Miss Petite Nigeria: Jennifer Aniston-"I will never inject shit into my face..my heart breaks when women do that"

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Jennifer Aniston-"I will never inject shit into my face..my heart breaks when women do that"

In Hollywood, when  a woman starts approaching 50,she frantically tries to stop aging by botox or surgery,however,45 year old Jennifer says never .She told Yahoo Beauty
‘I think what I have been witness to is seeing women trying to stay ageless with what they are doing to themselves. I am grateful to learn from their mistakes because I am not injecting shit into my face.’‘Honestly I see them and my heart breaks. I think “Oh god, if you only knew how much older you look.They are trying to stop the clock and all you see is an insecure person who won’t let themselves just age.Sometimes I wish I could beg the people i know, who I am very near and dear to, to not touch their face.'


  1. Well said,tell that to kim,she's 100% fake frm yansh to boobs to face

    1. Sharap, u can't prove nothing. If u had any sense u'ld know dat Kim is not plain American and has good genes. Which I can't say for most Hollywood celebs u pple adore. Wats d big deal in Yansh and breasts dat any1 can't have, just cos u don't have breast and Yansh doesn't mean others can't.

    2. Olodo she's talking about face injection, botox not boob implants

  2. choice things tho same view as mine #women

  3. I love dis woman so much! Her movies are always wow! Nice 1

  4. U talk true madam. I so love this woman. She is one natural woman I know.

  5. I love her but she has chicken thighs

  6. Lovely words. Age gracefully

  7. I like d babe/woman..She is right.., and pretty cool..


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