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Sunday, 30 June 2013

Ice Prince wins 'Best African Act ' BET Awards 2013

The rapper clinched the award this time around beating the likes of 2 face, Donald from South Africa, and R2bees from Ghana.
If you recall, he lost to Wizkid/Sarkodie last year .... In other news, Yvonne Nelson would be over-joyed, her Goodluck message to her Hommie came true ..Yea,they cool like that

(Photos) Genevieve Nnaji shows off her stunning face

The beautiful actress needed help from her fans when she shared these photos...She shared the first, later the one below saying she preferred it.. Also used the caption "Nu'n much...just using my Instagram as my mirror. How u duwin?

Either way, on behalf of Miss P readers..I say she's a natural beauty

Lmao- Afrocandy warns guys not to send fake pictures of their D***ks for her audition

Lmao this woman eh! She is requesting for D***ks for her new movie and asks guys to send in their photos.. Trust me many guys have..She warned defaulters on her Facebook wall...
"Please don't send me no 'FAKE DICKS'. Before you send me any DICK pictures, make sure it's yours cos it will be very bad when you come to my AUDITIONS, I open it, and it looks different from the pics.. Still on the matter yo ! warned !!"

"My husband is the best thing that happened to me"-Mercy Johnson Odi

How are you coping with your husband and the baby?
There’s nothing like coping, he’s making my job easier. He dots on her. He carries her, feeds and does everything for her such that she misses him when he’s not around. You won’t believe she sleeps on his chest every night. He understands whatever adjustment I need to make when it comes to the baby. He’s a loving father?

Iyanya who? Checkout Yvonne Nelson's sweet message to IcePrince

Lol this is getting interesting. Yvonne Nelson probably wants Iyanya to know he doesn't mean a thing as she posted a pic with ice Prince ...She even calls him by his real name mm how sweet
Good luck Panshak...#BET you are a WINNER....make me proud. Make Africa Hommie 4life...yeaaa he calls me Hommie. He's cool like that. 🙏

Ist photo of Kim Kardashian after the birth of North West?

Since she gave birth to North West, Kim has been silent both on twitter and all social networking sites. She only tweeted happy birthday to her sister Khloe.
Now, Khloe posted this photo of a sleeping and exhausted Kim on Facebook and captioned it " I love my lil baby so Much" Obviously referring to her Dog, Bernard..
Many are speculating its a recent photo judging from her looks..hmmn

Rukky Sanda spoils herself silly with Designer items( Photo)

" In2hrs.#DopeGirlzLove2Shop***#dior#loub#wang#gucci#kors#versace... Whoop! Whoop!."
.Check her out with her new bestie Ebube...

Yvonne Nelson's cousin claims Iyanya has a tattoo of her initials on his wrists(Photo)

Many of us were taken aback when Yvonne Nelson openly declared she was in love with Iyanya and he broke her heart. Any we were equally shocked  by Iyanya's playful response during a recorded "Ur Waist" rmx at Tim Westwood's show in London.
He said 
"Yvonne Nelson, I lost your medicine. She called that she's coming over and I ride her like a jangolova. All I want is your waist, no emotions, no tears, no letters, no love, no nothing. All I want is your waist, she ain't even know it. She brought emotions.
Well, some one is more angry than most of us and that's Yvonne Nelson's cousin Jason.. Hour claims Iyanya has a tattoo of Yvonne's initials on his wrist . . See what he said about Iyanya after the cut....

Saturday, 29 June 2013

Which of these celebs is your favourite?

So my dear esteemed readers,  It's simple. Who is your favorite musician? Taking into consideration their music, attitude, star power and all( I know we all love many, but pls pick one)...I'm focusing on music today...Merci

Femi Kuti
Seyi Shay
Burna Boy
Tonto Dikeh
Ice Prince
Wande Coal
Dr Sid
Dammy Krane

If the your preferred choice isn't here, feel free to just list it

Swagga-Checkout 2Shotz sexy haircut

The newly married rapper is looking like Kanye West here...Nice

Tonto Dikeh shares stunning photo+ Reacts to NDLEA's arrest threat

These last few days have been a little cloudy for her( judging by her tweets) .. She seems to be back in her Poko vibe as she shared this stunning photo on instagram. 
 She is a beauty to behold 
In response to NDLEA's statement that she might go to jail for posting Marijuana photos,She claimed she can't be arrested for posting a photo shopped picture....
Tweets after the cut...

