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Saturday, 27 February 2016

I will never marry an actor-Halima Abubakar

 Halima Abubakar has opened up on the kind of man she likes, vowing never to marry an actor..Read excerpts from her interview with the Nation
On men finding her intimidating...
Well, that will be the man’s business because I didn’t tell such a man not to go to school, or have a library; I cannot afford not to be myself because of a man who feels intimidated by me. A man should even be happy to encourage me. Any man that is intimidated by a lady is not a man.
I have, however, learnt to be tolerant of people. I have learnt to ignore a lot of side talks; I have learnt to be patient with a lot of people, because I have a temper which I have learnt to control. I am working on myself. Also because of the way that I have been treated in the past by people, I really do not value friendship. I am trying hard to know people and that’s where patience comes in. I am still trying to open up; I hope I will be able to do that with a man that I hope to spend the rest of my life with. I do not want a man that I will spend just one year with and he’s gone. I don’t want a man that will make me pop out babies, then he will go clubbing. I will drag his hair to the house! I’ve had anger in the past, so it’s easy to piss me off and it’s easy for me to forgive. I don’t react; at the same time I’m not a robot, so I am bound to react once in a while.
How about marriage?
Marriage will come when it will come. You don’t rush it. It is one of the few things that one does not need to rush. Marriage is not a movie that one has to rush.  You do not marry because the public wants you to get married. You do not marry because you are getting old, you do not marry because you are too young. You get married when it’s the right time. You get married when you meet the right man, when you know that it is okay and the man too is okay. And you are sure that you are going to have a fine, peaceful marriage.
But there are guys in the movie industry, haven’t they been approaching you with subtle marital proposals?
Well, you do not get married because you are in Nollywood or because people there are proposing. Moreover I do not encourage people to date where they work.
Does that also mean that you are not likely to marry an actor?
I will definitely not marry an actor.


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  2. May God help u choose wisely

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  4. good for her


  5. i like what she said about any man being intimidated by a lady is not a man. i totally agree wit her.

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