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Friday, 28 December 2012

Why Fans are angry with Dbanj over Koko concert

Ok! So, Dbanj's Koko Concert has come and gone but many fans who attended aren't in such a hurry to forget it. No, it has nothing to do with the array of A list stars who attended, or the commendable hosts, Bovi and Basketmouth.It has to do with the fact that they  turned to professional trekkers.lol.

The concert which took place at the Eko Atlantic beach wasn't properly planned according to them.The distance from the Eko Atlantic entrance to the venue was too far(20km).

Stars such as Darey and Banky W were said to have turned back after unsuccessfully trying to get to the venue for hours.
And those who did get to the venue, had problems finding their way back to the road where they parked their cars.

Reports have it that, the worst hit were ladies in high heels who trekked for the long distance as well as those in the VVIP weren't spared as they stood for most part of the show. Sitting arrangements were said to be in disarray.

Notable among they aggrieved fans is Derenle Edun who tweeted "The worst day of my life! Dec 27th, Koko Concert. Despite the negativity, I managed to hold my head up and stay positive! Home now…Never again’.
, I had one of those bad days asides d AreaBoiz, fones out nd Bottle Pop!

Its a trending topic on twitter..checkout some  hilarious tweets


 My heart goes out to VVIP ticket holders. 4,000 pounds for that 'tour de france' trek? #(NO)Longthing"DBanj is the only artiste on record who made Lagos 'big boys' walk like the Israelites "

Lord. Knows I was pissed..I just sat down on d floor to ask my self if this was the plan God had for my life"
I feel so sorry for all those that were Victims of Circumstances at theKoKo Concert yestersay... It is well!

After the walk, I had to say    & most of all tiney tempah rocked . Big sean ad tiny made my day!

As the story goes, D'Banj was "dissing" fans that bought regular tickets and showing love to the VVIP ticket holders? 

For all of you who went to Koko concert, now you know how the israelites feltNigerians can complain! PHCN is bad, GEJ is useless, FASHOLA's traffic law is for the rich,  was a flop, etc Suicide is free"

See as people dey para cos dem trek for koko concert. Even those wey buy VIP ticket stand thruout. Dis no be Koko concert but koko crusade

: S/O to dose girls dah dressed like Kim K to  only 2end up wit dusty legs like a gala hawker in Oshodi!!"

Heheheheh atleast for the ladies, you'all got too see Idris Elba..It was worth the trek..wasn't it...lol


  1. Hehehehheheheheheh I said it.overhyped event.

  2. LMao @ gals dat dressed up like kim Oº°°ºooK n ended up a gala hawker. Emeh u no well #brown sugar says#

  3. Good for them.as for derenle.I guess he'll learn to ditch those skyscrappers he calls shoes.heh

  4. Loooooooooool I bet donjazzy is laughing now.

  5. Horrible experience

  6. It wasn't funny.apart from Big sean.it was a flop.

  7. DBanj oyato !!!! you should have Tagged it KOKO slimming concert.. Brother you can not be all in all that is the fact Natural law must take it,s course . If you know what i know you go like me o

  8. Lol @ 'koko crusade'. The event organisers shouldn't be paid. Epic failure on their part

  9. It was the worst mistake of my life.koko my foot

  10. Heheheheheab I was actually depressed a few minutes ago...den I read dis post. Oh my! I can't stop laughing. ROTFL!!!

  11. Hahahhahahahahahahahah! Interestin!I am laffing away some stress ryt now..

  12. I gave up on going to concerts and comedy shows in nig a long time ago, I'll buy the CD and watch, I've had 1 too many sad and painful experiences...To those who trekked, e pele oh!

  13. thank God i later change my mind over going to des Koko Concert i just wanted 2 sanp with celebrity my only aim of being there MEHN I WANT 2 DIE OF LAFF IN SOCIAL MEDIA WHO D JOKE ATTACHED TO DES CONCERT,but seriously AM DBANJ DID NOT LOOSE ANYTHING IN DES 1

  14. thank God i later change my mind over going to des Koko Concert i just wanted 2 sanp with celebrity my only aim of being there MEHN I WANT 2 DIE OF LAFF IN SOCIAL MEDIA WHO D JOKE ATTACHED TO DES CONCERT,but seriously AM DBANJ DID NOT LOOSE ANYTHING IN DES 1

  15. Loool @ girls dressing like Kim Kardashian turned to gala sellers.hahahahahahah

  16. the show lack organization... more news and gist here at www.gistyinka.com

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