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Monday, 29 February 2016

Rev. King’s death sentence caused by witches, wizards, says Church

Church members attributed last Friday’s confirmation of the death sentenced passed on General overseer of the Christian Praying Assembly (CPA) Chukwuemeka Ezeugo (aka Rev. King), to the handiwork of witches and wizards.
The members also reaffirmed their belief that Rev. King will be spared the hangman’s noose and “return to join us.”
The self-styled cleric was sentenced to death in 2007 for the burning to death of a member of his church in 2006.

During the first church service after the Supreme Court decision at the Lagos headquarters at Ajao Estate, off the Murtala Muhammad Airport Road, Pastor Ifeanyi King, who preached said: 

“Our G.O. (General Overseer) the most holiness, Rev King, is coming back. He said he would come back and we believe the words of his mouth. We believe his report that he is coming back. Everything happening now we know is the handiwork of witches and wizard. Soon a new story will emerge.”: “Whether people realise it or not, everybody now knows his holiness, our G.O. Rev King. The front pages of newspapers are flooded with his name. People are yearning to read about him in the social media. I can confirm to you that by all these, a lot of people have become endeared to him. Our Daddy G.O. shall live forever for us in Jesus name.”
To every word he uttered, there was a chorus of Amen by the congregation. They sang hymns and danced to mark “the birthday of the G.O.”
 His death sentence was confirmed on his birthday last Friday.
Pastor Ifeanyi, sported a shaved head and beards like Pastor king. A number of male in the congregation also appeared in the same way. Most of the pastors also use the name King as substitute for their surname.

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  1. I cnt beliv it, they're giving power 2 witches n wizards...

  2. Hahahahahaha.....I laugh in French. These people are too dumb for my liking

    Alabekee's Blog

  3. A lot of people av become endeared to him ke! Like seriously????

  4. So people are still worshiping in that church?

  5. Self made pastor burnt his member to death, still they did not realize he is demonic, he must have brain wash them. It takes God to deliver them from that bondage. He does not want to die but he can kill somebody, to hell with him.

  6. Nonsense, soon the name Rev. King will appear on Times magazine as one Of the most influential men. He deserves to dies

  7. Self made pastor burnt his member to death, still they did not realize he is demonic, he must have brain wash them. It takes God to deliver them from that bondage. He does not want to die but he can kill somebody, to hell with him.

  8. Madness,mcheeeeeew! Can't waste my time to comment

  9. Dey shld continue deceiving demselve

  10. Continue to deceive yourself.. IT IS WELL

  11. Me too laugh in Latin oh. Mmmmmmmmmmmmkkkkkkkooooooo.

  12. “Ojo argued that his client did not commit the crime and was not at the scene of the incident. He insisted that the deceased, Ann Uzoh, had in two statements she made after the incident and before her death, stated that she got burnt in a generator accident and that the cleric was not responsible for her injuries.
    “Ojo said the Investigating Police Officer, IPO, had tendered statements which stated that Ezeugo was not responsible for the burns that led to Uzoh’s death. He alleged that the trial Judge refused to admit in evidence, the statements he said exonerated Ezeugo of the crime.
    “The lawyer further contended had those ‘vital exhibits’ been admitted rather than expunged by the trial judge, they would have operated to cast serious doubt on the case of the prosecution. He maintained that Justice Oyewole’s refusal to admit the exhibits in evidence ‘occasioned a great miscarriage of justice” The above statement shows that REV. KING is hundred percent innocent. Yes this is a miscarriage of justice… And this is absolute conspiracy against an innocent man of God. The evidence is so clear that Rev. King is absolutely innocent. Nigeria let call a spade a spade, we know too well that so many innocent people have died; because of injustice in this country. This is time to come together and fight against injustice in this country.Let President Grant Rev King presidential pardon

  13. So many may wonder why I decided to leave this publication this late when the court of public opinion had already closed shop for the day. In their opinion, it is actually irrelevant, especially, now that the Supreme Court of Nigeria have made it's pronouncement confirming a death sentence on Dr. Rev. King. Well, my explanation to this is very short and simple; God does not need the help and opinion of the public to deal a devastating defeat on Satan and his agents. - Now to the subject. The case for which Rev. King was sentenced to death was a sheer frame up. If the trials were not an arrangie-trial, tell me how the contradicting accounts of the incident by prosecution witnesses would have passed undisturbed through both the Appeal and Supreme Courts.

    The deceased; Ann Uzuh was NOT a maid to Rev. King as was widely reported. First, Ann and her father - until the fire incident that took her life - were members of Rev. King's church who had not the right words to thank Rev. King for what he was doing in their lives and their family. Ann Uzuh was one of the thousands who were studying under Rev. Kings scholarship. An announcement was made by the church sometime in 2005 publicizing job opportunities for men and women who were interested in working at the church quarters where Rev. King lived. Scores of members of the church applied, including Ann and luckily, she succeeded as one of those who were employed. These employees of the church lived at a section quite different from where Rev. King lived. They lived at the boys quarters while king lived ALONE at the main building.

    On that fateful Saturday evening, 25th Day of July, 2006, Dr. Rev. King returned home from work and there was no light in the neighborhood due to power outage from the then NEPA. He immediately alighted from his car and moved up the stairs waiting for the workers to put on the generating set so he can move into his room. He had barely undressed before there came a loud cry and shout down stairs and he quickly rushed down the stairs again to find out what was going on, only to see Ann covered in flames. At this time, her co-workers were all standing a distance away from her just watching without doing anything to help her. Rev. King himself rushed towards Ann, dared the fire on her, stretched his hand and caught Ann by her clothes, dragged her down on a tap right on the wall beside him and turned on the tap which helped put out the fire.

  14. who preaches against fornication and adultery according to the dictates of the word of God - of that which he preaches against in order to stop him? It happened to My dear Jesus Christ when he was accused of fornicationg with Mary Magdalene. - For purposes of setting the records straight, Rev. King, contrary to what the prosecution and their co-conspirators have made people believe, did NOT hurt anyone. How many Nigerian parents does not flog their children at home anytime they need to be corrected using that medium? Why then would anyone cry foul when his child is mildly chastized in the church for the same purpose? These are what some rag-tag journalists/Occultists like Reuben Abati of Guardian Newspapers and Dele Agekameh of the Nation Newspapers have decided to spend their time on, instead of using their columns to try to profer solution to the many problems of Nigeria.

    The conspirators have done their bit, all the media houses in Nigeria but one who were bought over, to give a dog a bad name in order to find reasons to hang it, have also done their bit, including their co-coordinator in the conspiracy;the blood-thirsty occultist, whom after stealing billions of Naira of our common wealth while serving as Special Adviser to GEJ, thinks now that him and God are mates, Reuben Abati. The supreme court have also made their pronouncement but one more judgement is being awaited, God's own judgement which is most supreme. Since the power of God starts where that of men ends, it would be right therefore to say that Satan and his agents should not rejoice yet because, God is about to shock them.


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