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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Meet the youngest Human Barbie...Lolita

 Lolita Richi, is the youngest 'Human Barbie' yet to emerge. The 16 year old from Ukraine, has the same features as a Barbie. She maintains that her striking looks were achieved without plastic surgery, dieting or Photoshop.
'I think I've achieved this image better than anyone else. I'm the ultimate vamp woman. I haven't even heard of Valeria Lukyanov.'I had great features to start with and I just improved on them. My big breasts are natural although I something wear a push-up bra to enhance them.
'I have a gorgeous figure so I don't even have to diet. I just eat whatever's available in the fridge whether that's sausages or fruit.

'I started wearing affordable contact lenses and make-up. My mother used to be an actress so I borrow her wigs.
'I feel comfortable and confident in my appearance
'People have openly told me that they're jealous of me and how good I look. All of the boys at school fancy me as well but I don't like any of them. They are not to my taste.'

I started dressing up like this because I want to look perfect. I think that all women should be well-kept and immaculate. I wanted to be my own inspiration.
'If a girl doesn't have beautiful eyes then they should wear 
contact lenses to sort it out. If they have a crooked nose, then she must do something about it, whether that's plastic surgery or not.




  1. Is this for real? Not cool' looks artificial

  2. Na wah oh like a termite

  3. by the you kill your self, you'll rest.

  4. Looking like the daughter of a river godess

  5. This gals face is plastic chikena....

  6. See her tiny nostrils, i dont believe this is all real jare... even the kardashians till today lie that they havent undergone surgery, hiding under dr/patient confidentiality

  7. can't find her nose, this tin is looking like Chinese knife


  8. Is this human? This look like toy to me. I like her still!

  9. Wait! Did she say all the boys at school fancied her???..... **RhymeTime**

  10. Dnt understand people's obsession wt dis barbie, it's annoying.

  11. awon were ayan


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