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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Photos: Different shades of Oge Okoye

 Sexy Vampire
Her rep explains this look;
This was one of my most challenging looks and even Yinka (the make-up artiste) said she couldn’t draw a scorpion until I joined hands to encourage her and we both drew it together. It was also my scariest because it was dark and we were shooting on shaky rocks in water. I was so scared that Oge was going to fall, so I had the entire crew surround her. I had flip flops on and almost lost my equilibrium on the wobbly rocks, yet Oge stood on them in 6 inch heels and did not falter in her steps as she contorted her body to different poses. As my touchstone for this look, I had the image of Janet Jackson “absorbing” that tarantula on her cheek. In Oge’s case, I used a......

scorpion because her star is Scorpio. I also used it to signify strength. You can see the red sting at the tip of the scorpion’s tail disappearing into the corner of Oge’s mouth and she has it trapped. It proves she is a strong woman and cannot be stung.

 Funky Tribal Chick
A rep for Oge Okoye calls this look, which took place at the Peninsula Resort, very alluring. Read the official statement;
This is another risky look to pull off, but I like to cross boundaries and I admire the fact that not only does Oge pull it off, but she also looks soft in all her poses and has this tranquil aura about her here. Thumbs up also to Yinka, the make-up artiste.

 African Queen 2
The dress Oge is wearing is made from a Ghana-Must-G0 bag. As most people are aware, the African look rocked major runways with Louis Vuitton making bags and shoes from this material,
I don’t follow the “maddening crowd” by being a typical “copy-cat” and love to stand out even when I am following trend, so Oge carrying the bag the way models do on the runway was out for me. I am also aware that this is a tricky pull off, I wanted Oge to look extra pretty here, so I decided to create a “colour-riot storm” around the dress with jewelry, accessories and make-up. I completed the look with her long flowing hair. Rapunzel will be jealous of pretty Princess Oge
 Tropical Babe
Here’s the official statement of the look;

I wanted Oge to look exotic here and I crossed boundaries again with the matt make-up. The bright yellow nail varnish and wind blowing her long curly hair gave Oge the exotic touch I was looking for. I loved the end result and as usual, Oge looked beautiful. My verdict is Turks & Caicos Islands would love this hot chick as their new resident.

Source:Bella Naija

Well,I love the last photo.(Tropical babe)


  1. bet whyyyyyyyy ogechukwu.that rep should shut up and stop explaining rubbish,All i see are horrible local photos.

  2. Creative.thumbs up to her team

  3. Would av bin better,if it wasn't oge! I no like am,sam sam!

  4. lmao bet why....waarrrrrrizzzzz dssssss! ohmaLord! like hell No!
    Dear rep, get som trainin!

  5. Lmao! Vampire ko! She looks like a tranny esp in the 3rd pic! The pics are just horrible!

  6. Uhm,,, oge takem easy Ooº°˚ ˚°ºoo

  7. one sentence Oge"there can only be one Rihanna, the world cant handle 2 let alone a fake.thanks

    1. What do u mean? Wetin concern Oge concern Rihanna? Oge is not in any way trying to be like Rihanna. Our Oge does not snap naked. Oge is very African. Your Rihanna has lost it completely, I think she needs her brain checked.


  8. i love oge okoye.haters go die.she's a hot mama of 2 beautiful boys and still sexy

  9. Lol in spanish!!! What d hell is ds

  10. This is the most horrible thing i have seen in my entire existence, the pictures are horrible, the make-up is a disaster and the outfits are dead. please dont call this creativity because its so far from it. and the scorpion..i laff very hard...

  11. to see that shes wearing a bodysuit over the leggings...mydaiz..wen wll ths people ever get it.

    and my i doubt if they ever see these pictures bfr publication.

  12. Nice photos...

    Please make some time for God, visit
    Do like us on Facebook. God bless you.

  13. Pls haters shut d fuck up,Oge is cool n pretty in her own way,am sure sef dat in ur entire generatns wuna no reach am

  14. Cool ma ass....hisssss!

  15. Extremely ugly and confusing

  16. This bleeching is dirty. She shld go and wash her self well


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