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Monday, 31 March 2014

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Shan George loses valuables to armed robbers..cries on Facebook

Shan George who relocated to Calabar last year was visited by armed robbers..She shared her pain on facebook
"robbers entered my house in Calabar last nite. Carted away electronics, money, jewelry, shoes, watches. They broke my car side window to open d car door and practically tore d car apart. Friends who r trying to console me since this morning say i should not worry bcos its a blessing……How is a thing like this a blessing?”

Man lets Hyena eat his genitals & 3 toes because a witch doctor said it would make him rich(Photo)

Lol this is so funny..Like for real...
Chamangeni Zulu, from Malawi, has been hospitalised at Chipata General Hospital in Zambia, after he allowed the hyena to eat his manhood. & 3 toes.He told Times of Zambia
“I came from Malawi and when I arrived in Chipata I met some business persons who told me that the best way to become rich was to sacrifice parts of my body.On 24th March, 2014 around 04:00 hours, I went to a bush where I was instructed to be naked and a hyena came to me and started eating my toes and eventually my manhood was eaten,”“Even if I have lost some important parts of my body, I still want to get rich,”
He said the witchdoctor had not indicated the body parts that would be ‘lost’ and how, although he was told he would encounter a hyena.Mr Zulu said after the incident, he crawled to a nearby road where some Police officers picked him and took him to the hospital.He said he had stayed in Zambia for four months as he was doing ‘piecework’ to earn a living.
Chipata General Hospital acting medical superintendent Humphrey Chanda described Mr Zulu’s condition as stable.
Dr Chanda said the patient was brought to the hospital on Monday by some uniformed Police officers.
“Yes, it is true that he lost his manhood and three toes after being bitten by a hyena, but his condition is stable,”

Move over Kim! Khloe Kardashian shows off her curves in sexy bikini(Photos)

 Kim may be famous for her curves but Khloe is showing the world she too got it during their vacation in  Thailand..
Left to me, Khloe is more bootylicious than Kim.Kim just got the star quality..

Amnesty international accuses Nigerian army of extra-judicial killings in their fight against Boko Haram

Amnesty International has revealed that Nigerian Army tacking the Boko Haram insurgency has killed over 1,500 people since January 2014 as against an earlier figure of about 1,000 .They say most of those killed were young men and unarmed freed detainees.

They say  600 people were killed on 14 March, after the attack on Giwa Barracks by Boko Haram gunmen, done to free their members. Other detainees were also freed, but most of them were later rounded up and killed by Nigerian soldiers.
According to Netsanet Belay.
“The scale of atrocities carried out by Boko Haram is truly shocking creating a climate of fear and insecurity. But this cannot be used to justify the brutality of the response that is clearly being meted out by the Nigerian security forces,” 

Say What!!! D'Prince opens instagram account for his dog..(Photos)

 D'Prince has opened an instagram account for his dog Isidora @lifeofisidora..The dog already has 235 followers ..Funny thing is the followers are humans..Lol
Dencia also has a twitter account for her dog ..
See some of her photos below

Stephanie Okereke stuns at the Vlisco women event

The actress looked stunning at the Vlisco's women month event last night ..Lovely dress

Why I got a 700k tattoo-Kelly Handsome

When asked by the Nigerian Tribune why he got his first tattoo for $4000..He said
"Well, obviously; but the tattoo is not really for fashion. What I have written on my body is an inspirational message.The one I got on my arm means ‘Work Hard Stay Humble’. I have another one on my chest which means ‘We built America"

"I would have accepted a record deal from Dbanj years back,not now"-Olamide

Last year, it was rumoured Dbanj wanted to sign Olamide to his DB record label but the deal didn't pull through..He old encomium why
"There was nothing like that. Dbanj is a big brother. He gives me advice when necessary, and he also respects me for the efforts I have put into the industry. And we do low key business together too. He advises me a lot about the industry. People just hear things and they get it twisted
I would have accepted it, if it was years back. But now, I think I am blessed and good. All I need to do is to help myself, others and the artistes with me."

Is this Lady Gaga's creepiest outfit ever?

