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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Jennifer Lawrence beats Rihanna, Beyonce to be named World's Sexiest Woman by FHM

Jennifer,Michelle,Rihanna(Top 3)
Osacr winner,Jennifer Lawrence has beaten the likes of Rihanna & Beyonce to be named World's sexiest woman by FHM .Mila Kunis who was number one last year dropped to 6 this year..FHM sexiest is always looked forward to because thousands of men actually vote as opposed to a jury just listing the winner..

This is the first list without Lupita Nyongo'o on the top 10.
I think Rihanna is World's sexiest Woman...I know you all agree..*grin*

1 (20) Jennifer Lawrence
2 (4) Michelle Keegan
3 (2) Rihanna
4 (-) Emily Ratajkowski
5 (6) Kaley Cuoco
6 (1) Mila Kunis
7 (19) Beyoncé
8 (-) Lucy Mecklenburgh
9 (54) Nicole Scherzinger
10 (49) Scarlett Johansson

#BringBackOurGirls-Mary J Blige, Keri Hilson,Rusell Simmons & more call for the release of abducted school girls

It's been over 2 weeks now with 234 girls still inthe hands of their captives..Despite shocking reports that they have been separated into small groups, and married off at N2000 each,today mothers and concerned citizens staged a protest in Abuja calling on the government to free these innocent girls ..
Celebrities both home and abroad are joining voices to beg for the release of these girls ..
More below

Honeymoon Over! Tiwa Savage & Tee Billz Jet back to Nigeria in Style..

After a fairytale wedding,Naija's Power couple are back home.They didn't spend much time on their honeymoon after all they work together, make money together ,and are inlove with each other.....

Nkiru Anumudu vs Jennifer Obayuwana in Dolce & Gabanna

Fashionista Nkiru Anumudu and  Jennifer Obayuwana both rocked this Dolce & Gabanna dress earlier this month..
For those who don't know, Jennifer and dad own Polo Store Nigeria and she is also Dbanj's ex...
Who nailed the look?

The runway dress below

The 27 year old medical student auctioning her virginity for $550,000(N80m) shows her face -Photos

 A few months back, I published the story of this 27 year old virgin who is auctioning her virginity for $550,000 (N80 Million naira )(Here) .The difference was, she kept her identity hidden and said only the highest bidder will get to see her face.
Now, she has finally revealed her identity and she is stunning . The 27-year-old medical school student using the name “Elizabeth Raine” to protect her identity, has been running the online virginity auction since March 31 which ends May 7.
She told Huffington Post
“I actually didn’t like the anonymity. People mistake it for shame.Plus, there has been some speculation that I’d be outed and I wanted to do it on my own terms.”
The current top bid listed on her website is $300,000, but she said she’s received bids near $550,000 that she’s in the process of confirming.

Naija guys hurry and bid oh. Lol....More below

Air Search for Missing Malaysian plane officially comes to an End (Photos)

After over 7 weeks since the disappearance of MH370, authorities have officially called off all air search .To mark the official end of the international search, all the men and women who took part in the search posed for farewell photos with their aircraft  in Perth Australia.

They say an underwater search for the Boeing 777, will still continue for an indefinite amount of time.Prime Minister Tony Abbott has conceded that if anything was left floating after the aircraft had, as experts believe, come down in the ocean, it would by now have become waterlogged and sunk.

Eight nations Australia, New Zealand, Britain, Malaysia, the US, Japan, South Korea and China were involved in the search ,covering more than two million square miles.It is the biggest search in Aviation history.
Despite all the reports of pings from the black box, not a single piece of debris, stretch of oil, or a clue of any kind has been found to pinpoint the location of the plane.

MH370 lost contact on March 8 with 239 passengers and crew.

So sad ......

Man sets himself on Fire & Embraces Politician during TV Debate(Shocking Photos)

A television debate in India ended in horror when a spectator set himself alight before embracing a politician, leaving both men fighting for their lives.
The man, named by police as Durgesh Kumar Singh, emerged from a crowd of about 150 onlookers, doused himself in petrol then grabbed the local leader of the Bahujan Samaj Party, Kamruzzama Fauji.