Checkout Oge Okoye & cute son

Don't be fooled she is one of the few actresses with a stable home. Happily married to a Big Boy and they are blessed with 2 Children.
What a Sexy momma

Friday, 28 June 2013

"I was utterly misconstrued"- Juliet Ibrahim on her previous statement regarding OJB's health

She came under fire for her letter regarding ailing producer, OJB's fundraising issue. She claimed among other things that Kidney transplants don't cost 100k. She has released a statement clarifying her intentions. Read below.
'I was utterly misconstrued with my tweets on OJB’s treatment, I honestly didn’t mean cheap, I meant at a reduced cost with better treatment.
Currently I have 2 relatives living with kidney failure whom I’m responsible for and caring for, thus, I’m no stranger to whatever OJB is going through.”
“I don’t mean for my tweets to be misconstrued and I won’t take OJB’s health problems with levity as many have misconstrued me.

Photo- Couple fall to their death while having sex by the window

A couple reportedly fell to their deaths after the window they were having sex against gave way.

The tragic pair are believed to have been making love in an apartment block in China when the window shattered in the throes of passion.The man and woman then plunged to their deaths on the pavement below.

Horrified witnesses told China media that the couple held onto each other tightly as they fell.
Shocking pictures emerged which claimed to show the couple lying on the pavement.
Chinese officials can be seen covering the bodies with sheets.

One report suggested the lovers chose to have sex by the window to keep cool during the hot weather in the city of Wuhan.Others suggested the windows in the apartment block were of poor quality.

Culled from Mirror  news

Munachi Abi opens up on her relationship with Peter Okoye & Lola

Do you believe in love at first sight?
Yes, it could happen. It is possible.
Is this what happened between you and Peter Okoye (PSquare) love at first sight?
Look, I know Lola Omotola very well. I have known her for years and we are really close. All those things you heard or read about us are not true. Peter Okoye and I are friends. I know his family well. I was just invited to be in his video (Ifunanya) and that was it. Nothing more than that. I know how Peter and Lola love each other and I respect their love. I could never do that to them. I could never bring myself to do anything to hurt them.
It’s good to have you clear the air!
(She interrupts) What you’ll see is another screaming headline, “Muna again denies affair with Peter Okoye.” It’s not fair, it’s heartbreaking and very frustrating. Some of these things you media guys write about us hurts us so badly.
Culled from Vanguard

Rukky Sanda & Ebube Nwagbo continue to flaunt their friendship(photos)

Awwww! When you have a best friend, you do all the tiny little cute things together. Rukky Sanda and Ebube Nwagbo are no different as their new found friendship is making them feel over the moon. Same gifts, same poses.. They are currently touring the USA, shopping and having fun..

Smallest waist in the world? Model flaunts shockingly thin waist

Model, Jazzma Kendrick in particular sparked a great deal of concern after she posted images of herself on a beach in Ibiza, showing off her extremely tiny waist which seems at odds with the rest of her (already very slim) body.

Lest i forget, she was spotted with Naomi Campbell's billionaire ex...

Thursday, 27 June 2013

"Stop harrassing celebrities"Juliet Ibrahim's thoughts on OJB's ailment

"I think it's about time I speak up on this OJB topic that most of you ignorant people are using to harass and insult celebrities. First of all, every celebrity has his or her own responsibilities n family to take care of, if a colleague is ill and needs help we do contribute in our own way to help out whichever way we can.
 I don't see why u people can't help out as well? Who said our 1000 naira can't amount to something that can raise the sum needed for OJB's transplant? For you people tagging me in your tweets, im sure you know I run a kidney disease foundation, hence I know the exact cost for a kidney transplant india.I have been quiet cus. I asked the people in charge of OJB broadcast to contact my foundation because I know a kidney transplant will not cost more than 50k usd. Why are they requesting for 100k when so many cheaper deals with hospitals out there in India even in Ghana can be worked out to save OJB? To get the necessary help, those in charge of OJB fund-raising need to reach out to the right people and stop harassing. Celebrities for funds "

Juliet Ibrahim(

She posted this on instagram..Agree?

