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Friday, 31 January 2014

Nadia Buari's message to bloggers who hate on her

 She shared this message with that beautiful picture ..Funny thing is, she is one one the least hated celebs on the internet.If Jim Iyke said this people will understand but as someone said, sometimes celebs love to stir calm waters...

My internet's messing up so pardon the slow posts today..merci

Halima Abubakar shares sexy vacation photos

The beautiful actress is currently taking a break outside the shores of Nigeria. She hasn't stated where she is though but from her confident pose, she is enjoying herself and doing lots of shopping. She took these pics at a YSL store..
Nice outfit and love the way she poses like a Boss
more below...

Dang- Checkout Juliet Ibrahim and IK Ogbonna on the set of her music video shoot

Juliet Ibrahim was shooting the video for her new song and she featured Ik Ogbonna who looks dashing.
The hips on Juliet tho..Stunning duo..Before you have any ideas, she is happily married with a kid. I know judging by these pics y'all can't wait to watch it..
Another below

Wondering how to spend Valentine's day with your special one?

 Are you confused as to what to do on valentines day with the special one? is giving you various special valentine day offers. Depending on your budget, various packages such as a trip to Dubai  for two with 2 visa, 2 return tickets, 4 star hotel lodge, airport pick up & drop off and free gifts for him/her at just N365,000;
Dinner for Two with gifts starting from N12,500;
 Buffet for two starting from N10,000;
 Full Body Massage treatment and gifts such as cake, cupcakes, wines, watches, perfumes, teddy bears, chocolates, lingerie as low as N2,500 .Treat yourself, your spouse, partner or even a friend.

Visit now to view all offers.

Trust me you would love it.
More below

Chinese boss smashes bottle on employee's head in Ogun state( Photo)

The State Criminal Investigation Department, Eleweran, Ogun State, has detained two Chinese nationals, Mike Jackson and Tony Jackson, for allegedly brutalising Adeleke Owolabi, an employee of their company, Jivan Plastic Company.
 Owolabi, a graduate of Mass Communications from Olabisi Onabanjo University, was beaten black and blue by the suspects on his first day at work after a disagreement with Mike.Owolabi had said the police refused to arrest the Chinese men due to their status as foreigners.

Is this normal? My dad bought me sex toys

Hi Miss Petite, I'm sending this hoping you will help me publish as soon as possible. My hands are trembling as I write this. I am the first and only daughter of my dad who is a well to do businessman in Abuja.As a matter of fact, I was adopted  as a baby. My real mum was a house girl who got pregnant for a Dutch expatriate in PH.
My adopted parents never had children and they spoil me silly .If not for my colour no one will know they aren't my birth parents.
Because my mum was a traveling business woman so I spent more of my time with my dad . He would have me sit on his lap and sometimes bath with me till I was 10. I didn't see anything wrong with his touchy attitude till I turned 16 when he refused me from going to boarding school or a university in another state just so I could be close to him .He forbade me from having male friends and I obeyed him and never had sexual relations with a boy

I just turned 18 last week and he got me a car and he told me he was proud of me for being a virgin till now. He said I should keep it that way.I was a little uncomfortable and only said thank you dad. Then he started asking me about masturbation, and if I feel the urge to have sex, he would teach me ways to pleasure myself. I was speechless and shocked.
He then said he had other gifts for me but I must promise not to tell mum because she would be jealous. He said it's for my own good.
 My dad went into his room and emerged with sex toys. He told me to go into my room, learn how to use them and if I didn't understand, he would teach me.
 Please I don't know if this is normal? Should I tell my mum when she returns  or just keep it to myself?

"Make una behave una sef, una dey craze?" - 2face Idibia to Nigerian politicians

2face is one artiste who doesn't mince words when it comes to Nigerian politicians..Here is what he told HiponTv in the United States
" All these politicians, dem dey mess our Brain up, they are embarrassing us. Make una behave unasef,una dey craze?

2baba has video below 

Ayo 'Airboy' releases hot new promo photos

The turn table wizard Dj Boyfriend, CEO STARDJ Entertainment who released his hit single last year "Take you high"   featuring Vector and Shalom which is still getting constant airplays has signed a new wonder kid to his record label.

Sixteen year old Ayo Odebunmi who goes by the stage name Airboy just released these promo photos for his upcoming hit singles ‘Iyawo’ featuring Dj Boyfriend and ‘Booty Bounce’ which would be hitting the airwaves soon.