She has rocked everything from meat dresses to thorns but this dress just looks creepy to me..After the flop of her latest album,she keeps pushing the envelop but looks like people are getting tired of her antics.
Who likes this look......
More below

Checkout a flawless Rukky Sanda in new photo

Rukky looked flawless for a traditional wedding yesterday...Love the outfit

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Mocheddah shares a romantic moment with her boo:flaunts engagement ring(Photos)

 The couple have been dating for years now since she left her record label...Now looks like they are engaged as she flaunted what looks like an engagement ring with caption "Thank u for loving me even when I'm most unlovable...... "
They look genuinely inlove..Power couple

Nadia Buari channels her romantic side in a sexy red dress

Nadia shared this beautiful photo and gushed about love "There is never a time or place for true love. It happens accidentally, in a heartbeat, in a single flashing, throbbing moment. #HopelessRomantic"
Don't be surprised her boo Jim is taking her out to dinner....

"I saw Aso Rock on fire"-Was prophet Soul E right about his prophesy all along?

Barely a week after Soul E prophesied that he saw Aso Rock on fire,something similar happened today when suspected Boko Haram detainees tried to break free from the SSS Headquarters Abuja.This resulted in a serious gun battle with the military where 18 of them were reportedly killed, while 10 were recaptured.
Worthy of note is the fact that this SS quarters is in the same vicinity as Aso Rock Villa and that whole area was under fire..(Missed it,Read Here)
Could it mean Soul E's prophesy was true & should others he prophesied about take heed?
In a recent Daily post interview this is what he said 
"Wizkid should really be careful- that is, if he will listen to me. I might not be T.B. Joshua, but he should listen to me. Davido should also be careful because I didn’t even reveal all that I saw in my dream. I also said in my write-up that I saw Aso Rock on fire. It was like a terrorist attack on Aso Rock. President Goodluck Jonathan should call for a three-day fasting for the nation. I am not saying this because I want to meet him; rather, I am saying it because I am a Nigerian and a prophet in this land. Of course, I know a prophet doesn’t have honour in his land. Jonathan should call all the men of God he knows to pray for him – he doesn’t have to call me.”

Davido tells angry fans what really transpired at his New York show which was shut down by Police

After he said police shut-down his concert because it was too packed,some fans didn't agree and took to twitter to blast him for coming late,and leaving after a minute..Many asked for a refund..So he has given his own side of the

Shocking-The old woman who was rescued from Ibadan horror den is missing again!

Remember this old woman whose picture was first published as a survivor of the Ibadan horror den? Sadly,she is missing again

Nigerian Tribune reports
For the family of Mrs Cecilia Obaikhena, it was joy turned sour as their matriarch, who was one of the inmates of the kidnappers’ den released last Saturday, has gone missing again.
When they got the news of the discovery of a kidnappers’ den in Ibadan and saw the picture of their long-lost mother and grandmother adorning the cover of the Sunday Tribune, they were elated. Pronto Victor and Vivian, son and granddaughter respectively, of Cecilia Obaikhena, who was one of the inmates freed from the den, rushed down to Ibadan from their Lagos base to take their matriarch back home.
They got to Ibadan on Tuesday and headed for Soka area where the den was discovered. They searched everywhere for their matriarch but she was no where to be found.

"Bald & Bold"-Charlyboy releases sexy new photos

Area Fada showed off his new bald look in these photos he shared ..Who prefers the new look ....

Annie Idibia flaunts hawt body in very sexy beach outfit(Photos)

 Annie Idibia keeps looking sexier by the minute..She went to the beach with her family rocking this sexy outfit.."yesterday heading to d beach with my family #proudmom #isabel #livy #happytimes"
Her post baby body is perfection
She also shared a photo breastfeeding her baby Olivia
More below

Nigerian celebrities shower accolades on their mums for Mothers' day(Photos)

Today is mother's day and celebrities are showering accolades on the mothers who shaped their lives..Eku,Bovi,Banky Donjazzy,Toke ,Peter Okoye ,Annie Idibia & many more celebrated their mums by sharing photos & messages
..Beautiful women..
Happy Mother's day to all the beautiful and hard-working mum's
Photos below

Gun fire battle as Boko Haram suspects attempt Prison Break at SSS headquarters Abuja(Photos)