"Emeka Morgan killed my only son"- MC-Loph's mum laments

In a shocking new twist, the aged mum  of late Mc Loph alleges her son and daughter didn't die a natural death. She claims they were killed by the CEO of her late son's record label known as Emeka Morgan Nwanne Oguejiofor. She claims he is a ritualist...According to MyEmag,.....

MC Loph's aged mother, reportedly lamented almost endlessly to Emag, how Emeka Morgan abandoned her and the late rapper’s son, after making a pledge to keep her on a N30,000 monthly salary.

Emeka Morgan killed my only son and daughter, left me childless and handicapped.
Since Obiajulu died, the only time I set my eyes on the so-called Morgan was in May 2012, when he came with Obi Madubogu, gave me a bag of rice, a gallon of groundnut oil and 60 thousand naira and asked me never to allow Nkiru (MC Loph’s wife) to have a share of the money.
But I couldn’t, I gave the money over to Nkiru after he left and it was used to fix the Camry with which she does most of her run arounds in Lagos. Since then, he had neither called nor checked on me again.

(Photo)Man kidnaps UNILAG student,rapes & releases her nude photos online

The Lagos State Police Command has arrested a 22-year-old man, Babajide Bashorun, for allegedly kidnapping a female undergraduate of the University of Lagos, Akoka, and raping her.

The police said Bashorun, a dog breeder, did not only rape his victim, he also took snapshot of her nudity, which he allegedly posted on the Internet.

A family source said,
“Few days later, the pictures were all over the Internet. The picture had the name and surname of the girl, her university, age, department and course of study. People were stopping her on the campus to tell her they had seen her nude pictures on the Internet.
“The girl’s relations later saw the pictures and urged her parents to report the mater at Adeniji Adele Police Division.”

Nollywood actress Nuella Njubigbo says what she earns as an actress can fund her expensive lifestyle

Nollywood actress Nuella Njubigbo has been linked to a governor, breaking Chidi Chikere's marriage and recently a footballer. She has denied having anything g to do with either. In this recent interview with PM news, she explains how she's able to afford her expensive lifestyle. I.e, the 8million naira SUV she bought a while back

"I can only speak for myself. I have other businesses that I do by the side. But even if it’s just acting, what I earn can actually get me such car and even live well. Those saying all that, I am not sure they have gone to the market to see the number of movies I have done in the last one year. I have done a lot. In January alone I shot five movies. Even if I am paid just N150,000, multiply it by the amount of movies I have done. Now, multiply that with what I will do in an entire year, of course I can conveniently buy this car. It is funny the way people look at us in this industry and think we are poor people. I heard that as at the time Tonto Dike bought her Hummer Jeep, she was charging N400,000 upward. In a month, Tonto can shoot six movies. So multiply that N400,000 by six in a month. Even if she doesn’t have the whole money for the car of her choice, she can deposit half of the money with a dealer and they will give her the car because she is a star. So, people need to understand all this whenever they want to criticize us."

Lol My friend is engaged to two men

What would you do if a man you didn't love proposed to you in the presence of his entire family and friends? Say No right there? Or say YES and later find a way to say you can't marry him?

My  friend is in this predicament. Her wealthy 41 year old boyfriend of 2 years proposed to her at his birthday party. She was too stunned to speak and he mistook it for being overwhelmed. She later revealed she had accepted the proposal of her 2nd boyfriend last week.He is 28 (Yes she has two boyfriends)lol.
Now, she is officially engaged to two men. The problem is, her heart isn't with her old boyfriend and she doesn't know how to say No after his family has already been congratulating her and are so happy their 41year old son has finally decided to settle down.The mum even sent her expensive jewelry...officially welcoming her into their family
Lest I forget, she is 27

The matter pass me, so I decided to ask you my esteemed readers( My response was, Marry the 41 year old. He is more mature and fit to run a family)

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Checkout a chic & stylish Yvonne Nelson

Looking so chic and of Africa's best dressed celebs...

Forbes most powerful Celebrity list 2013; Oprah Winfery back as No1

One day you up, the next someone takes over. That's what this year's Forbes most powerful Celebrity 100 , 2013 has shown. Jennifer Lopez who was number one last year has dropped to the No12 position and Oprah who was number two is back at no1..So many others have dropped

1 Oprah Winfrey $77m (income this year)

2 Lady Gaga $80m

3 Steven Spielberg $100m

4 Beyonce $53m

5 Madonna $125m
More after the cut...

Lagos based Killer Doctor exposed ......

