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Monday, 15 April 2013

Shocking Video-Lady harassed and molested for wearing a skimpy dress

This happened some months back in Abuja and I came across it today.The lady was virtually taunted and molested with her undies on display..Luckily a few ladies came to her rescue ..the damage had been done already..



  1. Miss P, dis was since last year

    1. Mr I too know, some months ago can be translated as last year, are u related to jona d empty brained ijaw fisherman?

    2. Dont care if it was in the 17th century.I havent seen this and it is horrible

    3. This is so horrible and I believe it wil be al Those local bios in iyanyan or karomo area where they behave bushly.don't blame most of our gals don't mind what they wear at tyms

    4. This suprisingly happened in wuse market. U dont believe me? Try go there in skimpy clothes. U ll be convinced.

  2. i guess if u think of any thing unthinkable u think Nigeria,,,i don't have words to describe such a delinquent behavior of primitivity am so ashamed at times to see that people are allow to do a thing like this to an individual and some even trying to hit her as if she committed a crime ......

  3. Emeh you did a post on riri's ripped jean skirt at her butt and a lady commented that she could wear it in response to her comment i told her to try this on the streets of lagos if area boys wont expose her birthday suit to the whole world and ruin her bride price to a few packs of indomie, thats if she is even lucky. Alas, this is abuja and this unfortunate incident occurred. Ladies just be careful when you dress cause the streets of nigeria are watching.
    The good nigerian.

  4. This is disheartening and cruel.On the other hand,ladies should be careful with what they wear.This is Africa,not Yankee

  5. There goes the saying,be dressed the way you want to be addressed..Dress like a slut,be treated like one

  6. I biliv Nigerians like dis are still clinging to d old rugged cross of homogenizing tendencies of our society...i feel for the woman tho...*smh @ dem#

  7. Serves the bitch right

  8. Omg the last part of the video is sick God punish those babarians

  9. This is unfair. The men of these days are devils.

  10. 1st of all if u wnt 2 rock ds outfit plzzzzzzz ve a ride & 2nd of all ds mst b a vry local place in Abj & 3rdly Ladies U shld dress d way u wnt pple 2 address u......dats all

  11. I see nothing wrong in what she wore, it's just the level of illiteracy and backwardness we ve in Nigeria it's a shame

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