Meanwhile, see more swagged up photos below, while we anticipate his singles. 

Introducing a Puzzle and Win a Prize

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"My friend who did this sat and cried beside me""-Acid attack victim Naomi Oni opens up

31 year old Nigerian Naomi Oni who was disfigured during an acid attack by friend Mary Konye(who has been found guilty and awaits her sentence) finally opened up on what it felt like hearing the police say she intentionally poured acid on herself so she could undergo plastic surgery
Speaking on This Morning today she said:

2face & Annie Idibia looking like $$$$$

Lol before you roll your eyes, it's high time we celebrate guys too right?While 2face looks cool in a suit,Annie his beautiful wife also released new photos and she is looking better than ever. The new hair rocks too...
More photos below

Checkout the amazing transformation of this handsome boy to a lady

Actress Halima Abubakar posted this amazing photos of this young man's transformation to a woman.She is now the world's hottest transgender Amiya Scott
Most guys change into ladies because they feel life as a lady is much easier than life as a man.
If you could, let's say you had someone who offers you a sex-change operation for free, will you take it up?
More before and after pics

I'm not 40- Grammy winner Lordes proves she is just 17

Lords who came into the scene with her song " Royals" getting to No1 on the billboard chart and carting away two Grammys this year for Best pop vocal performance and Song of the year, came under fire for claiming she was just 17, people claimed she looked 40 and should stop trying to claim she is younger to attract young fans.her appearance at the Grammys didn't help either.
She released her birth certificate which proves she was born on 7 Nov 1996

I hope people can now believe  Burna Boy when he says he  is just 21

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Checkout Mercy Aigbe's new look

 The gorgeous actress who is now one of Nigeria's most stylish ladies went for short hair and light makeup.Feeling it?
Another below

"JayZ,a poor excuse for a husband"-New York Post

Beyonce just keeps getting slammed for her Grammy performance. Yesterday an article was published in a British paper calling her a WHORE, this article published in the New York Post blasts JayZ .To me, I think the issue  is that Beyonce didn't use to be this raunchy, so many see it as a desperate attempt to stay relevant in a world where the likes of Rihanna and Miley are pushing the envelope in unimaginable ways...
Written by Naomi Schaefer Riley
What do you call a man who stands there smiling and singing as his scantily clad wife straddles a chair and shakes her rear end for other men’s titillation?
What do you call a man who stands there smiling and singing as his scantily clad wife straddles a chair and shakes her rear end for other men’s titillation?
I’m certain if I look through enough Jay Z song titles, I’ll come up with the right name for his role in BeyoncĂ©’s performance at the Grammy Awards Sunday night. Rhymes with Goodyear. . . ? Well, how about I just call him a poor excuse for a husband.

Meet Davido's Twin brother

This handsome reader sent in his pic saying he is Davido's look-alike.Checkout the dimple...You know how we do it.Yes or no?

And if you feel you look like a star and want our final answer,just send the pic or pics to me..Also If you want us to smash or pass your photo send in.Don't just beg me to take t down after you read some 

Toke Makinwa marks 2 weeks as a married woman with a romantic message to her husband

Toke still can't believe she is married to the love of her life and marriage must be really bliss for her as she wrote this on instagram . She wants the  world to know how much she loves him...
"#tokemakinwa #morningrose #love #light #happiness. It was 2weeks yesterday and I still can't believe it happened. Love is such a precious gift from God and you haven't truly lived until you have loved. I am one lucky girl, God gave me my best friend, my partner, the "yang" to my YIN, and my Fav person in the world. We are soooooooo different but somehow our differences are so little in comparison to the acceptance we have of each other. This guy accepts me for who I am. He understands and listens to me. Never one to judge, a gentle heart and after all is said and done, thru the years and thru everything we have been thru, I will do it all again with you. I can confidently say I love you more than I did yesterday and our journey, our experiences what we have learnt was all for a time as this. Sometimes you might be what that person needs to see life differently, I am loving every minute of this new journey. Love you Mr A #darkchild #loveletter #romanticist #family."

Mbong Amata shows off her boobies

Since the beautiful actress separated from her husband Jeta Amata,she has stepped-up her sexy game..
Beautiful woman tho..

Kaffy debuts new hairstyle

The new mum shared this look with her fans. Looks like this hair is in vogue now.Rukky Sanda is rocking it too. Ladies/guys do you like it...