 There was a serious battle between the army and suspected Boko Haram suspects at the SSS headquarters this morning.
Spokesperson of the SSS, Marilyn Ogar, said
“What happened was that the suspects handlers went to feed the detainees here but suddenly they attacked him with their handcuffs, disarmed him and started shooting.The military was quickly called in before they could do any harm and that is responsible for the shootings you heard.It was an attempted jailbreak but it has been brought under control.”
Presidential spokesperson Reuben Abati also posted
 "What happened at the SSS HQ this morning was an attempted jailbreak which has been effectively foiled. There is no cause for alarm"What happened at the SSS HQs has nothing to do with the Villa. President Jonathan is safe & well. Thank you for your concern & support."
See more below

True Love-Michael Schumacher's wife builds £10M medical suite at home to keep him after doctors say he may never wakeup about love in sickness or in health.After being told by doctors it's unlikely he will ever wakeup,wife of  seven-time F1 champion,Michael Schumacher  reportedly spent £10million on building a fully equipped medical suite in their family home so her husband can leave the hospital and stay at home with her.
 45 year old Corinna Schumacher has decided to use the family's £500million fortune to build the facility in their lavish £25million estate on the banks of Lake Geneva, Switzerland.
Today is the three month anniversary of the Alps skiing accident where  he hit his head and was put into an induced coma to reduce brain swelling.
However many think,she should let him go because even if he wakes up,,he may remain in a vegetative state forever which he may not like..But she doesn't want to give up on him...
See the home where she's building it below

Tchidi Chikere's response to haters over his marriage with Nuella

 After his ex-wife came out to accuse Nuella of snatching him from her,it's clear he doesn't think so..He emphasized the"MARRIED"lol..There you have it.He's a happily married man

"I'm still a virgin"-Singer Adokiye reveals

In a chat with Vanguard ,songstress Adokiye who turned 23 yesterday said she doesn't believe in love and is still a virgin whether you believe it or not
I really don’t like love, I’m a career person,  what I have for everyone including guys, is Agape love. Love is wicked  and there is no real love, I’m young and living the life. Until I see one, I’m happy like this .I’m in a relationship with my career, architecture is my husband and music/movie my boyfriend”
“You mean you are not getting laid or what?”
 "Haba, what is a young girl getting laid for. I’m still a virgin.Why are you quiet?  Haven’t you  seen a pretty virgin before? If you don’t believe me, you have seen one today.  Any man that buys my mum the private jet I promised her, wins my heart” "

Lesbian Love-Topless Cara Delevingne & Michelle Rodriguez kiss passionately during romantic getaway

 Since they made their relationship official in January,19 year old supermodel,Cara & 35 year old Fast & Furious star Michelle Rodriguez have been inseparable,kissing,smooching and all loved up everywhere..
This time, they took their love to mexico..
I wonder if guys would say ewww to this as they do to Gay guys
....See pics below

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Horrifying! Boyfriend watches his girlfriend raped & murdered by neighbour while he chatted with her on Skype

A man witnessed his girlfriend being raped and killed by an intruder in her Toronto apartment via webcam from China .An emotional Xian Chao Meng explained through an interpreter on Friday how a man burst threw the door of the basement studio while he remained on Skype to the victim, 23-year-old Qian 'Necole' Liu,  before the sound of two 'muffled bangs' and then silence.
Moments later a stranger naked from the abdomen down appeared in front of the computer and quickly turned it off.Her naked body was found covered in blood and semen

Ini Edo shares sexy new photos

The gorgeous actress is looking more beautiful than ever in these new photos  ..She said she's a boss lady .She also put her dazzling wedding ring on display for..
Another below

Man admitted to psychiatric hospital after discovering his wife of 19 yrs was once a man

A 64 year old man, Jan was admitted in a psychiatric hospital after he found-out his Indonesian wife of 19 years was born a man.He said that he and his wife had decided not to have children because he had two by his previous marriage and she fooled him by pretending to menstruate, using sanitary towels, "to conceal the truth
 He told the Het Nieuwsblad newspaper.
"I feel I've been assaulted,I brought her to Belgium. That was not easy. The Belgian courts had serious doubts about the authenticity of her birth and her identity papers, but eventually they accepted it anyway. I thought she was an attractive woman, all woman. She had no male traits."
For many years the couple lived a normal family life and Monica, 48, was like a "big sister" to his children until their marriage started to come under strain when she got a new full-time job.

