running after his range sport.As for calling yvonne's name,that girl is fine as hell.ofcourse,he'll call her name when he thinks of what he's missing

  8. Emeh ur amebo na die.nice and refreshing story.had me laughing all through

  9. hmmmmmm... more news and gist here at

  10. :-) emeh is back with a full force, miss u.

  11. Haaaaaaaaa can't stop laughing.yvonne nelson aiiiiii that's dope.As for those girls who were chasing after him,I know they are yoruba.smh

    1. D yoruba ting again!!God help u o

  12. Gd one darl!!thumbs up at ur lenses

  13. fuck ghana girls,naija girls rule

    1. Goat.U guys come to ghana to marry our sexy girls.stupid fool nigerian

    2. Who is this Ghana thing talking..Nigerians are always a step ahead..n puhleez if we are so foolish, wtf are u doing on this blog?

  14. Emeh i always luv ur stories,im glad u are back dearie, u r gud k.Keep it up

  15. Some girls cheap sha..who be dat person wey say ghana gals betta pass naija babes.u 4get say naija na d gaint of africa.are u a leaner?

  16. Emeh you are just one hilarious queen. been laughing and falling over.

  17. This is crazy.hope yvonne reads mind all d forming,iyanya still trips for u

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