A local photographer,Pankaj Kumar Gupta  whose photos show the men engulfed in flames with spectators fleeing the scene,told AFP
This man suddenly came on the stage, poured petrol on himself and set himself on fire before tightly hugging one of the political guests.People were just too shocked to know what was happening,Two other local politicians taking part in the show, Ram Kumar Singh and Chowdhary Hriday Ram Verma, sustained minor burns while trying to save the pair.
'The injured were first admitted to the district hospital here (in Sultanpur) and were then referred to Lucknow.Singh sustained burns on 95 per cent of his body which doctors say are likely to be fatal, while Fauji was in critical condition with 75 per cent burns,

It seems fire is the new protest tool these days...More below

Asari Dokubo places a curse on Boko Haram & those who say he is behind it..(Must Read)

This is Asari Dokubo's response to claims that he is behind Boko Haram attacks..He vehemently denied and called on God to inflict them with all sorts of ailments ..Powerful prayer..

May the wrath and destruction of Allah be upon me and my twenty children if I,Alhaji Mujahid Dokubo-Asari knows anything about the operations of the evil organization Boko Haram or carry out any attack on her behalf. If I don't know anything about the operations and attacks of this evil organization (Boko Haram)and this Munafiq Ahmed Mahmud Abubakar Gumi falsely associate my name with the evil organization(Boko Haram) ,her operations and attacks...
Oh Allah do justice to me...clear me of these false accusations and association...

Oh Allah visit this Munafiq Ahmed Mahmud Abubakar Gumi,his supporters,helpers,collaborators and associates with the most sever of your curses,wrath,destruction and punishment....

Checkout Toyin Lawani's super long braids

The fashion designer rocked her new hairstyle last week.Like it?

Get Ready for BFIT Fitness Festival 2014

On Thursday, May 1st, 2014, an estimated 1,500 male and female of all ages will participate in health and fitness event at Teslim Balogun Stadium for Bfit Fitness Festival. This event, the first of its kind will always be held every year to promote fitness and healthy lifestyle of the citizens

Bfit Fitness Festival is about fitness and health activities for men and women which includes fitness workout, Zumba dance session, Cardio exercise, physical activity component, cycling exercise, entertainment, health and fitness fairs.
“Our goal for this annual event is to encourage general populace to take control of their health: to learn the facts they need to make smart health choices, and to make time for physical activity, “adds TundeOjoniyi, Event coordinator Bfit Fitness Festival. 
According to Eno Eje, Assistant event coordinator the event is also designed to showcase the many health and fitness resources available through event partners/sponsors.
Continue for details...

Killer dies of Heart Attack after lethal Injection meant to execute him didn't work (Photo)

The execution of a death row inmate, Clayton Lockett,went wrong after he died of a heart attack.Clayton who was sentenced to death for shooting a 19-year-old Perry woman(right) and watching his friends bury her alive, was to die by use of three experimental drugs.He received the entire cocktail of injections - which had never been tried in Oklahoma before - but for some reason the drugs didn't kill him.

Oklahoma Department of Corrections director Robert Patton said the inmate was writhing on the gurney and shaking uncontrollably about 13 minutes into the execution.
The execution began at 6:23 p.m. when officials started to inject the first drug, and a doctor declared Lockett to be unconscious at 6:33 p.m.About three minutes later, though, Lockett began breathing heavily, writhing on the gurney, clenching his teeth and straining to lift his head off the pillow.At 6.37p.m., Lockett sat up and said 'something's wrong.'
After about three minutes, a doctor lifted the sheet that was covering Lockett to examine the injection site. After that, an official who was inside the death chamber lowered the blinds, preventing those in the viewing room from seeing what was happening.
Patton then made a series of phone calls before calling a halt to the execution.The inmate finally suffered a massive heart attack and died at 7.06p.m.