Photos from Tchidi Chikere & Nuella Njubigbo's traditional wedding

After much controversy with Tchidi's ex-wife & mother of his two kids claiming they are not officially divorced ,he tied the knot with Nuella at her home town today ...
As Nuella said in her statement
"My heart is remarkably at peace with this decision, and I am willing to take this leap of faith which every married woman has taken. Where this love will lead me I cannot say, I am not God, but, I have hope, faith and believe that it will lead me to a good place. Every one of us in this life deserves a chance to be happy. I am taking my own chance."
Wish them the best

Afrocandy & her grown-up daughter strike a pose(Photos)

According to Afrocandy,"University Time is already here...My daughter got accepted so am Touring the Campus on a Rainny Open House Day"
She also said "Thanx to all my Pep that Congratulated me. As 4 those talking shit, I do what I do to Entertain pep that love it, & got Nothing with my Kids"
They look alike..Proud mother..
Another below

Waje dazzles in new photos

The gorgeous Waje rocking an outfit by Vonne Couture..She's a stunner
Full pic below

Do you love fitness & health? Read this.....

If you love fitness or partake in any form of exercise,then don't miss the Bfit Fitness festival,an annual event which promotes and celebrates fitness and health to men and women of all ages and background.

The annual event is to celebrate World Fitness Day and for people to experience the premier of the biggest fitness festival in Africa. This event is a mass outdoor fitness activity to hold on Workers Day that happens to be World Fitness Day (May 1st).

Objectives of Bfit Fitness Festival
• To educate and inform the public on keeping fit and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
• To help workers improve body and mental fitness for productivity at work.
• To also create a platform wherein exhibitors showcase different facets of the Fitness Industry: Fitness & training equipment, nutrition, supplements, retail, training aids and the newest trends.
Register HERE

Photos from Ese Walter & Benny Ark's church wedding....with Uti as best man

Ese Wlaters walked down the aisle with Cool Fm OAP Benny Ark today being her 30th birthday.
Spot Uti looking dapper...Beautiful gown she has on..HML to them
More below

Muslim cleric caught slaughtering girl in Ibadan:Says members of the spiritual world lifted his hands to slit her throat

Wow!!! Barely a week after the Ibadan Horror house was discovered,another man was caught with human tongues, a headless body discovered on a major road,another lynched to death for being a suspected ritualist and now,a Muslim cleric was caught on Thursday night while slaughtering a girl who had gone to him for spiritual help.
According to Nigerian Tribune...
 The suspect, Isah Salaudeen, 37, is currently being held at the Iyaganku Division of Oyo State Police Command for attempted murder of one Chiwendu Nkwocha (also known as Divine).
Salaudeen had started using knife to slit the throat of the girl after which he then used a cutlass to hack her. This made the lady to scream, jumped up from where she was lying and ran out for help.

Joselyn Dumas & her dangerous curves in new photoshoot

 This lady's body is "the TRUTH"...Beyonce got nothing on her..
See more below

A smiling Governor Oshiomole inspects projects with "Go & Die' Widow(Photo)

Talk about rags to riches...Governor Oshiomole and the famous "Go and die" widow,Mrs. Joy Ifijeh went on an inspection of projects around the state on their first official outing...If you recall, after giving her 2 million naira & a public apology, he appointed her Special Assistant on Environmental matters...
Checkout their smile.They have chemistry and would make a good power couple.They are both single...hmmmn

Move over ladies! Guys, now have their own padded underwear (See photos)

Lol after the introduction of padded bras,and booty pads,this is the  ‘Triple Bulge’ for men which enhance his attributes.
I think the female ones are understandable but wearing this will amount to pure
See another below

Help!! -I didn't even know I was 3 months pregnant.

Hi Emeh,
I'm a reader of your blog and I need your help. It's an awkward situation but I'd like you to put it on your blog so I get help from your readers.

Basically, I'm 18. I'm school in Bristol, Uk. I've been here since I was 15. And since I came, I've been dating this English boy. I lost my virginity to him and since then we've been having protected a sex. Unlike my mates over here, I'm not on the "pill" because if my mother sees it she will smother me, (You know how it is back home) so my only form of protection is condom.

Well last week, my crew and I went clubbing and on our way back, we got into an accident and it was bad. I lost consciousness and when I regained my consciousness, the doctor told my I lost my baby. Emeh, I swear to God I didn't know I was pregnant, not to talk of 3 months pregnant. I haven't even told my boyfriend because I'm scared as hell. I don't event want to think of telling my parents. The only reason they don't know now yet is because I'm 18 so I'm no longer considered a minor and I'm "legal" (that means I have sole control over what ever decisions I make in my life from now) but you know that's now how it is back home, my mom makes all the decisions and this won't stop until I'm out of that house and in my husband's house. I know my secret will come out one day and it's killing me.

