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Thursday, 30 July 2015

Romantic couple take us on a breathtaking trip round the world(Photos)

A romantic young couple have wowed with their own stunning images from their round the world travels on Instagram after being inspired by one of the social network's most famed snappers.
Murad Osmann's #followmeto  documented round the world adventures with his stunning girlfriend, now wife, Natalia Zakharova.
 The photos show his wife leading him by the hand to exotic sites around the world

Now, another couple Christian LeBlanc, 22, and his girlfriend Laura, 22, are doing the same thing .
The pair, from Vancouver, Canada,first embarked on their adventure in January.
 Christian made a start and then Laura joined him shortly afterwards..

 Since Laura joined him in March, the happy pair have graduated from their year and travelled to 10 countries across Asia.

Christian said
"Murad Osmann is the original creator of this style of 'followmeto' photos and I loved the concept.It's a more interesting way of sharing your experiences and the best part is you don't need to look put together because the picture is from behind."

 Below are photos of the original owner of the concept, Russian photographer Murad Osmann' and wife Natalia Zakharova..They started it together when they were still dating but got married this year.He now has over 3 million followers on instagram ..He says the concept was born after he noticed his then girlfriend was always in a hurry to lead the way  each time they visited any new tourist site..

His pics are breath taking ..

Images/Instagram-Murad Osmann/Christain Leblanc


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