FOLLOWING the arrest, last week, of the owner of a Lagos-based hospital, Doctor Babawale Joshua for allegedly mutilating the corpse of a 13-month-old baby boy in his hospital, a 37-year- old woman identified as Cordelia Ifechukwude, has alleged that she suffered similar fate at the medical centre.

The Aniocha North, Delta-born mother of five narrated her experience at the No 1 Ajike close, branch of the medical centre, a few metres away from Amje bus-stop, Alakuko, a suburb of Lagos. According to her, “It happened in year 2000 when I took in with my first baby.
I registered at Ayinke House, Ikeja General Hospital, but because I was advised to also register at a clinic very close to our house, I registered at Ajike hospital at Amje bus stop, Alakuko. We lived at Ajegunle bus stop, not too far from the clinic.
The reason we chose Ajike medical centre was because my husband got acquainted with Dr Babawale Joshua, the Chief Medical Director and owner of the medical centre, and in the course of their discussion, he told my husband that he had his first degree in General Medicine and second degree in Public Health at the University of Ibadan. That might have prompted my husband to make up his mind about us registering at his clinic.

My pains and agony

Why Kim Kardashian released this picture of North West(Photo)

An exclusive photo of Kim & Kanye's baby, North West would probably fetch millions as the world is eager to see this baby girl. So, Kim Kardashian decided to play a fast one on her friends.
  32-year-old Kim reportedly  sent a few friends a fake picture of her baby, who is called North West, to see who would try to sell them to the press.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Busted! Secret of Magician who floated inthe air revealed

Lol yesterday, i published a post about a renowned magician, Dynamo who was floating across Westministerter bridge in London.Many of us were stunned by this and tried to comprehend it...
Another artiste Johan Lebeer  has done it in the past using a pole to support his weight .

Australian website, claims the illusionist was using a  fake right arm for his trick with his real arm tucked inside his coat. The police also cleared the road to avoid traffic so the only people who saw the magician upclose were those inthe bus

Read more below...

Can you guess who this sleeping celebrity beauty is..?

Celebrities are humans too ... They also get tired. Can you guess who she is? She's Nigerian, has a figure which would put Beyonce to shame, Sexy like Rihanna and she is pals with Genny

Must Read:The Toxic pop princess called Rihanna

I came across this interesting article written by LIZ Jones and decided to share. It's her view on Rihanna and why she is toxic influence to her fans. Also said she should come with a "Government health Warning" Lol
I'm a Rihanna fan ,but do I act like her? I don't think so..

Article Below...
The first time I met Rihanna, the pop princess was seated next to Vogue editor Anna Wintour wearing a demure dress, with her hair in ringlets, for all the world as though she was Shirley Temple.
She sipped at her flute of champagne throughout dinner and clearly had one thing in mind: appearing on the cover of American Vogue (she got it, too, in November last year) and possibly a high-end fashion advertising campaign of the kind Ms Wintour can facilitate.

The second encounter I had with her was during London Fashion Week last February.Rihanna came down the catwalk at the end of the presentation of her first collection for teen label River Island, for which she was reportedly paid £800,000.

Why I gave birth in the Hostel Toilet- 22year old OAU Undergrad (Photo)

You all remember the student of OAU who gave birth in the school toilet and was rumoured to have attempted to flush her baby down the toilet? The School Authority expressed disappointment over the initial  social media reports and have confirmed other wise.They also say it's not illegal for a student to give birth while in the University so there are no sanctions or disciplinary measures taken against her. 

In spite of the trauma she had passed through since last Wednesday, the 22 year old, 400 level student of Agricultural Extension and Rural Sociology , a native of Ijabe, a border town between Osun and Kwara states, says she is happy that the embarrassment she received from the controversy that surrounded the birth of her baby has turned into a blessing for her.

She says the baby’s birth has made her more popular and important in the society.
Read what she told Punch after the cut....

Monday, 24 June 2013

Rita Dominic's sexiest picture ever?

She shared it on Instagram and this has got to be one of her Sexiest pictures ever... Agree?