It also hurts me that I've been drinking so much in the past three months not knowing it was ruining the life of an unborn child. I'm very skinny and the doctors tell me that's why I didn't notice any body changes, if I'm being honest, when my boy friend told me I put on weight I was sorta happy. I guess the pregnancy was a result of a broken condom.
Emeh I'm scared. I don't know how to tell my mom cus she doesn't even know I've been having sex

Move over Chris Brown-Checkout Davido's new nose piercing

Davido just got his nose pierced and said "“Young nigga move that dope!!"
Who's feeling the 'sexy'boy....
Checkout his inspiration below..

"God also told me two governors will die before the end of 2015"-Prophet Soul E

After the backlash which accompanied his earlier prophesy about Wizkid & Davido ,Soul E says he is not seeking attention because he is too busy for that.Also gave another prophesy.He told Punch...

"I have always been in the public eye. My marriage caused a scenario in this country. I don’t know what people saw in me. Anybody who feels I am seeking for attention is making a serious mistake; I am too busy for that. I am in Abuja at the moment; I am heading to Lagos and Port Harcourt before the end of the week. I am busy. I am just doing the work of my father.
It was my God who instructed me to give the prophecy and I have done that. I am not wishing anybody anything bad. All they have to do is to pray. I have received calls from Aso Rock. I got prophesies for Wizkid, Davido and Aso Rock and I said what God asked me to say. I told them to pray. God doesn’t give you prophecy for you to be scared but for you to be aware and pray about it,“They are not my friends and I don’t talk to them. In fact, I have never seen them before and I am not sure they know me. I am not saying they are my enemies. I had to go on Facebook and Instagram to pass my messages. I have said what I want to say and it is fine by me. If they want to take it, fine and if they don’t want to, that is not my problem. I am not a pastor, I am a prophet. A prophet announces his prophecies. 
He told me two northern governors will go, they will die before the end of 2015. This is what God showed me. Prophets come to tell you what God is saying about a situation. Pastors will tell you ‘you are blessed,’ Prophets will tell you to be careful or tell you not to marry the particular person you wanted to marry because of the vision they had seen"

"My son cannot recognise me"-Heart broken mother of Ibadan ritual dungeon suvivor

Mrs. Sufianat Ola was not sure if the skeletal figure in front of her was her son. She sobbed uncontrollably, trying to hold her son and embrace him but the mosquito net and the burglary proof blocked her.
Surprisingly, her son, Adewale Ola could still remember his sister. With his thin and barely audible voice, he said, “my sister”.  Tears freely flowed. It wasn’t long before the weeping became contagious as all women at the hospital put their own sorrow behind them and wept with the woman. A woman can joke with any other thing but not the child she carried in her womb for nine months.

As Saturday Vanguard got to the hospital, the women clung to the window of the ward where the survivors were kept. Some of them could no longer talk or recognize anybody. Apart from 45-year old Mrs. Titilayo Dokpesi who could still mutter some intelligible words, others were only grunting like a pig. It would take a lot to make them behave as normal human beings again.
When Saturday Vanguard asked Mrs. Sufianat Ola why she was crying, she responded tearfully

It's official! Rihanna & Drake openly hold hands as they ride home at the end of his UK tour(Photos)

 Awww! They are finally,gradually opening up.It must be real love as Rihanna & Drake were spotted holding hands in their car after a night out in London.She has been with him through his World tour and it's safe to say,she has gotten over Chris Brown who is having a hard time in jail...
Love them together..I know y'all do too..
Another below

Friday, 28 March 2014

Unbelievable! Drunk man sleeps on railroad,has leg severed by a moving train but still stays passed out for 6 hours

This is unbelievable but true.An unfortunate Japanese man who got drunk and fell asleep by the railway ,woke up to find himself legless.
Mailonline reports ,the government worker from Saga Prefecture had apparently passed out on a platform at Karatsu Station following a boozy night with friends and had fallen onto the tracks.
As he lay next to the railway line, his left leg was almost completely severed just below the knee by a train pulling into the station for the night.
The train driver had not noticed him and incredibly it is believed the man remained asleep with his leg hanging off and the train on top of him for the entire night.Despite the extent of his injuries, the man who is in his fifties, was reportedly chatting to emergency workers after they finally arrived to take him to hospital.
Japanese authorities said they believed the man had been out drinking with co-workers until around 8.30pm on Wednesday night.He had hoped to catch the 9.38 train to Saga but had failed to get aboard.
The police are now reportedly investigating whether or not he fell onto the tracks as a result of alcohol.
The accident made headlines in Japan where it was featured on television news with a computer generated video showing

Uche Jumbo dazzles @ F&W launch tonight

A dazzling Uche Jumbo at the Launch of F&W Paris tonight..Beautiful woman...