Self Obsessed? How Kim Kardashian Kept Looking at her face on monitor during Live TV Interview

Australian television personality Dr Chris Brown  revealed on Kiis 1065’s Kyle & Jackie O show this television producers were forced to rearrange camera monitors during a live interview with Kim Kardashian..
He was talking about how he couldn't be with a girl who took too many selfies when a listener called in to ask why reality stars like Kardashian get so much attention.
He said......
‘Let me tell you about Kim Kardashian. She’s a very, very special human being and I know this because we actually interviewed her on The Project.We were about one or two questions in and all of a sudden I can see there’s a commotion amongst the floor managers. They are sort of running around and moving things around and I thought "I wonder what’s going on there.They said "I can’t believe you didn’t notice but for the first half of the interview her eye line was down and to the right.I saw that and I just thought she was nervous, but they said "No, we had to move the monitors and turn them around because all she was doing was looking at herself the entire interview".’

Bow Down!!! Beyonce named Highest Earning Black Artist of All Time

Beyonce has been named the highest earning black artist of all time following her hugely successful Mrs Carter Show world tour.According to Billboard Magazine,she earned $212 million (£126 million) for the year-long tour, and sold over 1.8 million tickets.

This means she has beaten the record of previous high earners,Micheal Jackson, Janet Jackson and Prince has overtaken previous earning records held by Michael Jackson, Prince and Janet Jackson.
Her most recent tour in Europe between February and March - earned her $41.1 million (£26m) alone.

They don't call her queen Bey for nothing.....

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Newly Married Tiwa Savage flaunts sexy bod alongside Tee Billz

They took this photo during their boat cruise..Tiwa is sexy..Naija's Jay & Bey..No contest

Dencia Defends Racist Clippers Owner Donald Sterling after NBA Life Ban

Like it or not, Dencia always seems to have a different opinion on general issues..This is her interesting take on NBA's ban on Donald Sterling after he was caught on tape making racist statements..
Quite long but worth the read...
'"He got banned from the NBA for life 😂😂😂😂 and y'all fell for it smh,he still owns the team and can run it from the comfort of his bed,this man can walk into a game and no1 will recognize him.someone in the nba had to look good and Adam silver had to pls u think they didn't discussed that and agree to it?the man could fight it but the deal it came with is probably sweeter than fighting's so easy to shut people up,case closed they didn't wanna drag it now they gonna drag that side piece (like porsha did Kenya) people keep complaining about hoes winning but they are glorify one!! 
This man might be racist but he worked hard to get where he is for some woman to come try & bring him down it don't work like that not with powerful people's like u go on trial and see it's gonna get bad and the D.A offers u a deal u just take it..people say racist people love power and guess what he still has power,he owns the team and still has power that 90% of us don't have.This man was just mad his side piece was hanging with younger and fresher men,he was insecured and said shit plus what happened to the tapes she recorded for months I bet he didn't say mean things through out! 

NBA bans Donald Sterling for life, slams him with $2.5M fine over racist remarks

After his racist comments castigating his girlfriend for posting photos of black people(Magic Johnson) on her instagram page,Los Angeles Clippers Owner,Donald Sterling has been banned from the NBA for life .NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said.....
"[Donald's remarks are] contrary to the principles of inclusion and respect that form the foundations of our diverse, multi-cultural, and multi-ethnic league… I am banning Mr. Sterling for life from any association with the clippers organization or the NBA — Mr. Sterling may not attend any NBA games or practices, he may not be present at any clippers facility, and he may not participate in any player or personnel decision involving the team… I am also fining Mr. Sterling $2,500,000, the maximum amount allowed under the bylaws of the NBA Constitution.We stand together in condemning Mr. Sterling's views, they have no place in the NBA."
 Adam Silver swears he will do everything in his power to convince the other owners into quickly forcing Donald Sterling into selling the team.