Stunning images - Magician floats besides a 15ft bus on the streets of London

They say magic is more about "The more you look, the less you See" But even I who doesn't believe in magic is stunned by this. He is known as Dynamo, an illusionist and his daring acts have defied all logic and makes even the most skeptical cynic believe in Magic.
The 30year old who is now the face of Pepsi Max, stunned spectators by levitating beside the roof a a 15ft double-decker bus in London

More pics below

Checkout Annie Idibia, Susan Peters & Juliet Ibrahim at Dbanj's DKM concert

Stunning ladies.. Juliet Ibrahim on some Kim K swag( She wasn't lying when she said she's prettier than Kim)

Dbanj rocks his $25,000 suit of money(Photos)

Last week, we heard Koko master had taken delivery of a $25,000(3.5M) suit of money. Well, he rocked it at his DKM concert last night. The suit is made of real 100dollar bills as you can see and is designed by Nigerian designer Okunoren..
Another pic below..

How Lautech student Seun Adaramoye was murdered for ritual purposes

Last week, the dismembered body of a Lautech student was found behind a guest house. Many speculated she was a runs girl who fell in the hands of ritualists. Her friend Ngozi gives a different account as her boyfriend who is on the run, is a major suspect...

Seun Adaramoye was an 100 level accounting student, she stayed in Stadium area around Lawyer Ahmed Junction, she’s a hostel mate and also my friend. On Sunday evening (16th of June), we were all gisting outside the hostel as we normally do and around 5pm, Seun just said she’s coming and left. She was on casual outfits like all of us, so we thought she had gone to the junction to buy stuffs but she went to her best friend’s place not far from the hostel.

Please gruesome photo after the cut..

Cute! Toyin Lawani steps out with daughter & 21year old Fiancee

When 31 year old Toyin Lawani said she was engaged to a 21 year old, many were shocked. The stylist business woman is not joking about it as she and her boo were out with her daughter from a previous marriage.

 The Papparazzi spotted them at a popular shopping mall...
She also made it clear that she's better than Madonna in  Couger  affairs as Madonna who is 50 is dating a 22 year old boy

They are stylish and are Naija's JAYZ and Beyonce

Kanye West proposes to Kim Kardashian

Wow! Where all my Kimye lovers at? One of the biggest celebrity weddings of the year is expected to take place in September .
According to the Sun, NEW dad Kanye West asked Kim Kardashian to marry him just days after she gave birth to their first child.
The reality star has accepted his proposal and the pair are planning a wedding in Paris this September.
Kanye, 36, has not yet sealed the deal with an engagement ring, but he has splashed out £500,000 on a rare black and tiger-stripe diamond ring.
The rap star gave Kim, 32, the “push present” — a growing phenomenon in the US — to mark the occasion of the birth of daughter North.
“He has spent half a million on a ring as a push present and had it designed months ago in preparation.
“He’s even more in love with her now than ever and they can’t wait to get married.”

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Checkout Jada Pinkett's incredible bikini bod

I don't know any 41 year old with a body of a 17 year old. Wonder why Will Smith's stuck on her?

Blogger's Diary- The Thousand Dollar fish, my story

Sometimes we are given signs, to move away from danger or towards safety. We ignore these signs and keep fighting over what we shouldn't. Other times, it's a sign to move towards greater things but we ignore it.

Let me tell you all a story of a woman who missed the opportunity to being a millionaire just because she wouldn't listen to that voice saying " don't fight, just leave"
This happened in Cameroon....
I  went to buy some fish at a beach in Limbe Town .As I was paying for my fish, a middle aged woman walked towards the guys who I just bought fish from and as expected, they diverted their attention to this woman whom they presumed was a better customer. They weren't wrong.
 She sought to know how much the biggest fish in the lot costs. I had never seen a fish so big(Unless on TV) but she wanted the fish. After alot of back and forth arguments, they reached a compromise. After paying for this huge fish,the guy who sold the fish told her she had to pay to slice it because, there were other guys who made money from cutting fish.
Then the problem started
"Why should I pay you to cut the fish?It is your Job and you must cut it.Do you want me to carry a big fish like this without slicing it?" 
She ranted at the top of her voice. The fish vendor was adamant
"Madam I no dey cut fish.If you wan cut am,pay this guy here, he go cut am.I dey sell fish here,i no fit stop wetin I dey do, cut the fish"
Their heated exchange continued and attracted some other people who were around.Within minutes, several women had gathered and begged the lady to just ignore the boy or pay someone-else to cut the fish.It all fell on deaf ears.
Then the woman told the boy to return her money and take his fish,since he couldn't cut it.In annoyance, he obliged and dipped his hands into his pockets when an elderly man who had witnessed the whole exchanged talked to him
"My son,a customer is always right.Please cut the fish.It wont take anything out of you to do it.You will be amazed at how that single act, will change your life"
This young man had a change of heart, and decided to cut her fish.The woman felt triumphant and didn't even have the courtesy to thank the old man who was now walking away.
I was now angry that once again, she had been given preference over me. I just wanted to pay for my crabs and leave.Then as he cut the belly of this fish, the unexpected happened. He found a polythene bag tightly wrapped in the fish's belly.He was just about to discard it when on a second thought, he decided to open it and lo!There it was,100 dollar bills rolled and tied with a band..

