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Friday, 25 January 2013

LOL: Between BurnaBoy & fan

Lol Celebs are gradually losing their cool on twitter. You blast them they blast back. Shikena!(dem no send again)lol. Jim Iyke,Wiz Kid,Davido and many more have lashed back. But those are some of the perks which come with being a celeb nah.... Some tweets just have me laughing.

So this fan tweeted about his hate for Burna Boy's music" If them dey play this @burnaboy song for tv...e dey do me to break my tv...nonsense artiste!!”"and Burna replied "Lol..break am ontop ya papa head
  1. : If them dey play this  song for tv...e dey do me to break my tv...nonsense artiste!!” 

    Dear dickEds, If yur jobless find a way to kill yourself. Just don't come into my mentions Wid frustration of yur miserable lives. Thanks.


  1. dem force u to be celeb?

  2. lol let them close their twitter accounts and the problem would be solved.the guy harsh sha

  3. Not listened to his music but from his picture I can tell he's a low life and nothing good can come from him.come after me too! eshiehu!!!
    Camer chic!

    1. Ever heard the phrase "don't judge a book by its cover"?
      If I did what u do (judge) I'll probably think u r an ignorant and judgemental foul'mouth but I choose not 2 judge u 4m ur words.
      U can come back here and spew trash when u av at least listened 2 1 of his songs. Other than that......
      \¤____ go 2 bed.

      Back 2 d crux of d matter. We shd realise these "celebs" r also human and av a breaking point like we all do. When u keep poking,prodding and jabbing.......
      Well...... To every action,there's always opposed an equal reaction. (cc Newton)

      Burna,I love ur talent 'n' all buh since u r in d spotlight now..... U've got 2 learn 2 hold it all in wen in public or while using a public medium.
      I know say e no easy but try,small small ya head go dey dia proper.

    2. well said, well said, where is the like button? I love burna boi`s music. The guy is cool. Why the hate?

  4. Bad belle go kill una one by one oh.....hisss!

  5. Some pple need to take a chill pill, burna boy is good, he's music is so on point, he's voice is rich n he has focus, as 4 d dude hating on him have a sit n watch him succeed,bad belle pple

  6. nd i wount b supprised wen burna say's hello abi hell No to dis bile spitin low lifer.break una TV na or bettr still sing ur own music.annuofia

  7. Haters the guys got style, it's not bout all the gragra songs.

  8. Humans all have their breaking points, he reached his limit.Take it easy No hating I really do love Burna Boy's music. Its rich and different. That deep Voice ....he's good.


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