For those who don't know the story, read what the 80 year old told his girlfriend below

Instagram orders Rihanna to take down nude photos from Lui Magazine shoot

Lol Minutes after posting photos of her bare nipples from her LUI magazine cover(HERE) ,Rihanna deleted them..She then posted this photo shading them..

Remember Maheeda had her account deleted by Instagam for posting nude photos..But being a Boss,Riri was probably called and pleaded with..Lol

She posted a censored version below

Mother stabs her own baby,hides her under the bed minutes after giving birth secretly

In a shocking tale, a  mother has been arrested after repeatedly stabbing her baby girl in her neck, abdomen and thorax, minutes after she was born.

 Jessica Luarte Muñoz, 23, who was pregnant  kept it a secret ,refusing to see any family member .After giving birth secretly in the bathroom of her home in Chile, she stabbed the girl and tried to suffocate her by wrapping her in clothes and hiding the bloodstained infant under her bed.

Her evil deed was uncovered when her sister Aguilera Muñoz, visited her midway through the alleged murder attempt.The new mum tried to chase her but Aguilera didn't budge.She was stunned to hear the muffled cries of a baby wrapped in clothes and thrown under the bed .She called the police and medics as soon as she found the seriously injured baby .

Local media reports that thought the baby is in critical condition at an intensive care unit, she is expected to survive.

"It Was All a Publicity Stunt,We Played the Media"-Psquare's Publicist ...

Just when we thought this chapter was closed, it's re-opened. Psquare's Publicist, Bayo Adetu spoke to Icon Weekly magazine where he explained the reason behind the breakup reports

Greetings, Bayo, we heard that the Okoye brothers have finally reconciled, can you give us an insight on what really happened?
After a long laugh… My brother, I’m telling you this as a friend, there was no fight at all. The whole thing started after Jude tweeted some days back and bloggers feasted on it and gave it several interpretations which never existed, and that was how we got here.
Are you saying there wasn’t a fight at all, how then did Peter and Paul keep releasing comments through their Facebook accounts?

23 year old woman dies after trying to save fiancee from a burning building(Photos)

A 23 year old beautiful architect died while trying to save her fiancee from a burning flat in England.Sophie Rosser was returning from a birthday party by midnight when she noticed their flat was engulfed in flames .

She tried to raise the alarm by phoning him to get out  since she thought he was asleep.She didn't know he and his flatmate had escaped through the balcony..While climbing to the fifth floor, she passed out and as paramedics desperately tried to revive her.
Oscar Silva, 28 said
A cab dropped her off at 1.37 on Sunday morning and I was asleep. Sophie called me to say there was a fire and our flatmate and I should evacuate.'The intercom sounded but I couldn't hear who it was. The stairwell was full of smoke so we couldn't get out. We went back into the flat. I rang Sophie at 1.43 but there was no answer.I went to get the lift thinking she might have got in, but when it arrived there was nobody in it. I closed the door to the flat and went to open the balcony.I saw the fire brigade arriving and I saw paramedics doing their best to revive Sophie. When we got out I went to the hospital and I saw her twice, but she never regained consciousness
So many of you will do this for love...

Meet the 86 year old twerking Grandma"Baddie Wrinkle" who's been stealing men since 1928

Lmao this is just so cute and hilarious .This grandma is making waves due to her flirty nature . Baddie Winkle is an 86-year-old grandma who blowing up Social media.She opened her  Twitter account on April 5 (and Instagram on April 10 and has over 200,000 followers.

She loves pop culture and her favourite celebrities are Ellen DeGeneres ,Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Charlie Sheen, Blake Shelton and Beyonce .
She says she has been stealing men since
More below

Nollywood Veteran Filmmaker,Amaka Igwe is Dead

One of Nollywood's most respected film makers Amaka Igwe,CEO of Amaka Igwe Studios has passed on at the age of 60. The recipient of several awards has written & produced award winning movies & sitcoms such as Rattle Snake, Violated,Checkmate and Fuji House of Commotion.She is also the CEO of Top Radio 90.9FM,...