Man ties his 7 children to a wheel-barrow, attempts to sell them

Palpable confusion reigned in Owerri, yesterday, as a father tied his seven children, including his triplet, to a wheel-barrow and was heading to an unknown destination before officials of Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development intervened.
The 44-year-old man, Israel Dike,  is a native of Odenkume, Obowo Local Government Aarea of Imo State, but resides in Ugwu Ekwema, Egbu Road, Owerri.The children’s hands were securely tied to a wheelbarrow while the man was soliciting for buyers for the children, saying he was fed up with his dwindling economic fortunes.

A staff of the ministry said

Beyonce shares no makeup photos

This is more like it. No posing and no foundation. Beautiful right?
Another below

Checkout Rukky Sanda's stunning look

I'm totally loving her look and the shoes.Aslo looks like she's slimmed down.
 Feeling it?

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

WTH! Is this hairstyle real ?

Lool a reader just sent this to me says it's real.Is this real or photoshop? I know girls shave the side of their hair and braid the middle, never seen this style..
This is fierce...

Kanye West confronts Anna Wintour over her refusal to use Kim on the February cover of Vogue

It is no news that Kanye wants Kim to be on the cover of Vogue and has been working towards that since they started dating. Kim has graced almost every notable magazine cover in the world but Vogue. This is because his close friend and editor in Chief Anna Wintour doesn't consider Kim classy enough for the magazine. And Kim desperately wants to be on it because it will cement her status as a certified cover girl and star.Every certified female star has graced it's cover ,some even severally.

One thing I like about Kanye, he stands up for his lady

Radar online reports
" Kanye West is said to be insulted that his fiancée Kim Kardashian has been overlooked again in favour of the multi-talented Girls writer and director Lena Dunham.
The hip-hop artist allegedly confronted Vogue’s chief editor Anna Wintour at the Beverly Hills Polo Lounge, demanding to know why Lena had been deemed a worthy cover star for February's issue. 

Empress Njama poses by her customized Range Sport

She's a big girl and if you recall she said she is a car freak with 5 cars.Looks like this s her favorite though..

Dencia threatens to sue any media platform claiming Whitenicious causes cancer

Dencia is upset by media platforms claiming her Whitenicious could cause cancer and she is threatening to sue.She has said it's a spot remover but people keep insisting it's for if they mixed the ingredients.. lool
Her angry tweets below...

Korean woman ruins her beautiful face with shocking Plastic surgery procedure

A South Korean woman has been accused of 'ruining her face' after 'before' and 'after' shots of her plastic surgery procedure spread online.The unnamed woman, allegedly a reporter on a South Korean TV channel, has undergone jaw surgery in order to achieve the dainty heart-shaped face desired by many east Asian women.

It appears the woman in these pictures have undergone drastic jaw surgery, a high-risk operation which involves re-aligning the jaw and shaving off parts of the bone to create a 'heart shape'.It is usually a last resort solution to correct facial deformities where people have been unable to chew properly due to an excessive over or underbite, but has become popular in South Korea.
More below

Meet the Nigerian lady who looks like Michelle Obama

This beautiful Nigerian Adenike was featured on the Wendy Williams show as Michelle Obama's look- alike..
Nigeria always has a replica of everything lol .We have Rick Ross, Micheal Jackson, Rihanna, no Beyonce or Jayz yet...
Do they look alike...

Yes! I sealed a deal with Nicki minaj but now that it's leaked,we are getting a bigger artiste-Kcee

There have been rumours Kcee who attended the Grammy Awards is collaborating with Nicki Minaj on a new track. His manager Soso Sobrekon confirmed it to the Netng..
We are in the USA trying to get some collaboration done. It is true we are in the process of doing a song with Nicki Minaj, and that news was leaked by an agent to the media.We actually wanted it to be a surprise for the fans, but since it’s out there now; we plan on taking it bigger’.
‘We want to seal another artist from YMCMB that is bigger than Nicki Minaj.
She’s already sealed to be on the track, but now that everyone knows, we’re still going to surprise the fans by getting another person from YMCB.’
Just wondering who's bigger..Drake or Lil Wayne? 