Kim K who? Mariah Carey gets huge diamond bracelet from Nick after he revealed a list of women he slept with(Photos)

Diamonds are a girl's best friend for sure.Just 2 days after Nick Cannon bragged amount his list of famous exes including Kim Kardashian,and went as far as saying he didn't have sex with wife Mariah till their wedding night (,HERE)he spoilt her with a huge diamond bracelet for her 45th birthday
Contrary  to reports that Mariah was angry, her tweet & photos she posted showed she was over the moon
"The first was captioned: 'Nick surprised me for 3/27 with a stellar diamond bracelet encrusted with 3 floating butterflies!
More below

Davido flaunts his new 18k diamond Jesus piece & Rolex(Photos)

Davido should soon be called "Mr Bling"..He sure loves jewelry. He just got himself some new bling
"Shout out to @mrflawless1 for the 18k gold presidential for @chairmanhkn and 18k diamond Jesus piece for myself osheey!"
Some of his fans blasted him for his spending culture and say he should save..I think there is a reason he calls himself Omo Baba
Another below

Nigerian singer Zara Gretti dies after long battle with Multiple Sclerosis

After her tweet last night which read " "I love and hate my life"Singer Zara Gretti ,real name Margaret Mary Oluwatoyin Ejiro Joseph passed on this morning .She had been battling with Multiple Sclerosis( an inflammatory disease in which the  nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord are damaged) for over a year now.Sadly there is no known cure for multiple sclerosis.She was just 28

May she RIP 

Yvonne Nelson dazzles in new photos

She took this on set.. Her face is a work of art..

Nick Cannon opens up on having sex with Kim K ,Mariah Carey & other famous ladies

Nick Cannon will definitely ruffle some feathers with this new tell -it-all interview with US radio station Power 106...
When asked if he could name 5 ladies he slept with he said
That's easy. OK, Mariah Carey, Christina Milian, Nicole Scherzinger, Selita Ebanks, oh, Kim Kardashian.'
 The shocked host said “I didn't know about the Kim Kardashian thing!”
 Cannon replied
“You just forgot because there’s been a lot of people since me.....Are you kidding me this is L.A.? That's the whole purpose of it, you have sex with actresses, singers, models.'
Nick & Kim dated briefly..He then went into details about the first night he slept with wife Mariah Carey
I went hard at it,I would show up to concerts. I would be backstage. There’s a fine line between stalking and persisting.[The first time was] on our wedding night, honeymoon style in a house in the Bahamas. That's a real woman right there to make you wait.'I'm a pleaser. I went in going, ''She going to love this''.... I fucked the shitt out if her
Video below..He really talked about a lot(Don't know why guys keep using Kim  to brag)

Nigerian tourist attacked,stripped & beaten by Indian mob after missing his way

Not actual photo
A Nigerian tourist who lost his way to Allahabad and reached Allapalli (Aheri) was chased and thrashed by a mob that suspected him for a terrorist or a Naxal during late night hours of Wednesday. The victim, 28year old Clinton Osemwegi Igbinosun sustained serious injuries, lost all his cloths and fell into an open sewer puddle as he fled for his life through the lanes of the village.

According to Times of  India,Exhausted and beaten, Clinton was lying naked in a narrow lane when he was rescued by the local police sometimes after midnight. SDPO, Aheri, Suhas Bauche said that Clinton is a Nigerian visiting India on a tourist visa. He was heading to Bangalore from Delhi by a train. However, he got irritated by the poor services and amenities in the train and disembarked at Nagpur on Wednesday morning.Clinton then decided to travel by bus and asked people for a bus heading to Bangalore (Vengaluru). People however failed to understand his African accent and showed him a bus for Ballarshah (Ballarpur), where he reached by afternoon.