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Monday, 3 December 2012

Unleash your potentials

Someone once told me; Success is when Preparation meets Opportunity. I have heard of people who went as much as seven different interviews before they were taken for a job. I can even recall my own experiences when I prepared for my WAEC examinations. I burnt the proverbial midnight candle, and read some text books many times over. I did everything I could to make sure I got the right results to enter into the University.

But what about life itself? How do I prepare for life? I’ve gone to school, and I’ve gotten a job. Yet neither the classrooms, nor my boss have taught me the essentials to making the best out of life. It seems there will always be something challenging and unforeseen that will show up when I least expect it. I have read books, listened to motivational speakers. Still, Life keeps throwing questions that got harder to answer.
Then I went for a Fascinating Womanhood conference, and realized what had been missing. There was a method to this teaching and passing of information. It was not necessarily that special words were spoken. But, the words that were spoken made special impact. I realized the role of a woman in the world, in the family, and in the neighborhood, and in the church. I didn’t feel out of place anymore.
I felt I’ve had an experience that set me on the path to answering the questions that life surprised me with. For the issue was not with the challenges and how hard they seemed, but in my preparations. I was informed, I was ready. All I await, is the Opportunities to show my success

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