Indie Arie blasts the Grammys for robbing black artistes in an open letter

Grammy winner and Soul singer Indie Arie has openly condemned the Grammy Awards committed for cheating the black artistes who were nominated.Also expressed her disappointment that they didn't even mention late Nelson Mandela
Many agree, this year it was "some type of way"
Her letter below
@Kendricklamar WAS robbed, BUT he was not the only one who was robbed. Personally, I was pleased he was able to perform and they KILLED! IT! One of the FEW moving moments of the night for ME.
Though it’s called “Music industries biggest night” the #Grammys are NOT about the music, it’s a popularity contest. The voting process allows people, to vote on name recognition alone - the music industry politics is a whole NUTHER conversation.  Too much to go into here.

The American Music Awards is a show that awards sales and popularity - the #Grammys are SAID to be about the music.

Please help!! My fiancee has demanded I get pregnant before he marries me

Hi Emeh. Please help me share this with your readers. I've been dating my boyfriend for 4 years now and he proposed in December 2013 and we plan to get married in April. Before him, I dated a guy who I loved so much but was a player. I got pregnant for him and he forced me to have several abortions which I did.
Since then, I moved on but realized I've never gotten pregnant even by mistake for my fiancee. Yesterday, he raised the issue up.He said he finds it strange that all his friend's girlfriends have gotten pregnant atleast once while dating but I never have.He said all his ex have gotten pregnant before.
I picked up a fight and told him I have been on contraceptives and all. Now he said we should try getting pregnant first before marriage. He told me to drop my contraceptives and that since we are getting married anyway, why do I need them.

I'm scared he won't marry me if I don't get pregnant and being an Igbo boy and me Delta, I suspect his mum raised the issue . I'm scared the problem is from me.
Now I 'm 30 and can't afford to lose this guy. How to I make him marry me before letting him find out whatever problem it is I have?
Please help me

Dbanj poses with Olusegun Obasanjo

When two Eja nla's come together you can imagine what happens. Dbanj and the ex- president were on their way to  Addis Abba for the AU summit ...

They look more like father and son. Lovely 

Kanye West pays $250,000(N41m) to the 18year old he beat up

Kanye West has reportedly paid off the 18ear old boy he punched. According to TMZ it's $250( 41 million naira) and some family members say it was a fraction of what the boy demanded for.
 They say this is the reason to why the boy has been uncooperative with the DA's office. He has not answered questions or gone to see them so they could file a battery charge against Kanye.
If you recall, Kanye beat up the boy after he called Kim a bitch and nigger lover.

I hope more kids won't start insulting Kim to get their own settlement oh

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Donjazzy surprises two fans with 100k each for this simple reason

 A twitter follower tweeted " A date with Donjazzy or 50k" Many said 50k, some even said 2k Pr MTN 400. ..he just answered with "Eya" or k"lol

 But two said " a date with Donjazzy over money. He stumbled on the tweets and guess what" He gave them double, teach a lesson,"its not all about the money sometimes "

The funny thing is, they were replying someone else's tweet,not even Donjazzy's tweet..
The don has spoken
Full tweets below

Afrocandy dreams of Dbanj..says he was squeezing her boobs

Lmao Afrocandy has her eyes on Dbanj....many of her fans are saying they would make a sexy power couple..Loooooool
"HollyCrap! Just had a dream frolicking with Dbanji he was squeezing my boobs showed me his big banana & was begging me to follow him......."" Bad tin was he was dragging me but one other guy I cant really place his face was standing in the door blocking him then I woke"
@AfroCandy: I got to get my punanny some massive Big Banana 'Eja Nla' to cure my Konji matter asap.....Oya start sending Ur applications lets get freaky"

Monalisa Chinda stuns in black for an appearance on Ireti Doyle's show(Photos)

 The stunning actress was on Ireti Doyle's TV show OGE to promote her magazine..She looks gorgeous in black .The black hair too..
Full pic below

Touchng Love story-Husband who kept vigil by his wife's grave everyday for 20years dies

When Rocky Abalsamo's wife died in 1993, part of him died too.Out of sadness and longing, he would hold vigil by her grave site at St. Joseph Cemetery in West Roxbury all day, every day, rarely eating or drinking and weathering all temperatures and conditions.
Now, over 20 years after his beautiful Julia 'Julita' passed away, Rocky 'Roque' continues to sit next to his beloved, after being buried in the plot next to her.Rocky died on Janaury 22 at Stonehedge Health Care Center in West Roxbury after several months of declining health.He was 97.

Sorry guys! This bra won't unhook unless the wearer is inlove with you

A Japanese lingerie brand has created a bra that can only be removed when its wearer is experiencing ‘true love’.The company called Ravijour has come up with a bra that will only unhook if the woman is in love with the person doing the opening.The underwear comes with a heart rate monitor that  with a mobile phone app which  unhooks  Rate and no amount of force removes it.