She was in Enugu preparing to shoot a new Igbo soap when she suffered an asthma attack last night ,April 28th .She gave up as she was rushed to the hospital.
She is survived by her husband of 21 years,Charles Igwe and three children...

 So sad..May she RIP

Aww! These photos of Khloe Kardashian & a homeless man will make you smile

Khloe seems like the most down-to-earth of the Kardashians.While out with her rumoured beau French Montana, a homeless man walked up to her and while most stars will cringe, be scared or attend to him from a distance, she stood, interacted with him,gave him money and let him hold her while he laughed..
Isn't it cute....
More below

Alex Ekubo fires back at fans who don''t believe he's 28 (See proof)

 Lol after posting a snapshot of his Ecowas Travel passport on instagram,some eagle eyed fans noticed he was born in 1986 and told him that was a straight out lie, and he is older than 28..

He looks 24 to me ...

Don't miss out on the 9th Lagos Motor Fair

Love Automobiles? Own a car? Don't miss out on the The 9th Lagos Motor Fair 2014.The fair which features foreign and indigenous companies,is an opportunity for all stake holders in the Automobile industry to stay on top of latest industry trends ,gain competitor insights, make key industry contacts, and further solidify relationships with current customers.

Almost all the major vehicle manufactures and dealers in Nigeria will be participating at the fair.Banks Insurance companies as well as lubricant giants such as Mobil, Total, MRS, Forte Oil, & many more.

For the general public,Its an opportunity to checkout an array of automobiles,Security gadgets, original spare parts,accessories,multi-grade engine oil for petrol and diesel engines and everything automobile related .

According to the Chairman, organising committee and the Managing Director, BKG Exhibitions, Mr. Ifeanyi Agwu,
"Expected to be on parade during the show are unique ranges of automobile products from notable companies from  European, American ans Asian continents dominated by Japanese, Chinese and South Korean US, Germany, France, United Kingdom etc. Over 70 confirmed Original Equipment Manufacturers from all over the world are already preparing to be at the show."
The fair organized by BHG Exhibitions is conjunction with foreign partners: SENEXPO International Fairs Inc of Turkey

Date-1st -7th of May 2014
Venue-Federal Palace hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos.
More enquiries

Entry is FREE for the general public 

Church baptises dolphin after it was found close to death on a beach(Photo)

Awww so touching and would bring tears to your eyes......Greek Orthodox church officials have baptised a dolphin following its remarkable recovery after being found close to death on a beach.The Dolphin was named  Anastasis(Resurrection)
It was rescued by small group of volunteers from the city after they found it helpless on the coast of Damnoni beach after apparently being separated from the rest of its family.

One of the rescuers spent a night trying to help to keep the dolphin afloat so that it could breathe .When news of the rescue and recovery was broadcast on local television in the area, the local church decided to baptise the dolphin and give it a name
It was last seen swimming strongly out to sea and locals hope it will either be reunited with its family or find another family.

More breathtaking photos from Rihanna's Vogue Brasil topless shoot

 Rihanna turned up the heat for Vogue Brasil May 2014 edition..These are more of the sultry pictures...
She looks sexier wearing Short hair..Gives her that boyish,sexy look
More below

Man murders 3 gay men by breaking their necks after sex, to stop them from spreading "evil"(Photos)

Muhammed Ejaz,a Pakistani paramedic who murdered three gay men he met online after reportedly having sex with them.
The  28-year-old father-of-two, was arrested last week and confessed to three brutal murders, saying he wanted to stop them from committing further evil and to spread a message that homosexuality is bad. , though police insist he had sex with his victims first.

