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Tuesday, 1 January 2013

The Dirt: Why MayD got to Calabar with Psquare but didn't perform

Miss Petite Nigeria is back with "The dirt". incase you don't know what the dirt is, your sleeping on a bicycle hehehe....
Just when I thought there would be a reunion on stage between MayD and Psquare,it is clear that wont be happening anytime soon.
 MayD was billed to perform alongside Psquare and Akon at the Calabar festival. His name was on the list.And true to their words, MayD arrived at Calabar airport on the same flight with Psquare.

 Miss Petite Nigeria smelt trouble when he looked alone and didn't walk with them. They rode in separate cars and he was lodged in a separate hotel from them.
 So, the show started and to Miss Petite's surprise, I saw J martins had replaced Mayd and people were asking questions about his whereabouts.
 When I sought to find out why Mayd would come all the way to Calabar and not perform, my first source said "He wasnt paid his balance and decided to pull out".
So, one of Akon's people asked where MayD was and was told the same thing"In his words, that's not good mennn..sometimes, it really isn't about the money you know. Akon loves that dude mennnn"

However, another reliable source told Miss Petite Nigeria that "When Mayd was put on the list of performing artistes, the organizers didnt know he wasnt with Square records anymore.So, Psquare on getting to Calabar, intimated the organizers on the latest development and so they had to drop him at the last minute.

When Akon and Psquare performed "chop my money"MayD's part had been yanked off....

Not fair right? Well thats entertainment business for you


  1. MayD, I believe you will still go places(not trying to take sides here). Just be good @ ur own thing and ur fans will love u 4 who u are and not because u hang out with psquare

  2. Chai! That's bad o

  3. What a town! No true frienship anymore.

  4. They would have just let him perform na.He had gotten that far. Anyway,na them sabi.MayD na my confam boy and he'll be fine

  5. this blogger is only trying to pull psquare down with dis false story.psquare flew to calabar via a private jet without may d.

    1. Were u there? Special Ed,Psquare and MayD came down from the same Aero flight.My Tv station interviewed him after talking to Psquare.
      So,she's absolutely stfu

    2. LOL....Miss Petite can't be wrong on this one!...

  6. Oh yeah ! Unfortunately for Pssquare , its that MayD's part that nailled the song "chop my money" ! Can't imagine what the song its gonna sound like without Mayd's version . . . Bella .

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  8. this gist has nothing to do with psquare cause i wonder whether d organizer of d show booked may d through square record.

  9. I saw MayD at the airport too. Was wondering if he was back with Psquare.I guess not

  10. I don't know 4 sure wat psquare is up 2,buh MayD keep ur calm okay,u've got us as fans,we lurvvvvvvv u,we go dey go all d way way way d way way,nile ijo,

  11. Thats a pity...i think theres more to it that we do not know about!


  12. Mayd, just do ur thing. Na wa for psquare o! Pride has entered their head. Its not always about the money like that guy rightly pointed out. Mayd, As a sure boy no shaking. We dey ur back.

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  15. I ws in d technical crew 4 d show bk stage... I heard mayd's name when announced. bt neva saw him on stage wit akon and d twins... The intro of chop my money went dis way...

    Its the remix... The remix.... Akon... P-square convict music....

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