We were in shock when the woman screamed"Give me my money and my fish"..The guy said "Which fish?Which money""? He got into his pocket quickly counted her money and made to return it to her, she screamed "Theif, theif oh""
This attracted alot of passerby's as the woman had already held him by the shirt screaming for him to bring the money which he had put in his pocket.So, the boy kept insisting that he was not selling the fish again and she said"He had sold the fish already so whatever was found in there was hers..He said she didnt pay for cutting the fish anyway,and she was in tears"
So, since many people didn't know how the rift started,they forced the boy to count the money after she narrated how money was found in the fish's belly.

They counted and Lo it was $7,000. The crowd went crazy as the chief of fish sellers association was called and he said the money should be handled to him and they would decide. It turned to a free for all argument as people declined and the boy and his gang refused to let go of the money.
Someone called the Police and after narrating the story, the Police man called for backup. They came in their numbers and the chief of Police asked the Boy" Where did you see this Money"? He said in the fish's belly. He said "That means it must have been money belonging to a trader or anyone who was involved in a ship wreck since a number of ships had capsized. The crowd agreed. As some were suggesting the money be shared, the Police Chief ordered everyone to be silent and said " Who owns the sea where the fish was Caught"? A few people mumbled, "The Government"

He smiled and said "So, this fish is government fish and everything in the belly belongs to the government "

We were stunned and watched the police men take the money, and the fish as "Exhibit" Now.. the woman was rolling on the floor, calling on God to strike down her enemies who made her miss this opportunity. Then an old man who had begged her earlier to leave with the uncut fish told her " Madam, God is not striking down anybody. He spoke to you through me and many others to take the fish and go, you didn't Listen" That was God talking to you

Did I forget to say she didn't hear the last thing he said because she had

Kelly Hansome puts MI on blast..calls him "F**king retarded black Pygmy"

Loool Kelly Hansome is back again. After squashing his beef with MI last year, it seems they are back as enemies if Kelly's tweets are anything to go by. He thinks MI is still dissing him and says he is fake..
Will MI the "Chairman reply? Fingers crossed..

Stephanie Henshaw's life after Chris Okotie

This ravishingly beautiful lady seemed to have struck gold when she married Pastor Chris Okotie at elaborate twin ceremonies a few years ago. So in love were the duo that many thought it was too real to be true. He showered her with attention and gifts.

This remained the state of things until things turned ugly last year and they split. Following the break up, he not only retrieved the car gifts he bought for her when the going was good, he stripped her of all other privileges she used to enjoy as his wife.

For the mother of three, who is said to reside with her sister in Lagos, she was sighted in a not-so-posh part of town riding in an air conditioned taxi.

Culled from Punch

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Busted-Househelp connives with lover, 2 fake soldiers to rob master of $100,000

Operatives of the Special Anti Robbery Squad, SARS, Ikeja, Lagos have arrested a female house help who allegedly connived with her boyfriend and two fake soldiers to rob her master of over 100,000 Dollars.

The 23 year-old house help, Adaeze Ijeoma, allegedly sneaked into her master’s bedroom located in Maryland, Lagos, last month, after he traveled out of the country. Unsure of where to keep the foreign currency, she reportedly took it to her boyfriend, one Onyebuchi Uche, only for him to flee with the money, leaving Adaeze in doubt.

On his part, Onyebuchi , who has been jobless for years, rushed to Alade market, Ikeja where he changed some of the dollars to naira and thereafter, deposited the sum of N8 million in two banks. He thereafter, told operatives at SARS that he also bought a car; ‘End of Discussion’ and a plot of land in an undisclosed area where he had started molding blocks for building.