In an interview with AFP from his prison cell  Ejaz said..
'My way was wrong. It is tragic that the families have lost their relatives but they were spreading evil in society and I had to stop it.I wanted to warn them to stay away from this evil.I started going on Manjam(Social networking site) two months ago using my mobile phone, and found that the gays are everywhere in LahoreThey are spreading evil and transmitting diseases. They cannot control themselves.I tried to convince them to stop their dirty acts, but they would not,” he said. “So I decided to kill them.
Ejaz said he was the victim of sexual abuse by an older boy when he was around 10 and had led a deeply unhappy childhood. He insists he is not gay himself.
'I have hated them ever since for what happened to me,

Monday, 28 April 2014

"Women should forget the protest and beg Boko Haram"Dencia on abducted Chibok schoolgirls

The first lady of Bornu state said there is going to be a one-million-women march in Abuja tagged "Free our girls" on Wednesday. Dencia is of the opinion that the mothers should use their power to plead with Boko Haram because protests won't amount to headway...
"I don't have a child but I'll do this 4 my Dog what more of my child?Most women & mothers don't know the power the have.You know,there's always one good person amongst the bad guys who might be watching,touched by his mother's love & release the girls.I don't know what they have done or haven't done but I believe u start doing the work and expect help smh so far the government haven't done much & have lied about rescuing the girls before so don't expect much.after all there's no politician's child involved don't expect them to worry about it.I hear they want to hold a protest smh I have seen all types of protest in Naija that never led to anything so can this women save the energy & time and figure out a plan or start recording some sad crying videos begging Boko haram because idk it's just killing me."
 Who agrees with her?

Shoegasm-Toke Makinwa shows off her sexy feet

Toke who was doing some retail therapy in Dubai rocked these Louboutin shoes..Sexy feet and those shoes are hot.....

Funke Akindele dazzles .....

 The actress rocked this dress for an award tonight...Ben quite a while since we saw her on a red carpet. She looks fab right...
Another below

Chibok Kidnap:Abducted school girls spotted in military coloured vehicles-BBC reports

 Almost two weeks after they were driven away from their boarding school in the town in the middle of the night, there is no sign of the over 187 abducted girls
According to BBC,
A resident of the small town of Gwoza in the remote north-east said on 25 April she saw a convoy of 11 vehicles painted in military colours carrying many girls.
This will be of little comfort to the parents as it suggests at least some are now even further from home, close to the Cameroonian border.
The fact that Islamist fighters from the Boko Haram group are still able to move across parts of Borno state in convoys points to the severe limitations of the current military strategy.
The attack is an eerie echo of a mass abduction in northern Uganda back in 1996. A total of 139 girls aged between 11 and 16 were seized from dormitories at St Mary's School in Aboke.

First born girls are most likely to succeed

Whoop..According to a new study conducted by the University of Essex, girls who are first born are more likely to succeed and be acheivers..They took a cue from some of the world's most powerful and successful women  like Miss Petite, J.K. Rowling, Hillary Clinton, Oprah Winfrey and Beyoncé
Lead researcher Feifei Bu said:
 ‘There are several possible explanations for the higher attainment and ambition of the eldest.It could be that the parents simply devote more time and energy to them – it could be they are actually more intelligent. For me, I tend to lean towards the theory that parental investment is possibly at work here.’
They are 13 per cent more ambitious then firstborn sons,But firstborn boys – such as Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and George W Bush – were next in line for success.

The report – Sibling Configurations, Educational Aspiration and Attainment – followed 1,503 sibling groups and 3,532 individuals through the British Household Panel Survey and its successor, Understanding Society.

Peter Okoye acquires 2014 Bentley GT worth N31million(Photos)

Barely a week after they said they were not breaking up, Peter Okoye has bought a new Bentley GT..If you recall, there were rumours that one of the major reasons for the rift was he needed more money..