The bra works by monitoring heart rate increases specifically caused by hormone levels secreted by the adrenal medulla – the gland that releases adrenalin into the bloodstream and was invented to save women from guys who are only after their bodies.
According to the product designer..

Ladies! Eva Alordiah reveals how she achieved brighter underarms/bikini line(Must read)

Rapper Eva Alordiah has a flawless skin and she shared  her secrets with the ladies on her blog.. decided to share it here..Thank me later.She wrote..

I'm usually one to wear sleeveless shirts and spagetti or tank straps. For a long time, like a lot of young girls i know, i battled with darker underarms/armpits. Its like you go through puberty without exactly noticing how darker they have become until you are in your 20s and waiting for guys to toast you, forming fine geh.
 Next thing you know you have become conscious of raising your hands high in public for fear of showing off eye-sore underarms.
For most of us, maybe all- dark underarms result from a number of factors.
Now, let me just point out how i have been able to brighten my underarms over time.

Rihanna copied her hand tattoo from Karrauche Tran?(Photo evidence)

Rihanna & Karrauche are sworn enemies over their love for Chris Brown and it has been reported that When Rihanna had her tattoo drawn late last year many didn't know Karrauche had a massive hand tattoo back in 2012.Though hers was a dragon, people still feel she is doing everything to look like Karrauche .
She lost weight to become so slim, wore her hair longer, got the similar tattoo and even dressed like her for the Halloween
They say the reason is Rihanna can't understand why Chris would choose ae over her and feels it has to do with the physical appearance of Karrauche..
Who believes this ...
Checkout the tattoos below

Travelstart Launches New Mobi Site in Nigeria

Travelstart, Africa’s fastest growing global travel search site will be the first website in Nigeria to offer mobi-site bookings via mobile and tablet devices.

The new version of the mobi-site, available at, compares thousands of flights in seconds, bringing the most powerful features and flexibility of the Travelstart website to mobile screens.

Having reported a 416% increase in mobile traffic between 2012 and 2013, the online travel agency’s own data indicated the need for a mobile-friendly website. In addition to the increase in traffic from mobile devices, of all African countries that Travelstart operates in Nigeria has the most mobile subscribers, while in 2011 the amount of mobile devices in use in the country overtook the amount of desktop devices for the first time.

Nollywood actress Nuella Njubigbo shares sexy new photos

The actress who has been of the scene for a while shared these new photos for her fans to see.If you recall last year she was embroiled in alot of controversy after being accused of breaking director, Tchidi Chikere's marriage and moving in with him .
Months later she reportedly dumped him for Governor Rotimi Amaechi who reportedly bought her a Brand new 2011 Toyota ..
She denied this in a press statement and went under the radar since then..
However she is back..more below

Nigerian Female singer Gina was also at the Grammys(Photos)

Looks like more Nigerian celebrities attended the 56th Grammy awards.Musician Abiola Oguntuyi aka Gina was inthe news last year when a friend alleged she spent  $85,00 on surgery to make her lips look like Angelina Jolie(Read HERE)
The singer also wants to collaborate with Pharrell Williams.
Lovely outfit right....

Woman killed herself after texting hairdresser 50times because she thought her hair had turned yellow

A young office worker killed herself after bombarding a hairdresser with demands for an appointment because she was worried her hair had gone ginger, an inquest has heard.
Frances Warren, 26, was concerned that her long blonde hair had turned a shade of 'yellow' or 'ginger' and was desperate for it to be fixed.She was so anxious about the colour of her hair, she texted her hairdresser 50 times begging her for help.
The inquest was told that immediately after an appointment with her hairdresser at her home in Thornbury, South Gloucestershire she disappeared - leaving her purse and handbag behind.

Susan Peters looks fierce in new photo

The now born again actress decided to glam it up for a new photoshoot  .
She looks fierce and beautiful 

Monday, 27 January 2014

Don't leave a man who cheats,work on you-Toni Payne

9ice's ex-wife must have learnt a thing or two about sacrifice in relationships. She was tweeting about self-love and how one should love his/herself in order to make your partner love you ..However one tweet caught my attention
I used 2say, leave a man who cheats, he has no respect.. i found out love doesnt work dat way. trust me, u wil forgive. so again work on YOU"
Who agrees with her..