For a 2014 Bentley,he must have shelled out nothing less than $198,600(31 Million naira)It could be higher with customizations and all).....
Big boy tinz...
See photos below

Move over Kim! Ashanti turns up the heat in sexy bikini & glowing skin

 I think Ashanti has one of the most beautiful bodies inthe game...Doesn't her skin just make you want to weep with joy? Lol
See another below

Photos from Ini Edo's birthday Boat Cruise(Annie Idibia, Monalisa Chinda & more)

 Ini Edo took her friends on a boat cruise to mark her birthday ...Monalisa Chinda,Annie Idibia, Emem Isong,Bryan Okpara and many more celebrated with her...
More below

Baby rescued after mother who didn't know she was pregnant tried to flush it down a toilet (Photos)

A newborn was rescued after its mother gave birth and tried to flush it.The woman who had no idea she was pregnant went to a hospital in China complaining of stomach pains.

According to doctor Gao Yuwen, who was on duty...
"I dashed out, and found people gathered outside a bathroom.A woman was hectically knocking the door, asking the other woman inside to open the door.' She went into the bathroom and locked herself in and in a short time I heard a baby's cries from inside and knocked on the door asking whether she was okay.After failing to persuade the woman to open the door a security guard broke it down. 'I saw a baby was immersed in the toilet pan crying heavily and was still connected to her mom with an umbilical cord.'
Both mother and baby are fine"
Is it possible to be pregnant and not know it ..Many women have gone into labour before realizing it .... 

Help!! I'm 19 years old and feel so lonely without a boyfriend

Hi Emeh,

I am a 19 year old junior in a reputable university in America. I came here in 2012 and it's really been stressful dealing with school without having my family by my side here.

In high school in Nigeria, I had a list that had all the qualities that I wanted in a guy (I was still really young then oh, lol). He needed to be tall, ambitious, funny, handsome, well-built, blah blah. All my friends kept rebuking me for being too picky cos I turned guys down like no man's business.

Emeh, I turn 20 in October and I feel so lonely without a boyfriend. I have friends here but they are all in relationships so it's always awkward hanging out with them. I broke up with my last boyfriend in February because I wasn't happy with him anymore. I am still a virgin and I love God too. Infact, I think I would be a great girlfriend because I'm tall, very smart, ambitious, hardworking, and I get along with people. The only thing is that I am told that I'm too independent, too focused on my grades, and can be standoffish.

There are a few boys asking me out but I don't want any chewing gum guy for now cos even though I'm in College, my on-campus job pays well and has many financial incentives. I am ambitious, I want a man equally as ambitious as I am. I know a lot of other older students who are Nigerian too and are still looking for boyfriends. Most of them attend my church.

Am I over-reacting? Should I be patient? I go to parties a lot and I'm in many campus organizations so I know I'm putting myself out there. Are men just intimidated by me because of my strong character or what? I'm so sad...

8 year old girl found tied and brutalized under policeman's bed in Lagos(Photo)

An officer of  the Police Mobile  Force identified simply as Augustine who assaulted, tied and injured an 8-year-old girl, Amarachi Abakwuru, at their Ketu neighbourhood has since disappeared into thin air, even as the Lagos State Police Command keep mum over the matter.THISDAY learnt that the victim was lured into the suspect’s house about 8pm on Thursday

Barely managing to speak from her parched throat, the victim, who was saved by her sheer grit and brilliance,  said she never saw what was coming till it happened.She said.....

Peter Okoye stands up for wife Lola against twitter impostor

Lol some people are downright funny..There is this Lola Omotayo's Impostor who has been tweeting and making some believe it's actually her.The impostor went to the extent of tweeting that the real Lola's twitter account is fake(How mean)

So Peter Okoye decided to set the record straight on twitter ..I love the "Lola is my wife "part..Killing two birds with one stone..

Checkout the impostor's funny tweets below

Chika Ike shares sexy workout photos

The first pic, you can see she is really putting in work.She said she worked out for 2 hours.Not many women can workout for two hours and still look flawless....

"God said he will release them,security should take it easy"-TB Joshua's vision on abducted school girls in Boronu

Here is what Prophet T.B. Joshua said on Sunday 27th April 2014 concerning the over 100 school girls who are still being held by Boko haram in Borno State, Nigeria...
They have to be released. That is the voice of God. I saw a vision where some of these girls have escaped and they are trying to find their way from the forest to the town. In the midnight, some of these girls ran away. The ones that are still under their custody – God said He will release them. This is the voice of God. God has spoken – these children must be released. We can’t wait to see them. God has marked them that nothing should happen.
The family members of the abducted schoolgirls - your pain is our pain. I learnt many of
the parents are in the bush. Please come back home. It is not your battle alone but the battle of all people of God all over the world. They are also our children.

Woman who gave homeless man her left-over pizza later finds out he was Hollywood icon,Richard Gere(Photos)

Wow... 42 year-old French tourist Karine Gombeau,has found her self famous after she stopped by to give her pizza to who she thought was a homeless man.Unknown to her, that homeless man was legendary actor, Richard Gere who was playing the part of a homeless man and was just in character for his latest film 'Time Out of Mind'.

The tourist saw Gere standing outside of Grand Central Station at approximately 5:45pm on Tuesday. According to her, after exiting a pizzeria in Little Italy, she saw him digging through a trash bin and drinking a beer from a brown paper bag.Touched by the sorry sight,she offered him leftovers from an “enormous” pizza that she, her husband and 15-year-old son had ordered .She told the NY Post
 What’s in the bag?” Gere, 64, asked.I tried to tell him in English, but it came out half in French.I said, ‘Je suis désolée [I am sorry], but the pizza is cold.He said, ‘Thank you so much. God bless you,’"
She was shocked to see herself in a newspaper two days later that the man she extended her generosity to was 64 year old Gere , reportedly worth $100 million.
"It was magical . . . It’s crazy, this story. It’s unimaginable that something like this could happen.I think he’s very handsome, even at his age,” she added. “ ‘Pretty Woman’ was not my favorite movie, but I ­really loved ‘Chicago.
Kindness pays and I know Richard Gere would reach out to her..On the other hand, see what they call ACTING..
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Sunday, 27 April 2014

"Nigerian men should know being romantic isn't about money"-Toke Makinwa

When asked by Nigerian Tribune if Nigerian men are romantic ..Toke said '
"I think they could do with a little bit of help, but on the average they try. People need to understand that being romantic doesn’t equate with money, you don’t have to spend money to be romantic. Nigerian men believe that in other to be romantic, money has to be  involved or maybe it is the women that make them feel that way, but I think romance is all about the little things and the joy that  they bring.
 Who is your kind of man or you are one of those who love to date men in limelight?
A God-fearing guy, a guy that  is fun, someone with a kind heart, just like the guy I married
Aww now we know why Maje married her....

Dr Sid shows off his wifey's sexy bikini body (Photos)

 Dr Sid shared this photo of his wife in a sexy bikini..He must be proud of that body to want to show the world how beautiful his lady is..
"She completes me #LoveMine #Wifey #HolidayMode #PoolSide"

Tiwa Savage,Tee Billz & friends go on boat cruise in Dubai(Photos)

Tiwa has never looked this happy..Love is a beautiful thing indeed....
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Man blows up woman because she got pregnant after their one-night stand (Photos)

 A Chinese man kidnapped his pregnant 21-year-old girlfriend, tied a gas tank to her back and ignited when police turned up to try and rescue her.
According to Daily mail,Li Moulian, 36, dragged Xu Fan, 21, out of her bed and bundled her into the back of his car before carrying out the vicious attack in Huizhou City of Guangdong Province, southern China.
The pair ended up side-by-side in hospital beds as surgeons battle to save their lives, but, despite the mother-to-be's horrific injuries, her unborn baby managed to survive.
She fell pregnant by mistake after a one-night-stand, but the pair decided to stay together and moved into to a house in Mazhuang New Village.
Sixth months into the relationship, the pressure seems to have been too much for the father-to-be.Moulian attacked Fan while she was asleep and dragged her out of her bed, telling her he planned to kill her.
He bundled her into the car and drove around the town before police were able to spot him.They also received calls from disturbed neighbours who saw the young woman being dragged across the street.